CSI:NY – Recap & Review – Command + P

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Command + P
Original Air Date: Jan 4, 2013
Maria – Associate Staff Writer

New York has a Guardian Angel who has anonymously left 10 checks for a million dollars for specific people.

Unfortunately, the Guardian Angel isn’t able to prevent the murder of attorney Mitchell Hinde and a young mechanical engineer Justin Vanderheyden. Thankfully, our CSIs will be able to solve it.

The two murders seem to have nothing in common except for the same weapon, a gun that leaves behind no ballistics, no known striations. However, at the second scene there’s a trace of metal fragments. There’s also Justin’s phone.

Justin’s phone is encrypted, so Adam takes the time out to phone his own totally hot girlfriend in the meantime. It’s nice the CSI:NY team have remembered Adam has a hot girlfriend, but Mac and Jo are there to make him refocus on work. Just as well, because the phone has been decrypted and shows that the deceased planned to meet with a venture capitalist called Andy Stein shortly before time of death. Stein denies meeting with Justin.

Files on Justin’s zip drive hold the key to the case, as they contain code for a program on a 3D printer. It prints a metal gun, but Lindsay tests the product and upon the second firing the gun shattered. This explains the metal trace found in Hinde’s office. It was actually the murder weapon!

The shooter would have gained several injuries after the gun shattered, so a check of the local hospitals eventually comes up with a parole called Andy Lewis. Mac and Danny bring him in, almost killing him in the process but Lewis is a killer so I guess that level of force was justified.

Justin went to meet Andy Stein at a bar but mistook Lewis for the venture capitalist and started pitching him the printable gun. Lewis wanted Justin to show him, and then turned the gun on him, killing Justin and then moving on to his next target. Mitchell Hinde was a divorce lawyer, who not only terminated Lewis relationship with his wife, but then proceeded to date her! Motive and means are all explained.

The identity of the Guardian Angel is still apparently a mystery, even though a politician has claimed responsibility, I know he’s lying and so does Jo Danville. Anybody who remembers that Sid Hammerback became a millionaire due to a patent on a sleeping aide he developed whilst working on the morgue can probably guess that he’s the Guardian Angel, although Jo has science to prove it.

All of the benefactors had death touch them in some way, a son killed in a drive by shooting, a father killed in a hit and run, all the people who were gifted with a million dollars had loved ones that ended up on Sid’s autopsy table. That, and Jo is able to find Sid’s fingerprints on one of the envelopes.

Jo confronts Sid with this proof and Sid reluctantly admits that it is indeed him. Then he confides in Jo that he wanted so see what good his money did whilst he could. He confides in Jo that he has cancer. Jo, being the heart of the team, is in floods of tears, as was I. Sid is one of my favorite characters. Giving him cancer is a lousy way to start a New Year.

If the printed gun storyline sounds familiar, it’s because it featured in CSI season 13 episode 9 not too long ago. The Guardian Angel’s identity was no mystery to me, I guessed it was Sid as soon as I read about it weeks ago. The only part of this episode I was emotionally invested in was the end, and that was a bad investment as it has left me with my heart crushed. Sid can’t die!

Did you guess that the Guardian Angel was Sid? Why does the CBS website refer to him as Mr. Moneybags when that wasn’t mentioned in the episode? Were you invested in the case? Did you cry as Jo did, upon hearing Sid’s news? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents about the show or tweet me over on @MariaTV101


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2 Responses to CSI:NY – Recap & Review – Command + P

  1. Bailey says:

    I thought Robert Joy did a tremendous job, but I still don’t agree with your “Jo being the heart of the team” comment you use as an excuse for her behavior over and over. The fact is she just gets involved in areas other people don’t want her involved. If Sid was really close to Jo, he would have told her. The fact is, she snooped around, butted into his private affair and put him in a very awkward position. At least her character is consistent, because that’s what she did to Mac and to Sid before. If she was truly the “heart of the team” as you say, people would come to her with their problems. The truth is, Mac is the heart of the team and it was none of Jo’s business who was giving away that money.

    Just another viewpoint.

    • mariatv101 says:

      Sid did come to her first when he came into the money. I consider Mac as the brains of the team, so people come to him when they want answers, but people do go to Jo if they want hugs, as shown by the death of the lab tech some time ago, she was there to emotionally support people. That’s what I mean by heart, I mean emotional side of the team, but the team wouldn’t be there at all without the brain. Mac is very much the head of the team.

      Still, I appreciate the opposite viewpoint, so thank you.

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