Gossip Girl – Recap & Review – Cross Rhodes

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Gossip Girl
Cross Rhodes

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2012

Emily – TwoCents Reviewer

Wow! A lot happened tonight, right? After almost a year, a huge secret gets revealed! I got to say, it was about time! But it’s not all; I feel something else happened…hum…

Oh, yeah! Two characters that we love are finally moving forward in their relationship. Yes, there were two momentous kisses in this episode. (Not that I counted or anything…cough…) Let’s get to it!

Dylan and Claire

After last week’s Dair kiss, things are a bit awkward. It’s so interesting when all of the relationships on this show are up in the air. Anyway, in order to salvage her and Serena’s friendship, Blair is hell-bent on demonstrating she is strictly friends with Lonely Boy. Apparently, when Blair is in LOVE, she avoids the person like the plague. I never thought of that but that’s kind of true. Good thinking Serena! (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!) Blair then decides to spend the day with Dan at the stage/fake play of his book, where coincidence! Lola is playing Blair’s part. Of course, immediately after arriving, Blair starts to make fun of everyone there. The bit about the headband was particularly well –thought out! The two “friends” bicker and annoy the crap out of each other all day (you know, the usual) until Blair has to kiss Dan to prove to him that the previous kiss was just a fluke. Who would have thought the kiss would turn out to be so HOT! But alas, Blair is not convinced… Until, Dan has to go when he receives a call that his new manuscript has been erased…

Blair gets dragged in the play after Lola leaves too (more on that later). She actually gets to hear the words that Dan wrote about her and it is so sweet. Props go to Leighton Meester for playing all the emotions going through Blair after realizing how much Dan loves her. The two end the episode on a high note, deciding to give it a shot, after Serena does the mature thing and gives them her blessing. Blair is still confused but at least she’s not hiding. The kiss she gives Dan at the end was very appropriate. It was lovely.

The Tale of Two Charlies

The secrets are finally out, you guys! After almost a year of Fake Charlie, the impostor gets exposed by the real Charlie. Confused still? Let’s back up a bit…It all starts with real Charlie not wasting any time tracking fake Charlie down (using Nate’s cell phone) Fake Charlie is still at Cece’s bedside. Things go from bad to worse when she has an attack and has to go to the hospital and the staff has to contact the family. That will be one awkward family reunion! Lola gets to the hospital too and bam! With one single word, the whole scheme falls apart: Mom! That’s right; Carol can no longer hide behind all of her lies. Everyone shuns Ivy and Lola doesn’t want to speak to her mom ever again. Geez, can anyone blame her? Her mom has serious problems; why is she so against her family? If anything, she’s the one who’s been taking advantage and generally acting like the worst person on the show…So what’s to happened to the two Charlies now? Cece is dead now (RIP), so I’m guessing there’s going to be fighting over her will. Anyway, Ivy is certainly not leaving; we see her last calling…Georgina? Huh?

At least Lola has pretty Nate to console her. I really like these two together, by the way. They are both pretty down-to-earth. It’s kind of refreshing on this show!

One last thing: Chuck may have lost this fight but thanks to Gossip Girl, he now knows Dan sent the infamous blast at Blair’s wedding. We better enjoy it while it lasts, Dair fans, the Basshole is not backing down! Xoxo

What did you guys think? Do you like Dan and Blair as friends or lovers? Were you impressed with Serena’s new found maturity? What is Chuck going to do now? Loads to discuss, so give us your TwoCents!

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