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Original Air Date: May 3, 2012

Shannon – Associate Editor

We open on a video will Star Burns left. In it, he asks Abed made to make a video tribute of his life. This must happen.

In the study room, Annie wants to know when they’re going to stop not talking about Star Burns’ death. Britta has come prepared with her own stick-on star shaped sideburns to help the group work through their grief. Jeff says that Britta was smarter when he first met her and yeah, Jeff, I kind of have to agree with that. Britta is kooky these days. She invites them to ask her questions. They don’t take it very seriously because how could you?

Dean Pelton is in his office singing: Come on, Eileen/and my hands are so clean (applies Purell)/at this moment/I am stapling (stapling papers). I love you, Dean Pelton. Never change. Chang breaks up the concert with a proposal for harsher punishments. Dean is not on board. Dean’s secretary comes in with a letter. Dean is not happy about having to deliver more bad news to Jeff and his study group. The dean needs a moment alone so he can choose his outfit from his costume trunk masquerading as a closet. Oh Dean Pelton, you saucy minx!

Annie suggests they have a memorial for Star Burns. Jeff thinks they should all just deal with the fact that one day something is in your life and the next it’s gone. Dean Pelton interrupts this happy thought dressed as a can-can girl to let the group know that Professor Kane has resigned and they all have an incomplete grade for the class. They can-can-can make up the class in summer school. Jeff comes to grips with the despair that is a ruined summer.

Garrett sings Ave Maria very poorly at Star Burns’ memorial. Dean Pelton invites anyone to speak about Star Burns and Jeff obliges. Jeff says that Star Burns was the only student that managed to escape the prison of Greendale. Everyone starts to get behind Jeff. Annie gives a rousing and hateful speech. Dean calls Shirley up to get some religion up in the place. She talks about how Greendale sold her sandwich dreams to Subway. Dean Pelton is feeling a little threatened right now so he agrees to Chang’s new punishment terms. The whole place riots. Subway toppings a-flyin’, folks. Chang’s army of middle schoolers show up in riot gear and start spraying the pepper spray.

The school board is going to investigate “The Greendale Seven” aka the study group aka the riot ringleaders. Pierce suggests they make The Chang Gang the fall guy. Dean thinks this is a great idea and wants a group hug where he’s between Jeff and Troy. Chang gets wind of the plot and takes out the dean with a tranq gun and replaces him with a look alike Dean.
The study group sits before the school board committee. Jeff explains that the school security staff made the situation worse. He’s interrupted by Chang carrying a basket of cookies and then schmoozes the committee. The fake dean runs through and says that the study group has to go and the group is expelled.

The group have a drink at Troy, Abed, and Annie’s place. We hear a buzzer and it’s the pizza. Britta says she’ll get it. Abed asks if anyone remembers their housewarming party and he wonders what would have happened if he’d just let Jeff roll the dice that night. Abed says what if this is the worst timeline? Troy says no, this is the best timeline and he and Britta share a loaded look.

At the end is the Star Burns video memorial. It’s got exploding jet skis and jet packs and just whoa. It’s pretty flippin’ awesome.

I have to say I love any episode that has an abundance of Dean Pelton. He is probably my favorite character on this show. Obviously, if the show is to continue, the group can’t remain expelled so I’m interested to see how they’re going to be reinstated. I wouldn’t be sad if Pierce didn’t come back. He’s rather the weakest link if you ask me. Your thoughts? Leave them below! Share some lovely words about Star Burns, or Alex, as he liked to be called.


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Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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