So You Think You Can Dance – Recap & Review – Top 6 Perform, 2 Eliminated

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So You Think You Can Dance
Top 6 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Original Air Date: Sep 5, 2012

Barbara – Reviewer

Not only are the actual competitors dancing with all-stars tonight, but they will also be paired together and then perform a solo as we get ready to head into the finals. Three dances in one night!! Christina Applegate is back to make up new dance terms. This time it’s “hairography.” She can say whatever she wants. I adore her and wish Samantha Who was still on the air.

There were some really amazing dances tonight—nearly all getting nothing but high praise—but we still have to send one more boy and one more girl packing and this time there is no judges’ vote to save them.

-Tiffany paired with Benji Schwimmer for Jive. I feel like Tiffany is a serious black horse in this competition. I forget about her during the week, but then she pops on my screen with her amazing abs and her cute personality and I’m a fan all over again. She’s got the energy and personality to make this jive fun and it doesn’t hurt that she has Benji to partner her. She really is just a mini pocket-rocket.

-Cole with All-Star Melanie doing contemporary. I rarely get what Sonya Tayeh is doing in her choreography, but I always love it. So emotional and different. Cole is graceful and masculine. It wasn’t as amazing as last week’s dance, but I still enjoyed it. Mary was drawn to Cole over Melanie which is really pretty great praise. Christina promises him we’ll see him next week. Well sure—cuz it’s the finale and we’ll see everyone. But will he be a competitor?

-Eliana with All-Star Twitch. Christopher Scott is choreographing and I really like his stuff so I’m excited. Okay, I love how Eliana is dressed for this routine. They are amazing. The perfect mix of dancers and actors—they really do a great job and Eliana just nails it. She hits it hard and truly looks like she’s enjoying the dance so much. Of course, if your dance ends up with cozied up to Twitch, who’s gonna complain? Seriously, I think this is the funnest routine of the whole season. Christina Applegate says maybe Jay-Z wouldn’t hire her to dance by him, but she can dance the YMCA for her all day and she’d love it. I mean, that was weird? But okay. Nigel didn’t like seeing Eliana in a “cheap burger” routine. But he’s lame. It’s seeing her in a happy, fun routine that really makes me like her more.

-Chehon is paired with All-Star Katherine for a Tyce routine. I like when Tyce does contemporary. Let’s have him always do that and not Broadway, mmkay? The dance didn’t have any moments where you are just blown away, but the whole thing was beautiful and melancholy. They made it look so natural and fluid, even though I’m sure they were working their butts off. The judges are crying. Chehon is crying. Nigel makes a weird comment about the 1940s, but also references the “presage” (I don’t really know what that is, but I’m assuming it’s the part of the dance when Chehon lifted her so slowly and strongly) which really was amazing.

-Witney with All-Star Marko doing lyrical jazz. Witney makes the obligatory young-bride-from-Utah joke. Bless her heart. This dance is Witney having second thoughts about marrying Marko. If I were in that dress to get married, I’d be having second thoughts as well. It was fun to see Marko again and Witney really is very versatile. She puts her all into each routine and I’m pretty positive she’s done more than ballroom back home. The judges agree with me that Witney was crazy to leave Marko at the altar. Mary starts by praising Marko. Probably not the best sign for Witney, but the judges still say she’s a star and excels in everything she does.

-Cyrus is paired with All-Star Comfort for Dub-Step. Do we think maybe they’re catering to him? Yes? Okay then. Whatever. I feel like the dance started out slow, and Comfort hits everything so hard and clear that when Cyrus is behind you can really tell. However, as soon as we get to the tutting part of the dance, it really comes together. These two paired well together and it was fun to see Cyrus is the element where he can really excel. Nigel, of course, again tells us how amazing they all are for putting Cyrus on this show. If I were a drinker, I’d turn that into a drinking game.

-Chehon and Witney doing cha cha. Chehon’s upper body is great for this dance….his hips not so much. But really, after devoting his life to ballet, is it any surprise that he can’t adapt in one week to the madness that is cha cha? Witney, of course, looks good. She’s got the style and flair for cha cha and really puts everything she has into this dance.

-Cole and Eliana doing contemporary. Wow. I just love this dance SO much!! First of all, how on earth do those two dancers slide towards each other head first and not get a concussion? Madness. I sincerely hope this piece is in the performance finale and I think it’s one of the best dances all season—and definitely Mia Michaels’ best dance she’s choreographed all season. Not to mention the music she picked. I feel like it added so much to the routine that was already amazing.

-Tiffany and Cyrus doing Broadway. This was sassy and bubble-gummy. (Christina isn’t the only one who can make up phrases.) Cyrus seemed to struggle a bit with the removing-clothes-choreography, but it was the simple moves that I really liked in this dance.

-Witney: First off, why doesn’t her dad ever get to speak? It’s always her mom. Anyway, her solo was pretty good, but the paso is intense and sultry…and she looked like a little girl trying to be sexy. I just can’t every get used to that. She and Tiffany are both tiny, little girls, but Tiffany is fine with being cute and energetic and bubbly while Witney tries so hard to be grown up and I just don’t love that.

-Chehon: I just want his mom to talk to us every week. Especially in Swedish. The leaps in his solo are just breath-taking. He has such power and control. Along with his mother talking to us each week, I want a solo from him. So amazing.
-Tiffany: I basically didn’t even remember her name till two weeks ago, but I like her more and more every time she dances. It seems like she’s just one continuous, happy ball of energy. Although, the female version of ‘You’re Amazing” that she picked for her solo was…bleh.

-Cole: I want his mom to have her own show with Chehon’s mom. I just love those two. His solo reminded me of the Hummingbird routine with Hok and Jaimie. It was intriguing, but not my favorite thing he’s done. Still, I love him.

-Eliana is truly trying to channel Brittany Murphy with her get-up tonight. She’s got the old-school sports bra on that Brittany rocks as the “adorably clueless” Ty when she’s exercising with Cher. I mean, I don’t know how many times I can say that I love to see her dance ballet…but seriously, I love watching her. Strength and power and femininity in one amazing package.

-Cyrus. I think he did the best job putting his music and dance into the 30 seconds they’re given. It fit together so well without any abrupt cuts which makes me think he’s not just kinetically gifted, but musically as well. He is absolutely amazing in his style and since this is the first solo we’ve seen him do (he’s never been in the bottom, right?) since Vegas it’s nice to be reminded again (in case we didn’t listen to Nigel) why he made it to the top 20.

Again, we move super quickly into the eliminations. It’s no surprise, given that they’ve never seen the bottom, that Eliana and Cyrus make it to the top four. They are joined by Chehon and Tiffany. It’s not much of a surprise is that Witney is eliminated given how often she was in the bottom. I’m happy to say that for the first time, I will for sure remember Tiffany during the week when I think about this show. I wish her luck, but if I were forced to call in and vote, I’d probably vote for Eliana. I would’ve preferred to see Cole in the finale, but I really do enjoy watching Cyrus. Plus, the amazed expression on his face when he made it into the top four was so gut-wrenching that I think I’d probably go crawl in a hole and die if he got sent home.

So, what was your favorite dance of the night? Would you vote for Cyrus over Cole? Do you think Tiffany could pull off a win over Nigel’s favorite, Eliana? More importantly, what dances do you want to see in the performance finale? And where the heck is Neil?!

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4 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance – Recap & Review – Top 6 Perform, 2 Eliminated

  1. g says:

    I think it was appropriate that Cole went home. Clearly the main themes for this season are improvement and growth and who has embodied those topics more than Cyrus and Chehon? Whether or not you like Cyrus, you can’t deny that he really has proven himself through his most recent dances – with Jamie, TIffany and Comfort.

    As for Chehon, I mean each week he just opens up more and more- i’m telling you, if you search up his audition video he was SO uptight and nervous and introverted and now look at him, completely laughing at himself for the cha cha. He is so adorable and undoubtedly talented. Cole on the other hand has been doing the same thing for the last couple of weeks. Similar to how I felt about Will, I feel like Cole peaked in that Addiction piece and now all of his contemporary/jazz pieces feel the same….just my opinion.

    I am proud of both Chehon and Cyrus, but ultimately I want Chehon to win.

    Tiffany vs. Eliana? Sort of reminds me of the Sabra vs. Danny top 2. Clearly Danny is the better dancer and has been a fan favourite, but the judges (mainly Nigel) has been hyping up Tiffany (and even Sabra in her respective season) so much recently that I think America is starting to get influenced by them. It also reminds me of the Jeanine vs. Brandon top 2 where Nigel would not shut up about how much he wanted a girl to win even though Brandon was obviously the better dancer. It won’t be a surprise to me if Tiffany wins.

    Glad to see Comfort back instead of Lauren. Jeez, I had enough of her for the next couple of seasons. I’d like to see Ivan (hip hop) and Katee come back. We’ve been seeing the same people for the last few weeks, so I was glad to see Ryan for the quick step. We need more faces then the standard Allison, Melanie etc.

    Great recap!

    • Barbara says:

      I agree with you about Chehon and Cyrus. I think I’m just sometimes turned off by Nigel’s weird praise of Cyrus. But I do think he’s an amazing dancer and the times when you see how joyful he is and how hard he’s working make it that much more fun to watch him. And Chehon is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites from all seasons. He hasn’t caught up to Neil yet… 🙂 I’d also love to see Ellen, Hok and/or Sabra back. You’re right; they seem to have a bit of a recycle thing going on with most of the all-stars.

  2. Sam says:

    My favorite dance was Eliana and Cole’s ram dance, it was so unique and interesting. I definitely would take Cole over Cyrus any day. I think Eliana has it in the bag, especially after she showed a lighter side last night. I don’t know who I want in the finale, too many choices; I just want to be surprised. I was talking about the Cyrus situation with a coworker at Dish, and she was saying that she is tired of the “underdog” label he has. I mean he has never been an underdog in this competition, and really it is only a nice way to say he is a worse dancer. I was freaking out last night because I missed the show, but luckily Primetime Anytime on my Hopper automatically records it for me. I would have been so mad to miss the semifinals, and the dancing did not disappoint when I finally was able to watch it.

  3. about hairograpy.. its not new although it still is a new term. it was something the writers of glee came up with in 2009. it wasnt just mentioned, it was also the episode title…

    so christina, Im not giving you that one. 🙂

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