Comic-Con 2012: Person of Interest

photo: thetwocents

Comic-Con 2012
Person of Interest

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

The genesis of a TV show is always an interesting story and the spark that spawned Person of Interest is no different.

“I grew up in the England and there were so many surveillance cameras,” said executive Producer Jonathan Nolan. “They went up in the ‘80s, but my friends and I realized that no one was watching, so we kept on doing our shenanigans.

“Then I moved here [to America] and there were hardly any surveillance cameras. Now that’s all changed. I started to question who was watching them. There are over a million cameras in New York City and no way they’re all being watched. But if they were, what are they doing with doing with that info.”

Cast member Taraji P. Henson (Carter) jumped in on that thought. “It’s really art imitating life,” she said. “This stuff didn’t just come out of the sky. These cameras are always working and we are definitely being watched.”

Nolan was also open about the fact that he infused the superhero into his premise by dividing a superhero personality into his four characters. And, as the moderator pointed out, it’s a show with no sidekick. Finch and Reese are equals.

“They’re an odd couple who are uncompromising in their morals,” said Jim Caviezel, who plays the lethal weapon Reese. “Their reality is that what they do (killing bad guys) is for the greater good. They are superheroes.”

As for Carter, “she doesn’t believe she’s breaking the law, said Henson. “At the end of the day, she believes in the good of people and the moral code.”

With the show flashing back in time as well as showing the present, characters who died in the real time line have the possibility of reappearing. Executive Producer Greg Plageman said that you haven’t seen a scene where a character dies, there’s always a chance they’ll be back.

“We’ll bring back anyone if they’re interesting,” he said. “We know that Elias is imprisoned somewhere, so we may have seen the last of him.”

“I just realized that with flashbacks, we can kill someone off and bring them back,” said Nolan. “That means” – he looked at the cast – “no one is safe.”

Caviezel shrugged. “I’ve always considered myself a guest star.”

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