The Newsroom – Recap & Review – Black Out Part II: The Mock Debate

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The Newsroom
Black Out Part II: The Mock Debate

Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2012

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Aaron Sorkin’s writing is sometimes controversial, shocking and captivating, but never boring. Until this episode of The Newsroom.

It just felt as if the entire hour was wasted and very little happened. No characters made any real progress. The storyline didn’t significantly build toward next week’s finale. And there were no moments that stuck in my head as memorable. Sad, sad, sad.

The episode started with the black out and Mac convincing everyone that they could still do the news. Then the lights came back on. Oh, whoop. And can I take a moment here to chastise Sorkin about the character of Mac?

No executive producer would be taken seriously with her tirades in the middle of the newsroom, complete with her screaming that she’s losing her mind. There is no way a woman this emotional and hysterical would ever be in charge of a major news broadcast. I don’t usually get on a feminist soapbox, but I am rather offended by this character. Is the only way to make her endearing to make her LOOK incompetent, even if she isn’t?

We know the team has been covering Casey Anthony just so they can get a new presidential debate format sold. So the RNC comes in and they do a mock debate with staffers taking on the roles of candidates and Will slinging hardball questions – and the head RNC honcho says “no way.”

Great – another dead end.

Only two storylines had any real movement, and it wasn’t much. Charlie discovers that his new NSA source had psychiatric issues and that puts his info in doubt – but if they don’t run the source’s story, he won’t give them dirt on TMI, therefore gaining the upper hand on Leona.

Two, we learn that in between breakups with Maggie, Don has been sleeping with other women. When Jim goes to tell Maggie, Lisa decides he’s coming to win her back so Jim can’t tell Maggie. But Don sees what Jim was doing and comes clean.

I have to say that the teaser for next week revealed a bit too much. We see that Leona does fire Will (most likely because of his drug use on the night Bin Ladin was killed) and Don asks Maggie to move in with him (which means they didn’t break up after his big reveal). Way to kill the suspense HBO.

Did you feel any real suspense with this episode? Are you worried that Will will be forced off the air? Are you as sick of Mac’s tirades as I am? Give us your TwoCents…

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