90210 – Recap & Review – The Sea Change

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The Sea Change

Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2012

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

After their Vegas wedding, Max and Naomi’s relationship gets bashed in the tabloids and it starts to affect Max’s company stock. The couple decides to do some damage control by holding a daytime reception to get back in the public’s good graces. The reception, of course, does not go off without a hitch. There are also some new couples that show up together at the reception, and one of them is definitely over by the end of the episode.

So which couple entered splitsville? Read on for tonight’s character breakdown.

Naomi/Max– Naomi and Max are getting ready to leave for their honeymoon in Ibiza when Alec comes by and shows them a bunch of tabloids that are none too kind to the newlyweds. Alec also informs them that their company stock is down 10 points. While at the beach with Silver and Adrianna, Naomi tells them that she’s throwing a wedding reception at a winery to boost her & Max’s image. Later, Alec talks with Naomi about him & Max’s venture into the video game industry and talks about having a sit down with game giants the Colton brothers. Naomi tells him to invite them to the reception. Later, the reception is going smoothly until Naomi mistakenly kicks out 2 guys who were definitely not in their classiest wear. Naomi then learns those 2 guys were the Colton brothers.

The brothers are not happy at all, so Naomi promises them she’ll throw them a kick ass party worthy of investing in Max’s company. She gets rid of all the classiness of the reception and replaces it with a crazy party with a performance from Sammy Adams. It turns out that not even that could get the brothers to invest…until they notice Liam at the party. They remembered him from something called “Corporate Invaders”, and Naomi tells them Liam could star in their video games. Liam agrees to do the video games and the brother’s sign with the company. To celebrate, Alec gives Naomi a hot pot, a nod to his & Max’s college days. The couple have to stall their honeymoon again after Alec tells Max he’s expected in Japan tomorrow.

Silver/Teddy– The duo shows up at the sperm bank so Teddy can take care of his side of the deal. Silver tells him she’ll do her part when she’s ovulating. Teddy mentions that he has to go back to D.C. tomorrow. They also talk about Navid & Liam, and if either of them would ever get back with Silver. Well, Silver goes to see Liam that night and asks him if he wants to go to Naomi’s reception together, and he tells her he’s going with Vanessa. Later, Silver mentions to Teddy that she’s ovulating that day but she has to wait until next month because of the reception. At the reception, Navid introduces his 2 porn star dates to Silver. The dates are part of his mission to change his “nice guy” image. Silver heads down to the cellar to drink her feelings and Teddy comes down to join her. While they’re down there, Silver almost kisses Teddy. It reminds them that they never talked about Teddy’s feelings for her when he was “straight”. Thinking that Teddy never really loved her, Silver leaves. Later, Silver asks him if he ever loved her or if it was a lie. Teddy tells her he was never lying to her, he was lying to himself, and he still loves her.

Dixon/Adrianna/Annie– Ade’s one night stand, Taylor, shows up at the bar and tells her he’s the bar’s promoter. Ade says their fling was a onetime thing, she’s back together with Dixon, and that they meant nothing. Back at the apartment, Annie’s taking care of Dixon and says she will for as long as he needs. BTW, Dixon has incomplete spinal trauma, with a 50/50 shot at recovery. Over at Dixon’s physical therapy, Annie runs into a guy named Riley, who’s an offensively arrogant civil war buff. Riley tells her to stop treating Dixon like he’s helpless. Back at the apartment, Dixon’s had enough of Annie and lashes out at her, saying he’s sick of her taking care of him and it’s starting to come between him & Ade. Annie decides to move out.

After Ade finds out Navid is bringing Taylor to the reception, she tells Dixon she wants to stay in with him. Dixon, not wanting to be confined to the house, says they’re going. At the reception, Taylor talks with Ade. Taylor kisses her, and Ade slaps him. He tells her he’ll leave her alone if she admits she felt something. She admits she did, but doesn’t anymore. At the coat check, Dixon tries to reach for his jacket and falls out of his chair. Annie finds him and says that she can’t not help him. Annie apologizes for making him feel helpless. Dixon expresses concern about his ability to get better and questions his relationship with Ade. Later, Annie goes to see Riley and blames him for pushing Dixon. Riley says he was trying to get him to be realistic. Annie tells him to see a therapist and leave Dixon out of his neurosis.

Liam– Vanessa shows up at the bar. Liam gives her the money and she tells him she can’t accept it since it was obtained fraudulently. It turns out Vanessa had cameras set up around the bar and caught the fire on tape. She frames him by saying she’ll distribute the video unless he gives her a second chance. She went as far as getting all his scenes for his movie to shoot in LA so they could be together. Liam has no choice but to give her a second chance. Later, Liam shows up at some random house. It turns out that Vanessa rented the house for them and she tells him they’re moving in together. To put the cherry on top of this crazy sundae, Vanessa introduces herself as Liam’s fiancé at the reception. Back at the house, the “couple” gets in a big argument. Liam tells her he’d rather go to jail than marry her. He asks her what she really wants and she screams that she just wants him to love her. He calls her insane. Vanessa then grabs him and accidentally falls off their balcony onto the beach. Liam calls 911, but when he looks down, Vanessa’s not there.

Can we talk about the scene where Vanessa was lying there and the water rushed on her? I kinda cackled at the sheer stupidity and pure soap of that scene. Besides that scene, the rest of the episode was pretty boring. I wish that the writers would have just killed Dixon off because his storyline is bad. Also, this question bears repeating every week: why is anyone friends with Adrianna? She tried to kill Silver 2 seasons ago by switching her meds and they just wrote that off with a quick mea culpa last season. She is legit the worst and I don’t understand why she’s in a love triangle right now and not in a jail cell. Lastly, Naomi is my favorite character. She delivers quick quips and great one-liners every week. I still don’t know why she’s saddled with this weird storyline with Max. What did you guys think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: It’s All Fun and Games

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2 Responses to 90210 – Recap & Review – The Sea Change

  1. Shiz says:

    I AGREE SO PATHETIC WTH IS with venessa fallng off the balcony and disapeared?

  2. Betsy says:

    Great write up, thanks! I watched it too but missed 5 minutes so I came here. I like Naomi and Maxx, she never thought she’d fall for a nerd and yet she did, before he was rich. But yes, the Vanessa scene was weak, it doesn’t make sense too that she fell off when all he did was push her away yet she falls over the railing?!? lol. No doubt she will be back, the storyline will continue, it’s Vanessa after all. She’s so creepy.

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