CSI:NY – Recap & Review – Unwrapped

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Original Air Date: May 04, 2012

Maria – Sr. Reviewer

We open on slow motion gambling. A little bit of misdirection. Whilst the teenage gamblers squabble in the busy street, looking like they’re about to cause a crime scene, a married couple enter the scene carrying gifts for the woman’s niece.

The couple enters the apartment, and then the man is shot and killed.

It’s a particularly hard case for Lindsay Messer, seeing the crime scene scattered with birthday presents, because it’s Lucy Messer’s third birthday. Kelvin Moore is the victim and by all accounts, he was a really decent guy. So who would want him dead?

The wife, Elaine, insists that it was just a random robber and that the gun went off when Kelvin was wrestling the attacker. Kelvin does seem like the hero type. Nobody has a bad word to say against him.

Danny Messer finds Kelvin’s wallet in a puddle, and the print comes back to a local youth Morris Davis. However, Davis doesn’t run. Having a suspect who doesn’t run is refreshingly unfamiliar, as Danny lampshades. Morris actually sings Kelvin’s praises and gives the money back once he realizes it’s his. Mac doesn’t arrest the kid, and they look for another suspect.

Sid’s examination of Kelvin’s body shows that he was shot from a further distance than Elaine’s statement suggested. There’s also jet fuel b on Kelvin’s hand. Even accounting for the unreliability of eye witnesses, Elaine’s story is not entirely truthful.

An ex-convict’s number was found at the crime scene, belonging to Willis Frazier. When Flack, Lindsay and co break down the door, they find that Elaine is busy being comforted by Willis, her ex-boyfriend. He looks a very viable suspect. He even missed a meeting with his parole officer, at the time Kelvin was shot. However, without the evidence, both Elaine and Willis have to be released.

Meanwhile, Christine currently has a shopping dilemma. She’s shopping for Lucy Messer’s 3rd birthday, but is anxious about meeting Mac’s colleagues for the first time. I’m glad that CSI:NY is investing so much time into the Christine/Mac relationship, but also a little worried. Just what are their plans?

Back on the case and it seems as though there is a gift missing; there’s a void in the blood spatter and identical wrapping paper was tracked outside despite all the wrapping paper left behind being intact. There’s also the case of the cheap plaster found at the crime scene, which is sort of explained when Flack and Lindsay visit Elaine’s sister’s house. Willis is already there, but Elaine, Alicia and the birthday girl are missing. There’s also a plaster cat in the trash.

The plaster cat contain traces of cocaine, so it looks like the real motive for murder involves drugs. However, Alicia, Elaine and Kelvin are the least likely suspects to be involved in a drug ring. However, there was a drugs incident which took place in Alicia’s building.

Maximo Webster and Leibert Webster were in Alicia’s apartment whilst the cops were tracking them down. They had 2 kilos of drugs on them and gave them to an unsuspecting Alicia to stash. They threatened to kill her daughter and then left, soon replaced with the cops knocking at her door. Alicia panicked and flushed the drugs.

Back in the present day, our CSIs have located the shop which sold the plaster cats/drugs. Both Alicia and Elaine are there and Alicia is distraught because the Websters have taken her daughter and want their drugs back. The cops arrest the Websters, shooting one of the brothers dead. The daughter is safe, but there’s still no proof that they killed Kelvin.

It turns out that Alicia’s neighbor is the killer, Clyde Duvall. He overheard the conversation between Alicia and Elaine. He knew that Elaine was bringing Alicia the drugs in order to save her niece. Clyde used to have a job pumping jet fuel b into planes and used the same gloves for work as he did to rob Kelvin before shooting him.

Such a depressing tale of how drugs can ruin so many lives. Poor Kelvin really was an innocent who paid the price for being in the wrong place. Our CSIs are able to get the killer, but it doesn’t feel like such a victory, still such a saddening waste.

The episode ends as our CSIs gather in preparation for Lucy’s third birthday. Christine enters, seemingly having bought half the toy store. Bless her. It’s a cute scene to wrap up such a gloomy case. Cute scenes make me anxious. Just what is the future for our CSIs and Christine?

Did you suspect Clyde, Willis or did you have another theory? How do you feel about Elaine? Did you find Kelvin a sympathetic victim or too good to be true? What do you think the about the future of CSI:NY? Are you prepared for it to end, or do you want it to be renewed? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.


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