Happy Endings – Recap & Review – Foul Play/Date

photo: abc

photo: abc

Happy Endings
Foul Play/Date

Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

ABC has decided to air new episodes of Happy Endings in the Sunday 10:00 slot, while also airing new episodes at its regular time, Tuesday at 9. Even though this is probably happening because of a combo of low ratings for the show and nothing else being ready to air, I love that we’re getting 2 episodes a week of this amazing show.

In last night’s fantastic episode, Brad & Penny accidentally kill Alex’s racist parrot, while Jane & Dave set Max up on 2 different dates that seem very familiar. Read on for the recap!

Before Alex leaves for her rom-com con, Romantic Comedy convention, in Detroit, Brad comes over with some memorabilia for her to get signed. When Brad & Penny fight over a VHS of the director’s cut of ‘Overboard” (where she chooses to be rich and alone), they accidentally knock over a plate Alex made of her hand when she was a child. Since Alex still eats birthday off of the plate, Penny plans to hide it from Alex and fix it while she’s gone. It’s a good plan until they realize that they have a witness: Alex’s racist parrot, Tyler. After Penny uses industrial strength glue to put the plate back together, she & Brad find Tyler keeled over on the counter, and think that they accidentally killed him because of the strong smell of the glue. Penny and Brad try to think of a story to tell Alex and come up with a crazy one. Tyler got sick of Alex’s diverse group of friends and he decided to make a break for it. After leaving behind a trail of feathers, and poop on a copy of Newsweek with Obama on the cover, Tyler tried to peck through the screen window and fell to his death.

Later, Brad tells Penny at the diner that they should confess to Alex and Penny tells him to keep it together. Alex then comes in and says Tyler fell out the window and died. She also mentions that she had an autopsy report done on him to answer questions about his suspicious death. At Tyler’s funeral, Alex mentions that she got the results from the autopsy back and hasn’t read them yet. Penny tells Brad to find the autopsy report and destroy it. Brad finds the autopsy report, but Alex asks him to come hear her words about Tyler before he can grab it. During Tyler’s eulogy, Alex says she thinks a human hand was involved in Tyler’s death, which causes Penny to admit to accidentally killing the parrot. Alex admits that she & Tyler got in a fight over “Celebrity Apprentice” and she thought Tyler committed suicide. Alex finally reads the autopsy report and it turns out that Tyler died from liver damage & organ failure due to excessive alcohol consumption. Alex gave Tyler one too many margaritas during Taco Tuesdays.

Jane tells Dave that Max is not having a lot of luck in the dude department, so Dave suggests that they set him up with someone. They both think that they each found the perfect guy for Max and think that Max will pick their guy. After Jane & Dave tell Max they each have a guy they want to set Max up with, and that they want him to be happy, Max agrees to go on the dates. Later, Max tells them that he didn’t care for either of the guys they set him up with, but found a guy he really liked named Marcus during the second date. Dave & Jane ask Max why their dates for him, Ben & Jamie, didn’t work out. Max has the same answer for both of them: they reminded him too much of someone he knows. Jane & Dave tell him they’re happy he’s happy, but later wonder why their dates didn’t hit it off with Max. Jane realizes that they set Max up with 2 guys that are exactly like 2 of the best guys in town, and then realize all that matters is that Max is happy. That realization doesn’t last very long.

While Max is on his date with Marcus, Dave & Jane bring Ben & Jamie and ambush his date. Marcus doesn’t like it and leaves. Max tells them he would never date Ben or Jamie, and when they ask why, Max says he would never date anyone like Dave or Jane and leaves unhappy. While at Tyler’s funeral, Jane apologizes to Max for screwing things up. Dave also tells him that they tracked Marcus down, explained what happened, and told him he’d be really lucky to date him. Unfortunately, Marcus was upset and things escalated so the Marcus ship has sailed away. Jane apologizes for trying to set Max up with copies of her & Dave, and Max tells them he doesn’t want to date versions of them because they’re already awesome.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Favorite Lines:

Jane: “I don’t know why I’m surprised. I once saw you put sunscreen on a grape ‘cause you didn’t want it to become a raisin”

Alex: (imitating Diane Keaton) “Oh, boy. La-dee-da. La-dee-da. Oh, jeez. Woody Allen”

Penny: “What would Kerry Washington do in Scandal?”

Dave: “When did we all turn on Mayer?” Jane: “Well, pretty much right off the bat”

Brad: “What if it was emailed to her as a .pdf file? How do you destroy a .pdf? It’s in the clouds. I don’t control the clouds. I’m not Thor!”

Next episode: Ordinary Extraordinary Love

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