Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – To Thine Own Self


photo: fx

photo: fx

Sons of Anarchy
To Thine Own Self 

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2012

Lyssa G – TwoCents Reviewer

Welcome to this weeks episode of Sons! There are only two weeks left after tonight, there is no telling where this is going to end up this season. This is our second of four 90 minute episodes. With this season, too many avenues have been taken and it is becoming difficult even as a viewer to keep track of everything that the club is doing.

Last week there was a lot of different things that they opened up yet again. Jax has been working on a lot of different things that he seems to be keeping the club out of just so that he can get it all in motion. There is no telling what his overall plan is at the moment with where he wants to take the club and where he is planning on taking himself and the sons.

This week we start out with Tara looking at all of the paperwork that the woman from Providence hospital. She keeps thinking that this is going to be her last chance to get out of Charming. Jax is trying to stop it as much as he can. The lawyer knows that there is nothing that she can do to re write the law to help Tara. With what Tara did she could end up doing hard time. Jax is taking it very much to heart because that is his way out too. Clay and Gemma are back at their table having some coffee. Clay knows that there is no way that  things can get back to normal with her in an instant, but he thinks that this is their chance to make everything work different this time. Otto is in solitary after killing the nurse last week. The guards open up his cell and let a man in. He starts beating on Otto and doesn’t say a word as to who he is.

Jax comes into the clubhouse and he talks to Juice. He says that he needs the proof as soon as possible so that he can start getting Clay out of the club. Jax also tells Gemma that he needs her to find the proof today too. Gemma is asking about what is going on with Tara and why she is working at Stockton. Jax tells her about why he did not kill Clay months ago. He lets her know about what Otto did to the nurse in the infirmary. Jax also talks to her about how this may all end up blowing back on her because of the fact that she gave him the cross. Jax and the guys head out to the Diosa opening. Clay meets up with Tig at his house. He is thanking him for all of his help over the years. Tig is not reciprocating at all. Clay ends up trying to talk him into being his right hand again and talking about how much he misses him. All Tig wants to do is get way from him and forget that he ever helped Clay. Tara is in the hospital and she is staring as there are other doctors working on a tiny heart and we see how much she misses it. We see the opening of Diosa Norte. Lyla is there and she is in a wheel chair after getting shot. There is a bunch of Nero’s guys that are looking for guys so that they can protect their street. Jax tells Nero that he will get a few guns for his guys as a one time deal. They decide on making a deal with them so that they can get a little extra cash. Gemma is trying to get Clay to give her the birth certificate for Thomas. She makes sure that when he pulls onto the lot, he sees Chucky bringing more stuff in to her. As Clay is going in to check on her, Juice leaves the club house to go try and find the documents. Gemma keeps trying to get Clay to admit something, but he is not giving anything up, even offered to call the county and get copies made.

Tara goes to check in with Unser. He is not looking too great after a round of chemo. They are walking together to go feed the kids and they sit down and talk. She tells him that she thinks of him as a watcher and an impartial person. She says that she loves Jax and the boys and she embraces the life that she has to lead, but she didn’t leave any room for herself in the equation. She still loves being a surgeon and she misses it more than anything. Unser ends up getting sick and then they walk over to feed the boys. Clay goes to meet up with the cartel. They tell him about their CIA connection, and tells him that he needs to make his move back to the head of the table. Clay tries to get time to talk to Jax and try and get him to change his mind. Jax and the guys are going to a meeting about guns with Nero’s old crew. There is about 10 of them and 4 of the Sons there. They all get into the car and the crew starts shooting at them. Jax drives around in circles and then down part of a mountain. Jax cracks me up as he starts screaming an then says “Anyone dead?” Chibs just replies “Negative.”

We see the guys back in the club house. Chibs is patching up Happy. Jax and Bobby are about to head out to see Lin. Clay pulls Jax aside and tells him that he is aware of everything with the cartel. He knows that the cartel wants to get Jax out of the presidents position. Clay tells him that he knows everything about Otto, Rico and the CIA. He also tells him that they want to get Clay back in the presidents position. Clay is telling him that he needs to keep everything in place so that they can keep earning and that he needs to take everything as though this has a shelf life. Jax tells him that he has a plan of his own so that he can move forward. Clay calls the cartel and tells them that he needs more time. They decide instead to put things in motion on their own. Gemma and Nero are talking outside of the club house. He is checking in with her to make sure everything is okay. Gemma tells him that she is fine. He gives her a kiss before he leaves, and Clay sees it. Tara has the woman from the hospital in Oregon come to talk to her. She decides that she would like to move forward with the deal and they are both really happy about it, or so it seems. We jump to Otto in Stockton. The man who beat him earlier in the episode has come to talk to him. He tells him that he is a citizen. He also tells him that he wants something, and warns him that the next several months of his life will be the most painful months ever.

Juice is looking around Clay’s house to try and find the documents. He is tearing everything apart and looking everywhere that he can think of in the house. He decides to look in the air vent in the ceiling. Jax and Bobby are meeting up with Henry. They are talking about having him take over all of the gun business for the cartel. He says that he is in and that he will be able to make it all work. Juice calls Jax and tells him that he found the documents that he needed to find. They are going to get everyone together at Clay’s house. Bobby and Jax are on their way back to Clay’s house when Jax gets jumped and kidnapped.  Nero comes into his old crews house. They are talking and then Nero asks about Jax. He ends up shooting two of his guys and then walking out telling them that he is now back. We jump back to Jax, he is tied up to a chair. Romeo and Luis come in to talk to him. They are talking about how they know that Jax wants out of the gun business. He tells them that he is trying to set up something so that he can get the MC out of the drug mulling and out of the big gun business. They are okay with it and want to set up a meet with everyone to get things situated and then they cut him loose.

The club is sitting at the table. They are talking to everyone about the Rico case as well as the fact that the CIA is behind this whole deal. Jax brings up that he brokered the whole deal so that they can get out the club further ahead. They decide to vote it through. They decide to hand off the drugs to the Mexicans and the guns to the Chinese to save themselves from any further issues with the cartel. Clay congratulates him on how he handled everything today. Jax, Juice, Chibs and Bobby are about to head over to Clay’s. Tig ask if he is needed, Jax tells him that he is not yet. Jax gives him a kiss on the cheek and walks out. As Tara is walking out of St. Thomas, the guy who beat up Otto is following her out. Gemma and Clay are talking at their house. Clay asks about Nero and where that is going. Gemma says that it is not going anywhere. They hear a knock on the door. Nero is trying to check up and see what is going on with Jax and with Gemma. Nero comes in to talk to her about what is happening with her and Clay. Gemma tells Nero not to go away because she is in love with him.

Jax and the guys are over at Clay’s house. They are trying to take a look at the documents that Clay got back from the Nomads.  Juice left him alone in the house and the papers were all moved. Bobby is trying to convince Jax not to keep going with this vendetta with Clay. Jax comes clean about everything, about John Teller and how Clay killed him. The letters that Maureen sent and about how Clay killed Piney for everything as wells as trying to kill Tara. Bobby goes over to Gemma and Clay’s house to talk. Seems as though Bobby is going to tell Clay everything that is going on with Jax. He tells Clay that he is there to keep him alive.

Only 2 episodes left until this all has to wrap up. Anyone else guessing that this is going to end up as a major cliff hanger. There is still so many things that are unresolved, there is no way that we can actually guess what is going to happen with this. What did you think of this week?

Next weeks episode: Darthy 

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