Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – The Cricket Game

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time
The Cricket Game

Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

What’s in a New Year’s resolution? It’s a reminder to ourselves to do better; a goal to strive towards; a change that we think is needed. For us mere mortals, a resolution is going to the gym (not for the bathroom or a tour). For Queen Regina in post-curse Storybrooke? Not using magic. I say gym, she says magic – I’m weak sauce, I know.

In pre-curse Fairytale, King George’s kingdom has fallen to Charming and Snow. Queen Regina is next but she’s not out to save her kingdom – she wants Snow dead. Regina corners Snow solo. Pixie gives Regina one more chance to surrender – to change. Obviously, Regina politely declines the proposal.

Due to her vengeance, Regina falls prey to Snow’s scheme. Regina is bound by fairy dust – rendering her magicless…for now. With Regina as a prisoner, the round table of Fairytale characters discusses the Queen’s fate. Death seems to be the consensus but Pixie is hesitant.

At Regina’s execution, instead of being remorseful, she relays her regrets – regretting she didn’t kill more people and, oh, yeah, she’s sorry Snow is still breathing. Even with her confession, Snow stays the execution. She thinks the Regina that saved a defenseless girl is in there somewhere; she’s hopeful Regina can change. Charming thinks it’s unlikely but he defers Regina’s fate to Snow but it’s an important decision.

Rumpel provides a solution to Snow’s quandary. Let Regina decide her own fate. Snow visits Regina’s cell – she’s letting Regina go…as long as Regina leaves her vengeance, anger, and evilness inside the prison. Regina steps out and strangles Snow. Pixie brandishes a blade but Regina uses it to finish business. Fortunately for Pixie, it was all Rumpel’s plan. The beast has used Regina’s hair for a protection spell – Regina cannot hurt Charming and Snow in this realm. Snow banishes Regina. Regina saved Snow as a child; Snow is letting Regina live. They’re even.

In her eviction castle, Regina gets a visit from Rumpel. You see, Rumpel always have an out – he always leaves himself some wiggle room. Regina cannot hurt Charming or Snow in this realm. There’s always a loophole.

In Storybrooke, Snow and Charming are catching up for 28 years apart – sexy time interrupted by daughter and grandson. They go to a party at Granny’s Diner – a welcome home fiesta. As the party is about to kick into overdrive, Regina arrives with lasagna. Emma invited her on Henry’s behest. Everyone is hesitant, especially about the lasagna – poison as the secret ingredient? By party-end, the lasagna is all gone but Regina sits alone. Small steps Regina, small steps.

Regina leaves but Emma stops her in hopes she’ll stay for dessert. Regina thanks Emma – for her offer of dessert and inviting her. Emma says Archie was correct, Regina is trying to change. Hearing Archie may have betrayed her trust infuriated Regina. The next day, she goes and has a quarrel with Archie – witnessed by Ruby who also sees Regina visit Archie in the middle of the night.

When Pongo, Archie’s Dalmatian, come running to bark alert to Emma, Ruby knows something is wrong. Archie’s murdered!!! Regina denies any involvement and Emma believes her. Snow and Charming aren’t so sure but support their child. They search for evidence but with Regina’s file missing from Archie’s office; it seems she’s the murderer.

Emma thinks it’s too easy. The only person who can frame someone so thoroughly is Gold. Rumpel tells Emma to use magic on Pongo – the only witness to the crime. Emma uses an enchanted dream catcher that catches memories on Pongo – no animal was hurt in this process – and sees Regina murdering Archie.

The family approaches Regina who is expecting an apology. Instead she gets an angry Emma telling her Henry will be off limits. Fairy dust is thrown on Regina (old trick = fail); who counters by magically throwing Emma a few feet backwards. Regina is immediately remorseful but the damage is done – her recovery work erased by her flash of anger. She puffs outta there.

Later, Regina – sobbingly – spies Emma telling Henry that not only is Archie dead, but Regina is the murderer. This would be Karma for Regina if only she really did kill Archie. You see, Cora is keeping her arrival in Storybrooke on the down-low. She’s an evil, selfish bitch that’s beyond atonement. She emulated Regina’s appearance to kill Archie so her daughter truly loses everything!! I guess so mommy dearest can hold her later? What a crazy bitch!!

Alongside the crazy Queen of Hearts is Captain Hook. He wanted to find Rumpel and exact revenge. Cora stopped him because Hook is magicless – he’ll likely die. It’s true. Cora tells him she has a plan and he should stick with her. He waits around for Cora who rewards him with a present. She left her one-handed lackey a person – Archie!!! Dude’s alive!! Who did Cora kill? She doesn’t know and we don’t care because the Conscience is alive!! Why keep Archie alive? The therapist knows all of Storybrooke’s people and their secrets – knowledge is power. Thin reasoning but at least Pongo isn’t an orphan.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. I feel bad for Regina. She’s trying! I think people are willing to accept her, albeit in small steps (her lasagna was eaten). Too bad she was given so many chances before and squandered them all. The difference between then and now: Henry. Love is a powerful motivator. Hopefully she’ll be vindicated.

2. Didn’t Belle look amazing?! Rumpel is one lucky dude. If Cora finds out Belle is Rumpel’s weak spot, it’s going to get interesting. Frankly, when Cora said she had someone for Hook, I thought Belle was once again a prisoner.

3. The invisible ship trick was cool. Turning that poor man into a fish was not. Did you see Hook kicking the fish into the water? Hook isn’t a killer – a swindler, yes – not a murderer.

4. Loved Emma’s reaction to finding her parents in bed – eww. Just ew. Also, the excuse of being in bed in the afternoon when Henry asked was hilarious – Snow is tired from Fairytale and Charming is helping her sleep. Really? Henry is young, not stupid.

5. It seems Emma, Charming and Snow are navigating the waters of being parents. Choppy waters but as a family, they’ll survive.

6. My favorite quote was Regina telling Archie his degree was from a curse. I would quote it but my Cablevision DVR sucks. Just wanted to throw that out there. Every three freaking days it tells me all my recordings are unavailable. I’m filled with hate for Cablevision right now – if only I had Regina’s magic…..

Did you feel for Regina? Is Cora really that evil? Is Hook redeemable or am I just blinded by a pretty face? Will Archie be freed soon? Are you glad he’s getting a plot? (I am) Were you as enamored with Pongo as I was? (I love dogs) Will Regina’s name be cleared? Will she change and be accepted? Who did Cora kill? Do you hate your cable company as much as I do? Discuss away!!!!

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2 Responses to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – The Cricket Game

  1. Natasha says:

    heheh I love that line from Regina too– I think it went– Doctor? Need I remind you– you got your PhD from a curse!

    But I think hands down my fav line of the ep came from Gold (as usual ;)) when he remarks to Emma that she has her mother’s chin… and her father’s tact, after she accuses him of killing Archie.

    And wow, Cora is diabolical. I definitely did feel for Regina in this episode, she really was trying. sigh here’s hoping her love of Henry can help her not fall prey to Cora again…

    It was quite impressive how quickly Cora had full command of her powers in our world–makes me really curious just where else besides Rumple did she learn about the dark arts. I also wonder if we’ll ever know who was the random person killed and made to look like Archie.

    Good insight about Hook regarding him kicking the “fish” into the water. I didn’t even think of it in that way, but now that I think about it, we haven’t seen Hook kill anyone yet. He may just be all talk when it comes to that…

    And yes, it was so great to see Pongo again! Now when is he going to meet up with Perdita? 🙂

  2. Beany53 says:

    I love this show. Not sure if it is just her makeup but Barbara Hershey’s mouth and chin make her look terrible.

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