Justified – Recap & Review – When the Guns Come Out

photo: fx

photo: fx

When the Guns Come Out

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2011

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to this weeks Justified. There was a lot f back and forth with last week and here is to hoping that it does not keep that pace this week. 

We still have no idea what is going to happen with Quarles. He is one of the people that I really cannot put my finger on this season. The one thing that I liked about last week is how Boyd dealt with the situation. I am still not sure how he will develop. Lets see what happens this season. 

We start out this week with these two girls that are coming to meet with the doctor that we met last week. They come in with the doctor as he is dealing them Oxy and they both try to get him to give them more. As they are in the back with the doctor, Tanner comes in and kills the doctor and one of the girls and takes all of the Oxy out of the cabinet. 

Raylan is without Winona. She left and he doesn’t know where she is at. He is trying to call and find her. As he is looking through the computer at her desk then another court reporter comes in. He talks to the judge for a moment and then tries to find out where she is at. The note that he found said that she was done trying to change him. Raylan goes down into the basement and talks to Charlie. He finds the box that was full of money is now completely empty. 

We go to Tim and Raylan talking in the office. Raylan had Tim pull a file on Quarles to find out what he is all about. As Tim hands him the file, he is looking around for flights to Costa Rica. Art pulls Raylan into his office to talk about a shoot out in Harlan. Raylan asks for time off and he has to tell Art that Winona left him again. The shoot out happened at Raylan’s aunts house. Boyd, Ava and Johnny are talking in the bar about what happened. The girl that made it through is talking to her boyfriend or something in a trailer. They are talking about how they need to score some Oxy. They are talking about family and how they were both raised. She could barely keep from shaking and crying. Raylan is on his way down to Harlan. He tries to call Winona and she doesn’t answer. When Raylan comes down to the house. He meets up with one of the cops that we have seen several times. He has already talked to Arlo and he asked that all questions be directed at Raylan. We jump back to the girl who has gone to a different clinic and she sees the man that killed the doctor and her friend and had stolen the Oxy earlier and she runs off. Raylan comes to talk to Arlo and they are in the house talking together. Arlo tells him that he basically lent the house to Boyd for the clinic. 

Next we jump to Boyd and Limehouse. Boyd asks about how Limehouse knows so much about his business. They are talking about the people that are in the restaurant. They know that there is issues with Quarles and what had happened earlier at the clinic that they had set up. Limehouse tells him who the people were that were involved with getting shot. Boyd and Ava talk about what happened to the girls. The girl Ellen is getting beat for not getting the Oxy from the other clinic. 

Quarles is talking with Duffy. He finds out about Raylan looking into him. Duffy calls Quarles boss and he seems overly happy or something about how that happened. Quarles walks into the room with the man that was tied to the bed last week and all we can really hear is groans. Duffy came back in the house and all he does is listen to the noise of the man groaning. 

Ava comes into Audrey’s. She is looking for Ellen May. The man that had beat her was sitting there talking to her about trying to hire her. Another woman came out to talk to Ava. She tells her about Ellen May. As she calls Boyd to talk to him Raylan came in to talk to Boyd. They are talking about the Oxy business. Raylan is taking out his anger on Boyd and even threatens him about what might happen if Raylan finds out that he uses any house that is tied to the Given’s name. Raylan comes out to talk to Ava. They go into the trailer to talk to Ellen May. She tells them about what happened with the Oxy setup getting killed and robbed. The boss of Audrey’s comes in. Raylan threatens him and then hits him and breaks his nose and he promises to keep her safe. Raylan goes to the clinic and they tried to shut it down just before he got there. Tanner is talking to Raylan, then they start to move the trailer and they are wrestling for a gun until they shoot the driver in the neck and he has to pull over.

Raylan and the cop are talking again and they are talking about how Tanner ran off. They talk about how Winona is no where to be found. He also told Raylan about how after he got shot that they had an issue with trying to find her the last time that she was running away from him. Seems as though she has been planning this for a while to run off away from Raylan. 

Duffy comes to talk to Quarles about the hit on Boyd. Quarles said that is not him. Then we jump to Limehouse. It was one of his men that made the hit on Boyd’s Oxy clinic. Limehouse knows that his man that told Tanner about the Oxy set up that they had. Limehouse told him that he had to make it up to the girl who died’s family, he will have to take care of Tanner who he tipped off. 

Raylan comes to his apartment building. A woman answers the door and it was Winona’s sister. Winona comes from the back and tells her that it is OK. They talk about the money and about why she disappeared. He tries to bring her back and she is refusing because he keeps getting shot. She knows that he will do anything if he sets his mind to it and she knows that he will not change for her and that they are done trying to be together and that they will figure out what will happen with the baby. Art and Raylan are drinking in his office. They talk about how everyone knew about Winona was leaving. They talk about how another one of the bills popped from back before when they had that issue with the judge and that Charlie had disappeared. We jump to Charlie in Mexico in a Camaro convertible speeding off.

I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next week! What did you think about this week?

Next week: The Man Behind the Curtain

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