Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Let’s Dance


Covert Affairs
Let’s Dance

Original Air Date: Sept 18, 2012

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

All I have to say is that Annie is one pissed off spook and is determined to go to Russia and bring Lena to her knees! Joan ends up giving her support the “Mr. Phelps” way: by denying any knowledge of her existence if she is caught. That’s from Mission Impossible for all you young cats out there with no idea who Mr. Phelps is.

Annie’s mission, if she chooses to accept it (she does) is to take a photo of Lena, that’s it! But you know our Annie…it will be hard to take the emotion part out of this mission when you know the person you are looking for tried to kill you and killed the man you were supposedly falling in love with. Yes, I said supposedly…I’m not quite so sure on believing this information.

So Annie meets up with Dmitri, the piano guy who at one time was in love with Lena until she left him and set him up. Now at this point I am shaking my head at the fact Annie can play piano also. Is there anything this spy-chick can’t do? After asking for lessons and being denied, Annie is soon being followed by this guy. She convinces him to help her and they go see another guy to get a lead on Lena and she arms herself with a gun.

Next, she meets some dude in a fighting warehouse. It is here she gets info on Lena: when she leaves, location changes, stuff like that. She gave him the crapload of money Auggie arranged for her to have. If you ask me, I think the guy was happy with just the 2 bundles she gave him, but hey, whatever.

When Annie sets a trap to stop Len’s car, things go all cowshit and Lena is not in the car and is now being chased. When she finally gets to safety she realizes she should be dead…just as I was thinking and I am sure many of the viewers were too. She finds out that piano guy ruined it and met up with Lena again and made sure she wasn’t in the car. Ok, so this slut Lena is the only chick I know that can force someone to kiss her while they are strangling her! And he falls for it!! Piano guy is in love with her, again!

Annie ends up finding Lena and has her gun pointed at her the whole time. I thought for sure that maybe the gun was hidden inside Lena’s book or something. Lena doesn’t think Annie will pull the trigger or she would have no way out of the country, but Annie does what we all were screaming at our sets for her to do…she shoots her dead. Bravo, Annie!

We will find out in 4 weeks what happens, when the show returns on Oct. 16 for 6 more episodes.

As for our man Auggie: we got a nice tender moment when he picked her up in the limo and told her that he is there for her, no matter what. But again in another conversation, he mentions that he needs to talk to her and has some important things to say to her. Are his therapy sessions getting to the root of some of his emotional stress?
Is it Oct 16th yet?
Leave me your twocents in the comments and we can discuss the episode, ok?

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2 Responses to Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Let’s Dance

  1. Patricia Lovett says:

    I sort of got a different take on some of the storyline, but overall agree with your take on it. I was one of the few that were disappointed that Annie shot and killed Lena. Not that Lena didn’t deserve it, but it was such a predictable end. Annie trying to get out of Russia with Lena in tow might have made a bit less predictable of a next episode.
    And I’m getting a bit tired of ‘sophomore’ Annie. I don’t like Annie much right now. I don’t wish her ill, but I’m getting tired of her irrational impulsiveness. I like a more cold and calculating Annie. I didn’t think she’s been that for much of this season.
    As for Auggie, way too little of him, but what there was was touching and enlightening. He’s finally got it! Now what – or who – is going to get in their way? I’m intrigued with the ‘unwelcomed visitor’ that is going to be showing up on Auggie’s doorstep in a few episodes. Who might that be? Natasha? Parker crawling back? Eyal telling him to back off? One of his brothers? Anyone taking bets?

    • karen says:

      I’ll agree that I am not liking Annie being so rogue. A little bit was ok, but she is out of control. Yep, I did feel Lena deserved what she got.
      As for Aug, I am disappointed to know that there were to be scenes of him talking to therapist and coming to realizations and they were obviously cut. It’s too bad, I was looking forward to them.

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