Weeds – Recap & Review – See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die

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See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die

Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2012

Melanie – Associate Staff Writer

Can I just say how much I love that they brought back the theme song “Little Boxes” and are having it performed by different artists each week? I know not everyone is on board with this homage to the show’s beginnings, but I am! I think it’s a great touch, and the drawn opening sequence showing their journey to where they are now? It’s brilliant!

So Nancy is coming home, Jill and Andy are making a go of it as a couple (at least for now), and Shane is about to bring down some justice on the boy who shot his mom. Well this can’t possibly all go wrong, right?

So, lets talk about Nancy’s first day home. While she’s trying to be a new person, and awakens to everything hopping in the kitchen and a full report of what’s changed from Jill (although batty and bouncing from topic to topic as only the Botwins and kin can do). A sad note that everything tastes like black licorice to her, meaning her previously ever present frozen coffee drinks and the like are no longer of much interest. Yay for New Nancy.

Things don’t stay calm for long, as Nancy opens a card left for her by middle son Shane, letting her know he’s found the shooter and going after him. Oh boy. Immediately I got an image in my head of the blood red water around the head of his first victim as the pool cover closes in around her. Sure, that evil woman deserved to die, maybe not by croquet mallet but whatever works, but Tim Scottson? Not so much. He’s just a troubled kid lashing out for the death of his father.

A search of Shane’s computer reveals he looked up an address in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and Tim Scottson’s social media page. So it’s a road trip for Nancy and Silas as they head off to stop Shane from killing Tim. Winding up on his door step they meet his very troubled girlfriend, Tallulah, who was apparently rescued from a “rape barn”, and has anger issues which cause her to punch the wall when she learns Tim shot Nancy. Also, there are 12 dead rabbits in boxes by the window, just sitting there. And the state of the home they live in makes them seem more like squatters than anything else. It’s truly disgusting and disturbing.

The look on Tim’s face when Nancy shows up as a customer at his sandwich shop job is classic. He’s barely able to get out what he’s supposed to say, and it’s not made any easier by his clueless boss constantly prodding him to say what he’s supposed to say and push the products he’s supposed to. Bosses who chastise employees in front of customers are such pains. And it was a nice touch when Nancy told him to be quiet.

In an attempt to protect him from Shane (who we also learned from Tallulah has taken Tim’s gun), they head back to Tim’s place for him to pack and flee back to California. Nancy begs him to go to school and get his life back together so she’s not responsible for another messed up kid.

But then Shane busts in, with Ouillette, an officer from Old Sandwich and the local authority and arrests Tim in a thorough and textbook demonstration of procedure. Nancy’s protests are silenced as they exit and Ouillette suggests she smile since Shane was trying to impress her. I was impressed, and I think Nancy was as well. Especially since so much was made of her having messed up Shane, and now here he is working for the right side of the law and doing a fine job of it.

There was a kind of messed-up kid theme to this episode, as we watched the mess that is Jill’s twins participate in roller derby (which Andy now coaches since the old coach left her family to run away with a fire dancer) and after a loss burn his shoes in the oven. Oh, and now they both have the ratty hair, goth wannabee look. Their father, Scott, has a final breakdown as he slap-fights Andy (it looked less like a fight and more like foreplay to me!), tells his girls he wanted to abort when he found out they were twins, and runs back to India.

I thought it was a nice touch when Andy chopped off a pink dreadlock from a sleeping twin’s hair. Those brats had it coming, burning all his shoes.

And Doug, who’s been a bit absent this season, has been fired by the SEC from his work with the corrupt hedge fund, which is alright by him, since he’s started a charitable organization from which to keep the money rolling. And taken Whit with him, of course. I’m sure this will all work out just fine for them, right?

A nice episode, furtherting the idea that we’re going to see a New Nancy this season, one trying to be better and hoping to see it in her kids as well. Are you buying it? Or do you think something will send her back into her old ways? And why do I get a suspicion they might have the bullet in her head shift before the series is done?

That’s my two cents! What’s yours?

Next week: Only Judy Can Judge

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