So You Think You Can Dance – Recap & Review – Final Four Performance

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So You Think You Can Dance
Final Four Performance

Original Air Date: Sep 11, 2012

Barbara – TwoCents Reviewer

Does anyone else feel like this season just flew by? I suppose it was the double eliminations. And my enjoyment of having Christina Applegate twice. Anyway, tonight is the performance finale! And for the first time, we get to pick two winners: a boy and girl. Too bad for people like Danny, Katee and other boys or girls that were the highest of their sex but there was only one winner that time.

Also, each dancer is doing five dances tonight. FIVE! Poor little kiddies have got to be exhausted after all that. Except that I counted six dances for some. Odd.

Competitor partners:
Cyrus and Eliana: Paso. Jason G. decided to make Cyrus the cape and Eliana the matador. Okay. I feel like this is a lot of lifts or show pieces with less-than-impressive transitions in between. Not my favorite. Cyrus does not have the greatest form either. In a surprising twist, Nigel fawns over Eliana and takes credit for Cyrus making it so far.

Eliana and Chehon doing ballet. Let me write that again: ELIANA AND CHEHON DOING BALLET!!! I’ve always loved their solos, I love ballet, I love both of them. I’m ecstatic that this is happening. I love that it’s a classical looking ballet—with the stiff tutu, and Chehon in the prince-looking get-up and danced to Tchaikovsky even! I’m so glad the choreographer didn’t do something modern with this. I’m in love. I sincerely hope to see this again next week. It’s also wonderful to see how happy and pleased these two are to be dancing this together. The judges loved it. Bless them.

Tiffany and Cyrus. I think these two are a great pair. He does a great job lifting and supporting her and the extensions she pulls off in the air are just awesome. Tiffany seemed a little erratic in this piece. Then again, it was about his dumping her, and I’ve been known to be a little erratic when I get dumped so…I guess it works. Nigel points out neither of these two has been in the bottom. Pretty impressive. I think it’ll be even more impressive if Eliana and Chehon pull off an upset over those two, yes?

Eliana and Tiffany—um, there’s a pole in this dance? Alright. It’s raunchy and sexy…and I like it. It’s fun to see the girls dancing with each other. The last move with both of them spinning on the pole was pretty sick. But really, these girls are both such great dancers that it’s just fun to see them side by side.

Cyrus and Chehon: Sonya doing a routine for these two? I think I’m gonna like this. I am not, however, gonna like those pants. Seriously–what the heck? Sonya really takes advantage of Chehon’s strength and Cyrus’ isolations in this dance. Not my favorite dance, but it was fun to watch. Nigel calls them both an inspiration. He says Cyrus is his favorite person on this show and Chehon is his favorite dancer. I like that.

Chehon and Tiffany doing Rumba: I won’t lie, I hate the rumba. It’s my least favorite of the ballroom dances. That being said, I think they do a pretty good job. The technique wasn’t always great (like I’m a professional or anything…) but I think they connected well, the lifts flowed and I think there was a kiss at the end? Maybe that’s how Chehon convinces judges that he’s got chemistry.

Group dance with all four in the middle of the show—what a fun surprise. It’s choreographed by Tyce–he seems to do well in group dances so this should be good. Right off the bat I like that he puts all four of their styles in the dance. It’s kind of fun and light and really showcases each dancer. I’m not always a huge fan of Tyce, but I really did like that. I’m actually a little disappointed that the judges didn’t comment on this because it was so fun.

With All-Stars
Tiffany with Will? Seriously—is that Will? It’s weird and disjointed—totally Sonya Tayeh. It’s great to see Tiffany dance with someone as mature and impressive as Will. I feel like he only highlights how good she really is. At the same time, she looks so young, and he looks so…not old, maybe experienced?…that it was kind of odd for me. The judges loved it. And I gotta say it was nice to see Will again.

Chehon and All-Star Allison. I know I talk about Tiffany’s abs a lot—but have you seen Chehon without a shirt. Why is he not always shirtless? Gosh, he is so strong!! It’s incredible to see how much time he spends in the air when he leaps. And he looks so strong and comfortable when he lifts up his partners. The audience is in love, Chehon and Allison are still in the moment and no one pays any attention to Cat for a few seconds after. That would be unforgivable had the dance not been so incredible. Mary praises the “three-time nomy eminated” Stacy Tookie. She really did say nomy-eminated. I went back and watched again to make sure.

Eliana and All-Star Alex: And with Travis Wall. They were definitely trying make a memorable dance for this last performance show. The first thing I thought of when I heard this song was this clip. But then I stopped giggling and watched. I can’t say much about this dance beyond Wow. Just really beautiful. Also, Travis was smart to capitalize on the amazing extension Eliana has. Out of this world. The guest judge calls it poetry. I concur. Then Nigel says Eliana is his favorite of all time and I feel bad for the guys after what he said to them, and even more so for Tiffany because she’s apparently not his favorite anything.

Cyrus and All-Star Twitch. I was gonna say something about how I think the judges are pandering…but then I decided that these top four dances have worked dang hard to get here and so I say, pander away!! These two are so happy to be doing this dance. I gotta say, when it comes to animation, Cyrus beats Twitch. Not that Twitch didn’t rock it, but it’s Cyrus’ style for sure. Also, those are some very impressive looking men. Very. Cat agrees with me—she wants five of them:) Even after the dance, they are smiling SO huge. You know they just wanna hang and dance and see how amazing they can be. Love it. Then Nigel ruins things by saying he won’t vote for Cyrus. Um… Wet blanket anyone? That was so ridiculous. And poor Cyrus. What’s he supposed to do with that?

-Eliana. She talks about how being paired with Cyrus was hard, not because he couldn’t keep up with her, but because she was in his shadow with regards to his personality. But she’s grateful for him and thinks America got to know her through him. What a sweet girl. Her favorite moment was the Bang Bang dance with Alex Wong. Dancing with one of the best dancers ever, to an amazing piece. Yeah-that’s probly a good favorite. Her solo is, not surprisingly, beautiful. Love her.

-Cyrus. He’s so genuine. I feel like you can see his soul when he smiles and it’s beautiful. I truly do like him. He doesn’t make any excuses for himself and he works so hard. He said he went on the show to show off animation, not expecting to get so far. It’s uncanny to see the things he makes his body do. I love to watch him and again am impressed by how he puts his music into that 30 seconds. He is gifted.

-Tiffany. She uses a baseball analogy to get through dance. But it works because she is clearly successful. She’s definitely battled her way up to the top—turns out I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know who she was till recently. But she’s a fighter and I’m definitely impressed. She feels like her dance with Ade is when American finally realized who she was. I like her attitude: she recognized that she wasn’t at the top and she wasn’t the most memorable, and she was gonna fight that. And she fought hard. Good for her.

-Chehon. In the words of my roommate, “he just looks like a good person.” I agree. It’s kind of the same thing you see in Cyrus—especially now that he’s opening up. They show us his solo in Vegas again and it really is phenomenal. I realize as I watch his package that I just have a huge, cheesy grin on my face. He does more incredible leaps and I wish that he would try out for the high jump because he could probably kill it.

I don’t usually comment on guest dancers, but what did you think of the kid from France last night? He has got to have some serious arm and core muscles, yes? I liked it.

Well, what did you think? Was this totally Cat’s best dress of the season? What do you think Cyrus’ ears will look like when he’s old? Were you as excited as I was about the ballet? What was your favorite dance of the night? Do you think you get pole burn climbing up and sliding down on the pole? Who do you hope wins? What’s with Nigel telling Cyrus he wasn’t voting for him? And why doesn’t Tiffany get to be his favorite anything? And what the heck has happened to Neil?!

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3 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance – Recap & Review – Final Four Performance

  1. g says:

    I tried to cut this down as much as possible! Just a couple thoughts…well maybe more than a couple.

    -LOL at your Tiffany/Cyrus response. Tiffany did act like a complete maniac, but that seems to be the choreographer’s (forgot her name) style. If anyone remembers, she choreographed Lauren and Dominic’s abuse based lyrical hip hop routine and Lauren was doing all those crazy movements as well. I guess that’s the choreographer’s thing.

    -How do you not like the Rumba?! After Gev and Courtney performed their Rumba in s4, I fell in love with that dance genre so I automatically loved Chehon and Tiffany’s rendition. Btw It’s so weird to me how Chehon finds any sort of intimate dance moves with a female awkward. Like, he is so [physically] masculine and seems to be very confident, you would think he’d be very comfortable touching/holding females. Just a random thought. Look what this guy has me thinking about. This is what happens when sytycd has such beautiful men on the show, my mind goes to other places.

    -I feel we’re on opposite ends tonight, I loved the Rumba but I hated that group piece. It felt so scattered and inharmonious. I didn’t know what was going on half the time.

    -Not sure that I liked Eliana and Tiffany’s routine. It was a little crude in my opinion, even more so, it didn’t even feel like a routine. Gray Reeper (is that the choreographer’s name?) seems to have this niche of creating very sensual pieces considering his body of work from this season. But this was a little much. I saw a lot of crotch shots and it just felt gimmicky rather than me watching authentic burlesque choreography. Very disappointed.

    -I actually preferred Cyrus and Comfort’s animated performance than this Cyrus and Twitch. By the way, Cyrus has completely exhausted the whole robot angle for me. I don’t even think I can watch step up 2 anymore, knowing that that robot guy is in it. I’ve seen it too much of it this season, and it’s no longer interesting. Thanks a lot, Cyrus.

    -Nigel definitely contradicted himself this episode. He distinctly said that Chehon was his favourite dancer of this season…but then he says Eliana is his favourite? He’s so fickle and although he usually provides good feedback/critique, he does say a lot of unnecessary things. However, as much as I think Nigel is an a–whole for always saying such inappropriate comments, i’m glad that i’m on his side in terms of who he wants to win. He did the same thing for Jeanine and Brandon in s5 by saying that he’d like to see a girl win , ultimately knowing his opinion means a lot to voters. And it just so happened that Jeanine won. Finally, after 8 seasons, we agree on who should win. It’s quite a relief. #teamChehon.

    • Barbara says:

      I kind of think Nigel said that so more people would vote for Cyrus over Chehon. He knows it was a lame thing to say and that people would automatically feel badly for Cyrus to be humiliated like that on TV so he said it hoping to garner more votes for him. It was lame and manipulative.

      You’re right—the pole dance was a little too raunchy. I think the reason I liked it was watching Eliana do those amazing spins and looking so happy—but not so slutty—to be doing something like that. You know?

      • g says:

        You think? I guess we’ll see on Tuesday! Nigel has pulled moves like that so many times throughout the seasons and all of his “proclamations” have happened. I won’t be surprised if Chehon wins

        haha ironically I deleted my opinions of Eliana to shorten my review, but yes, I totally thought that Eliana did great even though I didn’t care for the routine. Plus I give her kudos for going on top of that pole, I swear it looked like it was going to break.

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