The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Triggerfinger

photo: amc/gene page

photo: amc

The Walking Dead

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2012

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Remember when Lori didn’t tell anyone where she was going and got in a car wreck? That was awesome. Seriously, what was she thinking? So when a walker slices his face off with the windshield to get to her, I’m all “You asked for it.” But only for a second. Then I’m all about the “Run!”

Glenn and Hershel are a little shocked at the abrupt killing of Dave and Tony. Rick gives them a second to let the necessity sink in, then they’re good. They start to head back to the farm when some other strangers show up looking for Dave and Tony. Our three heroes hide, like they should, but when the strangers try to search the saloon (Old West stand-off anyone?), Rick becomes Honest Abe (Happy President’s Day!). He yells at the strangers that Dave and Tony “drew on us” and he had no choice but to kill them. “It’s a different world now, you know that!” Of course they know that, but it doesn’t stop them from shooting up the place.

At the farmhouse, everyone left sits down for a nice dinner, Shane included. Bet Hershel wouldn’t like that. When they realize Lori is gone, everyone splits up to search the farm. A very anti-social Daryl informs Carol (seriously, are these two gonna hook up?) that Lori probably went into town looking for Rick by herself. She had asked him to go, but he could care less about any of these people anymore. Carol knows better. She lets him yell and rant and rave, getting it all out of his system.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Rick asks Glenn to try for the car with Hershel covering him and Rick watching the front. Glenn, a bit incredulous, makes a break for it but is met with some fire from one of the strangers. Hershel, without even flinching, shoots the stranger. Military training, perhaps? We may have a Shepherd Book on our hands. Another stranger pulls up in a truck and yells to a sniper on a roof that there are “roamers” everywhere and they have got to get out of there. Their buddy has been shot, so they plan on leaving him. The sniper jumps, but doesn’t make the truck. The third stranger is all “Sorry!” and takes off.

Rick runs to the jumper to find his leg impaled on a rod iron fence. They can’t get his leg off without completely shredding it and there are walkers everywhere. Hershel, of all people, suggests putting a bullet in the poor kids head. Rick opts for trying to save him, if not his leg. As they prepare to amputate, the Walkers close in. No time! Rick grabs the kid’s foot and rips his leg off of the fence.

Shane finds Lori wandering down the street. She has gotten away from the walkers but is still bent on finding Rick. Shane lies and tells her Rick is back. Really, it’s the only way to get her to return to the farm. I actually agree with Shane on this one. When they get back, everyone gathers to check on her and she learns that Shane lied. He states that he only did it to make sure that she and the baby were all right. Clunk. Well, now everyone knows. Carl is a little put out, but he’ll get over it.

Shane finally talks Lori into speaking with him alone where three very important things happen. First, Lori confronts Shane about killing Otis, which he all but admits. Second, Shane says he only did it because he loves her. Third, Lori tells Shane that she has told Rick everything. Talk about furthering the plot quickly. The conversation basically ends with Shane saying that what they had was real and Lori saying it wasn’t. It’s like she’s got herself her own little stalker.

The next morning, a party prepares to go after Rick, Hershel, and Glenn. Dale tries to poison Andrea against Shane some more, telling her that if Rick and Hershel don’t come back, Shane will be happy. It doesn’t really work. Besides, here they come with a blindfolded stranger! The plan is to perform some surgery on Randall and try to save his leg. Then they’ll give him some provisions, take him to the main road, and let him go. Not everyone in the group is keen on the idea. Shane, in fact, is downright angry. He thinks Randall’s buddies will come to the farm looking for him and they’ll have a war on their hands. But those ‘buddies’ left Randall to die, so no one will be looking. Besides, as Hershel points out, it’s his farm and not a democracy. He basically tells Shane to shut up and it’s awesome.

Maggie and Glenn have a moment where Glenn confesses that it’s because of her he froze during the gun fight. Her dad saved him once and Rick saved him once. He felt useless out there and it was all because she had told him that she loved him. Other people were counting on him and all he could think about was himself. He’s not happy, and now Maggie isn’t happy either.

Andrea corners Shane and they commiserate. She thinks the same way, that sheltering Randall is a mistake. They see the ‘big picture.’ She tries to help Shane by telling him that even though his past actions (the barn, lying to Lori, etc.) were the right calls, his presentation was all wrong. He wishes they had run off together when they had a chance.

In their tent, Lori tells Rick of her conversation with Shane and how he threatens and scares people. She’s even scared of him. Rick passively defends him, saying he himself is no different because he killed Dave and Tony. In a very Lady Macbeth turn (though I totally agree with her), Lori says “So you killed the living to protect whats yours? Shane thinks the baby is his. Shane thinks I’m his.” If Rick will kill to protect what is his, so will Shane. He won’t stop.

What do YOU think? Would you have saved Randall? Are you Team Shane or Team Rick? Or would you just go off on your own at this point? Give us your Two Cents in the comment section below!

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6 Responses to The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Triggerfinger

  1. Al says:

    Team Rick. What else is there? The Walking Dead is about Rick more than anyone else. He’s the main, most important character. Understand that, if Shane and Rick face off, Shane will die.

    • Rachel says:

      It is Rick’s story, but I guess the question is who would you want on your side in a zombie apocalypse? I completely agree with you, though… Team Rick all the way. Just playing Devils advocate. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I liked this episode because, it brought out some ideas and concepts that perhaps some of the more naive viewers may have forgotten. The living are just as dangerous as the “roameers,” lamebrains,” “walkers,” and of course the self righteous. As the show deviates from the comics, there truly is no guarantee that Rick will prevail, but the odds are in Rick’s favor. What is becoming more evident to us if not to Rick, is that Shane is one jealous SOB, who has been coveting Ricks since high school. Herschel may be coming to his senses and I totally agree with him, it is his farm, his rules. (I have the same rule with my kids – so there!) With Herschel putting Shane in his place, I am sure that this will push him (Shane) to feel justified at some time in the future in “taking” what he thinks he deserves. Right now he feels he is the Alpha male and as such figures that he has rights to Lori, or any woman he desires. And because he is “right” he should be running Herschel’s farm, and that his best friend since they where kids, owes him for all those times he saved his ass. Daryl will probably come around at some point, and Andrea who is infatuated with Shane will find herself regretting her choices. Now Carl, who now knows that he has a sibling on the way will undoubtedly do what ever he has to protect his mom, so he is one to watch. Herschel may indeed be a Shepard Book, in that we know very little about him and considering he seems to be a pretty good shot. My guess is Korean war vet as he seems the right age and his initial disdain for Glen.

    • Rachel says:

      Good call on the Korea/Glenn thing. Also, my husband pointed out to me last night that Shane is the Id, Rick is the Ego, and Herschel is the Super Ego. If that doesn’t make your brain implode I don’t know what will. The only problem is if Shane is ever out of the picture, Rick will have to fill that role as well. Oh, the books we could write!

  3. Brian says:

    Robert, I like your Korean War theory but I think its more like Vietnam. Assuming this story takes place in the Summer of 2010 or 2011, and Hershal would have to be at least 18 in 1952-53, that would put him in his late 70’s, early 80’s now. He moves around pretty good to be that old. That would mean he had Maggie in his late 50’s since she’s in her mid-20’s. I think placing his military service ahead 20 years and making him 20 years younger fits his character and the actor portraying him, (Scott Wilson was 69 in 2011.) If Hershal was born in 1942 like Mr. Wilson, he’d be 23 in 1965, had been in his 40’s when he had Maggie from his 2nd marriage and would be in his late 60’s now, not a spring chick but still able to move fast enough if needed. Wouldn’t that be something if he was Special Forces or SEALs and found God and family afterwards and decided to live a more peaceful life before all this mess?

    • Rachel says:

      I think Vietnam still fits with Hershel’s ‘concern’ about ‘that Asian boy.’ But the main thing for me is his possible back story. I like the Navy SEAL idea a lot! Thanks for the comment.

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