Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Tough Sh*t

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Tough Sh*t

Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2012

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

This week we find the Comic Book Men operating amidst the Kevin Smith book signing held at the Stash.

People are lined up down the street and around the block and Jason Mewes and Ming work security. There’s lots of talk of capping the line, but I don’t think they actually go through with it and it looks like Kevin signs and glad-hands with everyone who showed up at the store – eventually. He seems really tired by the time some fans show up to show off their Jay & Silent Bob tattoo and get Mewes and Kevin’s signatures so they can be tattooed later.

At the end of the day Walt says he likes it when Kevin comes to town for a signing despite all the extra work they have to do at the store. When the end of the day receipts roll off the cash register he’s reminded it’s worth it – every five years or so.

This episode was great because Kevin was actually in the store with the Comic Book Men instead of just being in the bumper podcast segments. Nice Mewes cameo. Not a huge amount of laughs – except just about everything Bryan says and when Walt threatens to beat him up when Bryan makes fun of the Marvel Playset.

I’m giving this episode a Very Fine 9.5

Items sold at the Stash

A customer wrangles in wearing a custom-built Mecha-Kong suit. He’s asking $1,100. They put the suit through the paces by having the guy crush a tiny cardboard city but no sale.

Customer offers a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles original Kevin Eastman artwork. Customer wants $20,000 so you know Walt ain’t gonna bite. Walt calls in an expert who appraises the art at $2,500 but the customer decides to hold onto his art.

A guy comes into the Stash looking to score some original Marvel Comics Super Special Kiss comics. Walt and Mike pull down issue #1 and #5. Walt admits he was scared of Kiss when he was a young Barry Manilow listening lad. Walt wants $275 for both books but settles on $200 for a fellow Kiss fan. Sold.

Finally a customer offers up an opened, but awesome Marvel World Playset from 1975. Walt’s jaw nearly hits the floor and he is reminded of all the fun he had with that playset when he was a kid. Kevin Smith steps up to do the negotiating since Walt is too personally invested in getting the set. The customer wants $600. Kevin doesn’t even try to negotiate. He buys the set for his friend at the asking price. Walt is overjoyed.

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