Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Wishful Beginnings


Covert Affairs
Wishful Beginnings

Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2012

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

The title, I believe, is what we would like for our Annie to have: a wishful beginning of starting over and trying to get her life back on track. But this episode did not really give her that; instead it gave her more things to worry about. As she believes she is going home, she soon realizes that she is at Blue Bonnet Farm to discuss her dealing in Russia, polygraphs and Simon.

Swiftly her plans are changed and she is back in Langley in a nice bear hug from her BFF, Auggie. Yes, he still wants to have the long-awaited talk and beer with her, but after she is settled. Um yeah…good luck with that, especially once we see Eyal is there and we know there is a mission to handle.

Eyal and Auggie finally meet and I have to admit that I had a big grin throughout the entire scene! I think many of the fans have wanted these two to finally get together and the moment was fun as they joked with each other.

What I find hard to believe is that Annie isn’t back for 1 day and already they assign her to work with Eyal, the man who saved her arse, and they expect her to lie to him. Really? But we all know Annie plays by her own rules and tonight is no different. She works with Eyal to get the watch back and all the intel that is on it. But the big surprise of the night is when Eyal and his handler were talking in their native tongue and she said: Don’t lose sight of the larger role she plays. Then she asks if he is sleeping with Annie. Holy crap, what is Eyal up to? I am going to be so mad if we spent all this time learning all about Eyal and falling in love with him…and then the writers are going to make him a bad guy. The Twitter hashtag of the night was #EyalsSecret and I guess we will have to wait and see just what that secret is.

Arthur gives Annie the Medal of Merit, or as Annie calls it; the payoff. He tells her that Joan was quite distraught while she was gone. I am sure many of you were wondering if Joan was having an affair with the dude, but we soon learn she is in a support group for addicts. Poor Joan, I hope she gets straightened out real soon.

My heart went out to Annie when she went back home and couldn’t go inside. The memories of the shooting are much to fresh and Piper does a great job of giving us the impression that if she took another step closer to the house she would probably get sick and pass out. Thanks to Eyal, he offers her his apartment that he keeps for when he is in town. But while they enjoy dinner, Auggie shows up at Annie’s with the hope of having that conversation with her, only to be disappointed to find nobody home. I think this is the storyline that has most of the fans screaming at their televisions.

Do you think Joan is correct to worry that Annie’s relationship with Eyal will be like that of Simon? Will Auggie ever get that beer with Annie? When will Arthur find out about Joan? How much longer until we find out what Eyal is up to? Leave me your thoughts.

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18 Responses to Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Wishful Beginnings

  1. Samosas for One says:

    Given the last scene between Eyal and his boss I think he gave Annie his “apartment” (or had it set up just for her) in order to save her from being killed by his agency. The agents don’t share the location of their safe houses with anyone, right? So no one would know this is where Annie is staying. It sounds like Eyal’s agency has something planned for Annie. I wonder if they are somehow holding Eyal’s son as leverage. Thoughts?

    • karen says:

      Oh my…the son as leverage…that sounds intriguing! We definitely know he is not happy doing what his boss wants. I am baffled at where this could be going.

  2. Aisha Dudley says:

    Eyal lied to his handler at the end of the episode. He told her Annie was at home. So while I am worried what it is Mossad is trying to get Eyal to do I think that ultimately he will protect Annie

    • karen says:

      it will be interesting to see how this plays out and we see what Mossad is up to. I will be really mad if Eyal sleeps with her …as a mission. She doesn’t need anymore confusion in her life. Auggie needs to have that talk.

  3. Last night episode was great lot of twist and turns when it comes to Mossad and their agenda what plans they have for the CIA especially Annie Walker. Eyal is a good guy and I know he loves Annie and he will do anything in his power to protect to defy his boss which I don’t like her at all. She is definitely trouble. She will make things more complicated for Eyal when it comes to his career and especially the Woman he loves Annie. I hope Annie realizes and finds out what Mossad’s intentions are and how Eyal plays roll in them. Will definitely causes problems between Eyal and Annie. I love Oded Fehr. He is great as Eyal Lavin and the love the chemistry between him and Annie. We have to wait and see what happens.
    I also wanted to make a comment about Joan which I was so shocked she was going to meetings for people who is addicted to Pills. Arthur was in the dark about it. I’m curious what Arthur will say about it and that guy Seth is he an old love interest of Joan. OH boy! I’m really curious how he, Joan and Arthur will play out in that sceneraio. I loved that I got to see Arthur’s paternal side. I’m glad he told Annie that Joan was really distraught about what happened to her. I love the scene between Eyal and Auggie that was funny and cute. My favorite scene of that night. I was heartbroken about Auggie he was so happy to see his best friend back and Alive giving her a bear hug and been waiting to tell her how he feels about her. I was happy they had a few moments not many. I hope Auggie tells Annie how he feels about her soon! It is obvious now he loves Annie very much and he wants to let her know how he feels about her.

  4. Eda says:

    The son seems like a likely theory bt I think we all knoe Eyal will do anything in his power to keep Annie from harms way…keeping her whereabouts secret from his handler he proved it once again. I didnt like Simon because he was too Irina Derevko for my taste and honestly the way he died was just lame….the only good thing about that storyline was Eyal saving Annie fromba Russian prison -while im not a fan of Russia and particularly Israel after the Mavi Marmara incident, they once again stated that usa is better thab anyone else-

    Anyway, Auggie and especially Eyal are the only reasons Im still watching Covert Affairs…i really hope they dont secrew up once again

    • karen says:

      I agree about Simon…for some reason I just wasn’t liking him to the point that I wanted to see her and him together. Why do you feel the way he died was lame? And did I miss something as far as them saying USA is better than rest??

      • Karen, I didn’t care for Simon at all either. You should go to the Covert Affairs website on Facebook a lot of the Female Fans wants Simon (Richard Coyle) back on the show and they felt he was a better love interest for Annie than Eyal and Auggie. Lot of fans on that webpage don’t like the idea of Annie and Auggie together at all they prefer to leave their relationship as best friends and some of them said that no chemistry between Annie and Auggie. What you think about it? I disagree with a lot of the female fans there is always chemistry between her and Auggie since I saw the show from the begining and they are perfect for each other. Out of all the other love interests Annie was involved with I like Eyal the best better than Ben, Simon, Zavier, Dr. Scott and many others. What are you thoughts about that?

        • karen says:

          I have seen the threads at the fansite and personaly didn’t care for all the blind love for Simon. How can deny the chemistry that A/A have…I do agree that they should not be together for qite some time because that always seems to ruin the show. Personally, I would love to see a little fling w FBI guy Rossabi.

          • Oh I know Karen it is ridiculous with all the blind love for Simon. Richard Coyle he did an amazing job as Simon Fischer but he did his purpose on the show while Sarah Clarke was on as Lena who my add did an excellent job as Lena Smith but she also did her purpose on the show and that is it move on. I do agree that it is way too soon for our leads to get together right now. Piper and Chris do such and amazing job and they have great chemistry when I see both of them on screen together. I probably they are really good friends off the show. I would love for something to happen with Rossabi with Annie! I’m not sure how things will go with Eyal and Annie right now. I love the chemistry between Piper and Oded. I love Eyal and Annie together more than Simon and Annie. It would be great if Oded because a regular on the show. We have to see how the rest of the episodes play out.

  5. In the end Eyal will be forced to choose between Annie and his son. The son wins.

  6. I realized something when I was watching the episode last night why didn’t Annie called Auggie so she could have stayed with him last at his place knowing what she has been through Simon killed at her hom and she almost died. I would have called my best friend right away and tell him If I could stay with you for the time being. Till she ready to deal with her traumatic ordeal she been through with Lena and Simon.

  7. karen says:

    Did anyone else get a weird feeling about the Auggie/Eyal hug? I liked it at first, but by the end of the episode I had to re-watch it and now I have a feeling Eyal was overplaying the excitement and now wonder if he was up to something. Trying too hard to to be friends w Aug?

    • Well Karen watching the episode I thought it was funny scene between Eyal and Auggie and I thought it was cute both of them with that witty sense of humor when both of them had their exchanges, but then again you never know with Mossad they are definitely up to something and Annie is definitely part of there plan from hearing the interaction between Eyal and his boss which I don’t like her at all she is trouble. To be close to Annie be closer to her handler/partner/best friend Auggie to have an idea how they run their operation at the CIA. Maybe that is what Eyal was doing. I’m not sure.

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