Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Dead Freight

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Breaking Bad
Dead Freight

Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2012

Jules – News Editor

I have to say I was worried about where this episode was going this week, pushing the guys to their limits of what was possible, but in the end, it was an episode with the expected and the unexpected and I quite enjoyed it.

We open with a kid on his dirt bike buzzing in what we can only assume as the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden stops to notice a tarantula (who does that?), traps it with a glass jar he just happens to have and moves on just as we hear a train passing through. Random, but the show always shows us stuff for a reason.

From here, let’s first get to the Whites. Walt goes to Hank’s office and breaks down crying in front of his brother-in-law saying Skyler doesn’t love him anymore. In reality, it’s a façade since he wants Hank to become so uncomfortable, he’d leave the office. Why? So Walt can bug it and he does and barely escapes from being caught.

Elsewhere, Junior and Holly are still at Hank and Marie’s. They adore Holly, but Junior is another matter. It’s one thing to uproot a toddler from their family, but a teen? Junior is obviously upset about the whole situation and attempts to move back home, refusing to leave, but it lasts as long as Walt giving him an ultimatum to leave on account they are his parents and he’s still a child.

Once he’s gone, Skyler reaffirms what she said last week keeping the kids out of harms away as long as Walt continues what he’s doing. “I’m not your wife, I’m your hostage,” she says and is she ever. Sklyer also promises Walt she’ll be whatever kind of partner he wants her to be as long as the kids are away. She says that now, but I can only imagine how long this can hold with Marie and Hank.

Back to Walt bugging Hank’s office. This was to help prove who put that tracking device on the methylamine. The guys take Lydia, cuff her to a table to read from a script while they call Hank to ask about the tracking device. Lydia gives a good performance, although she’s a bit shaky and still claims she didn’t do it. Via Jesse’s laptop, they hear Hank ask his colleagues about the tracking and get nothing. Mike is ready to jump back on the killing Lydia train (to which Walt agrees with) when the bug catches Hank calling and getting a confirmation that it was the Houston DEA who did the sloppy tagging of all the Madrigal barrels. So Lydia lives to see another moment. This time, she claims she can get them an “ocean” of methylamine. Really, it’s 24,000 gallons, but that’s a lot and with that comes a plan that would involve stealing from a freight train in the middle of the desert and probably killing its two-man crew.

Luckily for the team, it’s Jesse to the rescue (again) for a plan to rip off the train without anyone knowing it. As much as I saw this coming, it was nice to hear it from Jesse as in the past he’s gotten so much slack for not being the adult, but it’s clear he’s grown up a bit and is really the glue and mediator between Walt and Mike. If he wasn’t there, I swear everyone would be dead now.

So the plan? Siphon the methylamine from the freight (Lydia will tell them which one) and replace the tank with water equivalent at the same time. Of course that means there will be a slight dilution in the methylamine, which Walt explains will be blamed on the Chinese supplier. He’s thought of everything…well…almost.

Heist day! With help from the Vamanos Pest crew, they are ready to pull it off. The actual heist was pretty suspenseful and not without some disruption in their variables. Stalled dump truck on the tracks works in stopping the freight train, but moving it proves an issue when a good samaritan offers to tow the truck. There’s only so many ways to say no until you have to say yes. This means Walt, overseeing Todd and Jesse doing the actual siphoning (Mike’s on eye duty) have to get off the train earlier. But Walt, ever the greedy man he’s become, waits until the last possible moment, risking the lives of his crew for a few more precious gallons of methylamine. They get it done though, even when it felt just a bit wrong to root for them. Seeing Todd jump from the moving train and Jesse lying flat down to see the train run over him was classic.

They guys are all excited, but not so fast…Walt notices a kid on a dirt bike (yup, same kid). He waves to them. Todd waves back and then takes out a gun just as Jesse yells “No!” and shoots and kills him. Umm…OMG!

I guess I should have seen that ending coming as the show likes to foreshadow moments such as these from the cold open, but I didn’t think Todd was the killing type. But then again, we barely know him. So the guys didn’t get away from the heist without killing someone and now there’s blood at the hands of the Vamanos crew. I knew that partnership would cause trouble and now it has. Where do they go from here? And when will Marie and Hank finally think something is up when Skyler and Walt don’t get their kids back? There’s my TwoCents, let me hear yours below!

Next week: Buyout

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