Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Live Free or Die

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Breaking Bad
Live Free or Die

Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2012

Jules – News Editor

Breaking Bad began its fifth and final season and tonight, things, they are a changing. Given the title, it seems that our “hero” may have to make the tough choice soon and maybe he has after that opening sequence where he’s got a New Hampshire driver’s license and plates and now is in the market for a high powered rifle.

Now how long into the future we don’t know yet, but we do know that he has a head of hair and a full beard and it’s his birthday. Since this show moves in slow time (it’s been maybe, what, a year since season one?). OK I just realized that the pilot was his birthday, so by this point in the future it’s two years later since Walt is turning 52 now.

But let’s move forward to the major points of what happened tonight and the aftermath of Walt blowing up Gus and the lab.

The episode picks back up in real time when Skyler called Walt and his “I won” response. Back at the house, he cleans up a bit, including stashing the Lily of the Valley plant he used to poison Brock with into a trunk just in time for the family to come back. Walt Jr. thinks Uncle Hank is a badass because he’s known about all this stuff for awhile and Skyler’s still scared shitless about this whole thing and I don’t blame her. Who is this Walt to her now?

Well right now, Walt has become a bit anxious as he remembers those security cameras in the lab and where they lead too and when Hank and his team sift through what is left of the lab, his eyes go straight to that.

What to do? Well we learn Walt and Jesse head straight to on-the-mend Mike, who, when learns of Gus’ death barrels down towards town to Walt, but they all almost collide with each other in the desert and then Mike pulls a gun on both of them. Walt doesn’t need to explain, but tells Mike about the cameras and how footage found would implicate them all and they have to fix it. Mike says the footage led to a laptop in the back of the store and he double checks that it’s in evidence lock-up and it is. Now how to destroy it?

While running ideas off each other, it’s Jesse who comes up with the best idea. Magnets. Of course, they’ll need a high powered one and who other than Joe at the junkyard to lend them one. The testing of the magnet at the yard with a real laptop was just so cool. I love magnets. So, they get the magnet into a van and will roll up aside where the evidence locker is and crank it up to destroy everything inside. It won’t matter that they have to destroy everything because they’ll be gone before the police will have time to run to catch them. It works like a charm, except the magnet was so powerful it lifted the van. Luckily, Mike was there in another car to bail them out. He questions if it worked and Walt just says, “Because I say so.”

Then there’s Skyler. She learns Ted didn’t die. This freaks her out since he knows so much. She goes to the hospital to see him and it’s bad. You know it before you see it since Skyler almost starts to cry when she sees him. And yup, he’s got screws in his head and it looks awful. Skyler tries to pull it together to talk to him, and Ted talks first to say he hasn’t said anything to anyone and told the hospital it was an accident. But will it be enough for Walt to take Ted’s word?

And let’s not forget Saul. Saul confirms to us that he was the one who poisoned Brock on Walt’s orders and while at his office, Walt learns the money to help relocate his family has actually been spent, by Skyler, to cover Ted’s debts. Suffice it to say, Walt is not happy. But not as much as Saul, who is ready to call it quits on this whole endeavor, but not so fast. Our once humble science teacher is not that guy anymore. He walks up to Saul to say, “We’re done, when I say we’re done.” And I’d like to believe that and I know we haven’t seen the last of Saul yet.

Walt goes back home and finds Skyler in the bedroom and gives her one of the tensest hugs I’ve ever seen that even could have been more like a slow strangle kind of hug. He whispers to her, “I forgive you” and then we fade to black. What a way to end the first episode of season five. The look on Skyler’s face was terror and I can’t wait to see what happens next. This is not the Walt we know five seasons ago. A lot can change in almost a year and I hope we will see the consequences that led to that future sequence this season.

I can’t wait for next week and the rest of the episodes. We are nearing the end. I did have one complaint about this episode though – not enough Jesse or Hank, but I’m sure that will change in upcoming episodes. What did you think and what do you think Walt’s end game is? Share you TwoCents!

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