Private Practice – Recap & Review – You Break My Heart

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Private Practice
You Break My Heart

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2012

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Welcome to part two of the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover extravaganzas! If you missed the Grey’s portion, you can read about it here. But overall, the appearance of Derek and Lexie was pretty minimal. It was more like a guest spot, than a story line that will have far reaching consequences for the two Grey’s actors.

In addition to the Seattle visit, we had plenty else going on this hour. We got a lot more depth in the Sam/Corrine story. Violet and Pete did not make me violently ill. And Addison and Jake finally had a conversation about their unbelievable chemistry, that didn’t end up being about Sam.

The Crossover Conclusion: We begin where we left off on Grey’s, with Amelia and Derek succeeding in their trial run of the 90 second procedure. They quickly get Charlotte, Coop, Mason, and Erica to Seattle. Erica is hesitant, but Coop and Charlotte are quickly able to convince her it’s the only option. She finally, and tearfully, confesses her illness to Mason. He is scared, but overwhelming angry that she kept it from him. Charlotte, once again, shows she’s the cornerstone of the show, by promising Erica she’ll be there for Mason (and teach him to drive a stick), and by explaining the surgery and risks to Mason. Mason, convinced he finally has all of the facts, thanks her for her honesty. And while Coop and Mason are in the waiting room, Charlotte finally breaks her strong façade, crying in the restroom. There’s a bit of a scare during surgery, but Amelia and Derek (of course) successfully complete the never-been-done before gliosarcoma removal. And while Erica’s in pain after surgery, she’s able to manage a small wave to Mason to let him know she’s ok. Charlotte also admits to Coop, that despite her fears, she truly loves Mason. And Derek reminds Amelia that if she ever wants to do drugs, she needs to remember the feeling of this accomplishment.

Sam is beside himself to learn that his former heart transplant patient, Gloria, is in the emergency room and 30 weeks pregnant, despite his warnings against it. He’s further angered when he finds out Jake is the one who performed the IVF for her, and didn’t notice her chest scar. Jake points out that he examined her vaginally, not for surgical scars. He expected the patient to be forthcoming about their medical history. All of the doctors agree that they should deliver the baby early, but Gloria refuses. In the end, the decision is made when her water breaks. She finally admits, to her husband’s surprise, that she had stopped taking her immune suppression/transplant meds. During a tense delivery, her stats plummet and Sam has to crack her chest. She doesn’t make it, and her husband stands over her with the baby, wishing they had picked out girl names. This story didn’t do much for me as all I could think in the end was why wasn’t the 10-week early baby in the NICU? That’s quite premature! And did anyone else recognize the husband as Jonathan Scarfe who played Chase Carter on E/R? Somehow this story acts as a catalyst though, and Jake asks Addison is there is an emotional connection, beyond the physical, between them. She agrees that it’s not only physical… and it looks like #JAddison (#AddisAke?) is finally moving forward. And can I say how happy I was when Addison told Violet that she and Sam weren’t getting back together? Amen!

Violet/Pete: Scott expresses to Violet that he wants more from their relationship than sex. He wants to meet Lucas and for her to meet his friends, and all the other couple-y stuff. She’s not sure what to do, but knows she loves the sex. In a sign that she and Pete are growing up, they discuss their S-E-X lives (including his elevator romp with the S-L-U-T) without yelling at each other and while acknowledging how different their lives have become. In the end, Violet tells Scott that she doesn’t have anything more to offer beyond mind-blowing sex, and… shocker… the young fireman agrees to it.

Sam/Corrine: Last episode I lamented the plot seemed stalled. This week, with Corrine finally was out of her medication fog and we got a lot more movement in the story. Sheldon quickly realized that her clarity brought out a rather manic side and was able to diagnose her as bipolar. Sam, who usually seems somewhat intuitive, tried to deny the obvious. But when he found out his sister had been in Los Angeles for five or six years, with no contact, he went off on her, yelling about how they had had a funeral for her. But Corrine’s clarity also gave her a spark, as she responded by telling him that she’d been on drugs, homeless, and a prostitute, so he couldn’t possibly make her feel worse, ending with a well-deserved “Screw you” to her brother. But what really got through to him was when she pointed out that this is her illness and that she lived it and protected him and his mother from it. He confesses he thought she left because of him, but she admits she left because she was sick. Hopefully Sam will learn to be patient, as she still has to re-acclimate to everyday life.

So that was it for this week! How did you feel about the crossover? Like I said, it was more like a guest spot than a huge altering event. In fact, I think we would’ve been better served to have seen Derek at the intervention than in the Erica storyline. But we have seeming closure on Pete/Violet and Addison/Sam, so I’m marking the hour as a win!

Now that you have my TwoCents, be sure to share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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7 Responses to Private Practice – Recap & Review – You Break My Heart

  1. I will have to watch this episode again to get a better feel for everything else that happened, aside from the Erica/Mason/Charlotte/Cooper stuff. I do agree, Derek and Lexie’s presence felt more like a guest spot than some life altering event. Moreover, I liked seeing the Shepherd siblings working together.

    For me, this episode took Charlotte one step closer to realizing she can be a mom, and how she’s really taken to Mason. The reaction on her face when Erica said Mason needed a living mom, in case anything happened, and then Charlotte’s tough facade breaking down (in private) was progression. In the end, I’m glad someone was honest with Mason, and it was good to see it was Charlotte. The connection between Charlotte and Mason was cemented even more, and seeing Cooper’s reaction was the best. Of course, hearing Charlotte say it out loud, how she’s grown to love Mason and how much she loves Cooper really made everything so sweet. I really love them and watching this journey their taking together.

  2. FK says:

    Forget anything that happened in this episode .. AMELIA IS PREGNANT??? (Preview for next week…) OMG!!

  3. Bianca says:

    This episode proved once more that Charlotte is the best character in the show. She´s been through so much and she is always ahead of everybody else.

  4. michal says:

    Charlotte became the star of the show and I LOVE IT!

  5. Barbie L says:

    She doesn’t make it, and her husband stands over her with the baby, wishing they had picked out girl names. This story didn’t do much for me as all I could think in the end was why wasn’t the 10-week early baby in the NICU?

    I belive that the reason the baby is not in NICU is because she is dead too.

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