The Closer – Recap & Review – Last Rites

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The Closer
Last Rites

Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2012

Will – Sr. Reviewer

As we get closer to the end of The Closer, the episodes just keep getting more and more hardcore. The show is becoming less and less about the cases and more about Brenda which I think is appropriate. Anyway, a priest is found murdered and rolled up in a rug a few miles from where he was supposed to be performing last rites to a dying human being. If you have watched from the beginning, you know that Brenda does not have the best history with the church.

We also see a lot more of Pope this week and the fact that he is tired of Brenda undermining his authority all of the time. We also Brenda’s parents this week and the good news is that Clay is getting better. He is cancer free and now on hormone treatments to make him feel better. I must mention that the walker Brenda bought him has crime scene tape and flashing lights on it! I wouldn’t expect anything less from Brenda.

For once, Brenda is spending some time at home with her parents but she just can’t stay away from the crime scene when Gabriel calls Brenda to say that Pope is granting the churches wishes in that they have an archivist go through Adam Gray’s journals before the LAPD can look. Brenda is not having this and she goes to the scene where she demands to see the journals from the archivist who has already boxed the journals up. Pope finds out and they have a complete blowout in front of all the church officials and Brenda’s team. Brenda becomes extremely defensive when Pope brings up her father and that he is making her stressed out. After going back and forth, Pope yells at the top of his lungs for Brenda to go.

The next day, Brenda comes to work to find out from Captain Raydor that Pope has made an official complaint against Brenda but Raydor convinced him not to sign it yet. She tells Brenda that Pope has had enough and Brenda has to fix her behavior or he will sign the complaint. This is a classic example of Brenda Leigh Johnson. She is not into the office politics because all she wants to do is solve the case and she doesn’t care who she has to take down or disobey to solve it. The job has always come first and we finally see this catch up to her these last few episodes.

Back to the case. The squad finds an apartment that is registered in the priest’s name but they find no fingerprints that belong to him in the apartment. They do find pictures of catholic school girls and the uniforms that they where in the apartment. Pope warns Brenda to tread lightly because he does not want the LAPD to make a priest out to be a molester. After some tough negotiations between the archivist and Pope and Raydor, Brenda is granted access to the journal for one day with the archivist supervising the examination.

Brenda learns though writing samples that Vincent Morris, the landlord of the apartments actually signed the lease into Adam Grey’s name. The team finds that Grey and Morris have some history with each other. They find that Grey was called to Morris’s bedside to perform last rites when he was badly injured in a car accident. He confesses that he killed his wife 7 years ago but he does not end up dying from the accident. So, he sets out to set up Grey to look like a child molester and make it look a like a dad killed him instead of him. He killed Grey because he Grey was pressuring Morris to go the police and confess to the crime. Through some more investigation, they find the wife’s body and even though he doesn’t confess to the crimes, they have plenty of evidence to put him away for a long time.

Now, we turn to the VERY sad and emotional part of the episode. Brenda’s mother asked Brenda throughout the episode to sit down with her and talk about something. Brenda’s work just keeps getting in the way and Willy Ray tells her that all of her work will catch up with her one day. It seems this day has come when Brenda wakes up to Clay making pancakes which is a good sign but when Brenda walks in with a cup of coffee to talk to Willy Ray about whatever she wanted to talk about, Brenda finds her dead in bed. We see Brenda in complete shock for a couple of seconds before she screams Fritz’s name twice and Fritz sees there is nothing they can do for her and he carries her out of the bedroom and the show ends.

I watched this episode late last night and I had trouble sleeping after. This was an amazing episode that will leave Brenda change forever. Brenda has always been a workaholic but her  parents have always stood by her. How will Clay handle this?

Time for my weekly poll of Captain Raydor! I think we have finally seen her turn to team Brenda because she is doing everything in her power to help Brenda. What did you think of her this episode?

Favorite Moments:

-“Lucky for me I’m armed.”-Brenda to the archivist when he says that he will give his life before he gives her those journals.

-“Say hi to the archbishop for me, will ya?”-Brenda to Pope when he calls to tell her to leave the journals alone.

-“I need you out of here now!”-Pope to Brenda when she keeps egging him on to let her have the journals.

-“No, I’m afraid you’ll burn yourself up.”-Pope to Brenda when they are discussing how she needs to handle the new Assistant Chief when Pope officially becomes Chief.

-When Brenda tries to grab the box of journals from the archivist.

-When Raydor tells Brenda to fix her behavior.

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6 Responses to The Closer – Recap & Review – Last Rites

  1. Sgtstef says:

    OMG, I have watched every episode of Brenda and her team of crime-fighting magicians… THIS was by far the most emotional episode!!!! I had to rewind the DVR several times to bask in Brenda’s reaction to Willie Ray’s passing. Her acting was such perfection that I was immediately brought to tears and felt a void!! That was well written and perfectly executed! I haven’t read any of the scuttlebutt on the final episodes, but BOY!!! I did NOT see that coming! I thought that they were writing Clay out with his cancer and she would make the move back to the East Coast… but WOW!!! amazing!! I will truly miss her! She is one of those epic pop culture characters. Well, what do I say to Brenda Leigh?? Thank youuuuuuuuu… Thank youuu so much for years of intelligent funny plotlines. :’)

    • thecloserwill says:

      Thank you for the comment!!!! I completely agree with you on everything you say. I know we will all miss Brenda Leigh!

  2. Lisa Robles says:

    Brenda didn’t wake up to Clay’s cooking, she just returned home from work. And Brenda screamed Fritz’s name 3 times. My brain is weird that way, It catches things like that. What a show, my mother and I watched it together and both of us were in utter shock!

  3. sgtstef says:

    Yes, she walked in from questioning Morris all night. But, sorry to be pedantic, she did only scream “Fritz” twice.. I watched it a few times… He came flying to the door almost instantaneously.. it was said with such emotion and pain; purely harrowing. One of the best episodes I have ever seen… NOW, we beg what will Raydor be in her place? That trailer of “Deal or no deal” seems flimsy to me… but, maybe the support cast will be strong enough to keep the flame burning……. Another question, I keep seeing Fritzy in the posters for Major Crimes, what? How? Why? I am staying away from spoliers…. 🙂

    • Lisa Robles says:

      O.K. haha had to look up pedantic. Just watched it again and I believe we are so close to that split hair, my nose is bleeding! I do agree its one of the best episodes that I’ve also seen. Just that moment will be my favorite. As far as Major Crimes goes, my mother keeps repeating at every trailer spot, “not gonna make it, not gonna make it! I agree, flimsy! But! One can only hope! Oh, and isn’t it funny how David Gabriel is missing?

      • thecloserwill says:

        I agree!! I think it is very suspicious that Gabriel is not in Major Crimes. Could just be a coincidence..

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