Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Have You Seen Me Lately?

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Grey’s Anatomy
Have You Seen Me Lately?

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2012

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Welcome to part one of the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover extravaganzas! Or, as it’s more accurately now known, Amelia Comes To Seattle. You can click here for the Private Practice recap/review , but for now, let’s take care of what happened at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

For some reason, this hour felt a little… cluttered to me. We had three patients beyond the Amelia visit and we also had Owen and Cristina’s marital woes. I feel like one of the patient storylines (and the lesson learned with it) could have been saved for another episode. But let’s cover what went down, and then let me know what your TwoCents are!

Owen/Cristina: Since this was the furthest removed from the operating room, let’s get it out of the way. As powerful as the acting is, I feel like we’re in a bit of a rut with these two. The two spend the hour in couple’s counseling, and try and have a tit-for-tat argument over their entire relationship, but it always comes back to the abortion. Regardless of anyone’s opinion on abortion, Cristina has always been perfectly clear that she didn’t want children. She and Owen both act as if the conversation didn’t come up until after the wedding, but I perfectly recall (ok, ABC re-ran the episode this past weekend) that in the season 6 episode “Sympathy For The Parents”, Cristina made her wishes about motherhood quite clear. I feel bad that Owen didn’t remember this when he married her, but Cristina has never wavered on this. He brings up that she only cares about surgery, but again, this has always been Cristina. When he tries to imply that Cristina should have a baby because Meredith does (and the Twisted Sisters do everything together), the fact that neither is the others “person” seems to drive a further wedge. They end their session further apart than ever, on opposite sides of the couch, with the counselor symbolically closing the book on their marriage… I mean… their session.

Alex: Alex begins the episode by having his intern Morgan (not Megan!, played by Amanda Fuller) following him around, quizzing him for his oral surgical boards. He’s fairly indifferent to her as a person, so the point that when she collapses, he learns he’s the only one who didn’t know she was 24 weeks pregnant. He does however diagnose her aortic dissection in time to get her into surgery. Arizona tasks him with calling her boyfriend instead of scrubbing in, but is irritated that he still can’t Morgan’s (not Megan!) name right. When the surgery goes south, Alex is told to scrub in, but he does take a moment to take the boyfriend’s call. Afterwards, Morgan (not Megan!) is OK, but the premature baby is intubated. Alex expresses his guilt over his lack of personal knowledge to Arizona, and wonders if he should even get the pediatric fellowship. Arizona comforts him, saying the peds is hard core, but he should still learn names. Alex ends the hour keeping Morgan company at her bedside (and studying for his exam).

Meredith/Callie: Webber, in an awesome reflection-only scene, suggests to Callie that she use her super-secret study method to mentor Meredith. Callie cryptically declares that Meredith has to earn the honor. So she puts Meredith in charge of a (disgusting) hand trapped in a meat grinder. Meredith initially questions her own every move, with Callie allowing Meredith to draw her own conclusions. We get lots of (disgusting) close-up looks at the mauled hand, seemingly beyond repair, but Meredith is inspired to try and save the man from a prosthetic. In surgery, Callie continues to challenge her, but Meredith is up to the task, even suggesting use of the man’s toe in replace of his thumb. After the Franken-hand is complete, Callie admits that she never gave Meredith much credit, based on her mother’s name and blonde hair. Meredith seems flattered, until Callie advises her that the tutoring will be five days a week at 4am! Callie also points out to Webber that he seems to have found his niche as the hospital’s puppet master. Webber is quite pleased.

Bailey/Sloan/Avery: Bailey is none-too-pleased to find out one of her long-time patients is going under Sloan’s knife. It seems Carrie (played by ER’s Ellen Crawford) has had a myriad of problems of the years, but Bailey took her initial diagnosis of six months to live, years ago, and saved her life. Now she’s incredibly swollen and unable to move much (due to some illness I never quite caught) and Sloan and Avery are going to do a lymph node transplant. Bailey unsuccessfully tries to talk everyone out of the surgery, but when they proceed, she gives Avery the patient’s entire history to read pre-op. During the surgery, Bailey hovers, comments, and makes a general nuisance of herself by second guessing and commenting through the whole operation. When something goes wrong, and she has an “I told you so” attitude, Avery looks to Sloan for guidance. With Sloan’s silent blessing, Avery snaps at Bailey for distracting him and kicks her out of his operating room. Bailey is originally furious, but realizes that Avery was right to do so. Sloan gives her a Bailey-esque speech about how doctors age and become conservative and that interns keep things fresh.

Derek/Amelia/Lexie: Derek quickly denies his sister Amelia (aka Amy) a chance at trying to save her patients life. Private Practice fans already know, but Erica is the mother of one Amelia’s Los Angeles colleague’s sons, Mason. Derek advises that the gliosarcoma is too far gone to operate. He also thinks, and repeatedly states, that Amelia is too emotionally involved, considering she’s fresh out of rehab. Amelia is quite resilient, recruiting Lexie to help her come up with an operating solution that will get the tricky procedure done… in ninety seconds. After some sibling back and forth, Amelia tells Derek that she is not fragile, staying on the wagon proves her strength. Lexie gets the final breakthrough by pointing out that he’s more worried about his sister than trying to save a patient. Derek and Amelia finally master the process, in 86 seconds and he tells her to get Erica to Seattle.

So that was a lot for one hour, right? I was expecting a little more crossover in this hour, but I guess that will come in the Private Practice episode. I’ve already said my thoughts on Owen and Cristina. Alex really is Seattle’s version of the Grinch, we always get to see his heart grow another size. And while Bailey is usually my personal hero, Sloan’s speech to her was pretty awesome. Since Meredith and Callie are both in such similar life points (married, child), it will be good to see them develop a friendship.

So now that you’ve got my TwoCents, share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below! And click here for my Private Practice recap!


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3 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Have You Seen Me Lately?

  1. Phil says:

    The song to end Grey’s was awesome – TheDonniestheamys – Boxer + Clover. Great show!

  2. FK says:

    I believe Bailey’s patient had Lymphedema. But that’s neither here nor there. I almost wish they had skipped Owen/Cristina this week – it didn’t fit. I loved the Webber/Callie scene. It was so serious yet I was laughing at him being so Godfather-like. I love Lexie working with Derek so much…you know it’s going to force her back to Mark eventually! 🙂

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