Army Wives – Recap & Review – Fatal Retraction

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Army Wives
Fatal Retraction

Original Air Date: June 24, 2012

Will – Associate Staff Writer

Wow! Just wow! That is all I have to say after this episode of Army Wives! I have been counting down the days until the season continued and this episode did not fail to amaze me. This show is just so good. You don’t seen any other shows out there that show in a very real way what Army Wives go through in real life. Anyway, the show starts off where it ended with Claudia Joy in cardiac arrest in the operating room.

For a few seconds that felt like hours, Claudia Joy’s heart would not start but finally it did and she made it through the surgery. When Michael is told what had happened during the surgery, we see him break down because he almost lost his wife. Claudia Joy also does not take the news well but at least her kidney is working perfectly.

The show continues with a reunion with all of the Army Wives and Rowland and they are all happy Claudia Joy is back. That night, Claudia Joy and Michael and Denise and Frank have dinner where Frank and Michael surprise Claudia Joy and Denise with a trip to the beach with a beach house that they rented for them. Denise and Claudia Joy will go down for a few days and then Michael and Frank will meet them down there.

We also get the shocking news that David is still seeing Marcus after school while Joan and Rowland think that he is finally out of there lives. Anyway, Gloria and Hector are still fighting over Gloria working at the Hump Bar and Hector comes back and makes a good case to Gloria and he asks nicely for her to quit and find another job somewhere else. That isn’t happening because Roxy has a complication with her pregnancy. Jackie, whose husband is in D.C. visits the bar and encourages Gloria to keep working and not to listen to Hector.

Roxy starts bleeding at the Hump Bar and she rushes to the hospital where she learns her placenta is being partially blocked but with rest, it should unblock itself. So with Roxy at home resting, she asks Gloria to run the Hump Bar and she gladly says yes. This makes Hector mad and the last scene we see with him is him in bed with another woman.

Anyway, the action starts when Claudia Joy leaves to get groceries and Denise is left alone at the beach house when a man who had approached them during the day at the beach breaks into the house. He hits Denise and Claudia Joy walks in and she is caught by the man too. They are both held hostage for a little while until Denise convinces the guy to let Claudia Joy out of her handcuffs so she can take her insulin and that is when Claudia Joy stabs the guy with a needle and Denise takes the gun away from him. The guy goes at Denise with a pair of scissors and she shoots him multiple times and he dies instantly. I am so glad Denise stood up for herself and all of those years at the shooting range paid off.

So, what did you think!? Do you think Denise and Claudia Joy will go back to living normally? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your two cents.


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