Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Ming in Charge

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Ming in Charge

Original Air Date: Nov 4, 2012

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

We open on Ming arriving at the Stash. He’s no sooner through the door when the phone starts ringing. It’s Walter, he and Mike are under the weather so Ming will have to run the store. Bryan eventually shows up, but he’s no help to Ming.

Brian O’Halloran, Dante himself, arrives shortly after the store opens to pick up some convention merch. Ming figures something like “Hey, he played a clerk in a movie one time so he’d be perfect to help out around here.” O’Halloran helps ring up some customers and even pitches in on the negotiations with customers trying to sell their wares. He signs a few autographs and Bryan gives him a hard time about it. Even though he’s just there to try and help Ming! He’s not even supposed to be there today.

Walter finally shows up with his boss-face on. He tells Ming the entire day has been a test of his store-running ability. Walter finds out about how much Ming spent on his wheeling and dealing with customers and isn’t happy with Ming’s negotiation skills. He thinks the store will be able to make their money back on Ming’s stuff though. So he’s not really upset.

Later a toy manufacturer from Presidential Monsters comes into the store and shows the Comic Book Men his new line of toys. All his action figures are based on the Mego Action figures of the 1970s. Walter negotiated with the rep. for a Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash exclusive figure to only be sold at the store.

This week’s episode was really good. Not enough Walter and no Mike. The Brian O’Halloran cameo was a treat. I’m grading this episode a fine 8.9.

Items sold at the Stash

Iron Man #1 – 1968 and Daredevil #1 – 1964. Customer wants $1,000 for both books. Ming points out the condition issues on both books and offers $275 for both. Sold.

Lot of loose Transformers, 1985 Grimlock and a 1984 Optimus Prime. Customer wants $240. Ming talks him down to $125. Sold.

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