Army Wives – Recap & Review – Centennial

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Army Wives

Original Air Date: Aug 5, 2012

Will – Associate Staff Writer

After a break from Army Wives last week, we all have been anticipating the return and we, the viewers, were not left disappointed! If you remember, Penny showed up at Gloria and Hector’s apartment at the end of the last episode and Gloria was not happy. She is even more angry when she sees that Penny is very pregnant and claims Hector is the father. Of course, Hector thinks nothing his is fought and says that he is not the father. Well Gloria is going to make sure of that by making him take a paternity test.

We also get to see the birth of Roxy and Trevor’s twins. After a few complications throughout the pregnancy, Roxy experiences another complication. The first baby is delivered successfully and it is a he! Before they can deliver the second baby, the doctor finds that the heart rate of the second baby is dropping.

Anyway, the second baby is delivered by C-Section with the cord wrapped around his head. Yes, it is yet another boy! The joy is soon over when they rush the baby to intensive care because he is having hard time breathing. The doctor reassures Roxy that she could have done nothing during her pregnancy to not make this happen and that the next 24 hours will be critical.

This week is also the annual anniversary for Fort Marshall. This is a big celebration with formal speeches from Commander Holden and other top Army officials along with games and food for the families of service members. Early in the show, we see a man who is clearly not right in the head and he has some sort of vendetta against the government and we can only guess that he is planning on shooting people at the celebration.

Joan is making sure that this type of incident doesn’t happen by having many bomb sniffing dogs and multiple random car searches. We see this crazy man blending in as one of the workers that are setting up for the celebration and he has is sights set on Michael Holden. Remember that Claudia Joy is in Washington D.C. for business. He actually runs into Jackie Clark and by the look on her face, she knows something is off about him but she doesn’t say anything even after he asks her about Holden.

Now, we turn to the results of the paternity test. The baby is Hector’s. Of course, he is in complete denial says the test is wrong. Gloria is mad at first but her motherly instincts come out and she starts to care about Penny and the baby even though she is furious which was a surprise to me. She even gives Penny $200 for a Glucose and Sonogram test for the baby. I actually feel bad for Penny, not Hector.

This whole episode leads you on the entire time to the inevitable shooting. The show takes us through the speeches given by the secretary of Fort Marshall and Mr. Holden himself. After the speeches are over and everyone is dismissed to go eat and play games, the man makes his move. We see him walking very fast toward Michael and Jackie recognizes him and the crazy look on his face. She tells Michael to watch out just as the man pulls out a gun and starts shooting. Frank dives in front of Michael and takes the bullets. That is when the show ends and we don’t know if Michael made it out unscaved but we know Frank has been hit multiple times.

So, what did you think!? What do you think will happen to Frank? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your two cents.

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2 Responses to Army Wives – Recap & Review – Centennial

  1. Really hoping Frank makes it! He’s one of my favorites. Well, almost all of them are, lol.

  2. o_irish says:

    Author… it’s C-Section… not sea section LOL! Holden was o.k., as the previews for next episode show him upright on his feet in the hospital waiting room asking how Frank is doing.

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