Up All Night – Recap & Review – Day After Valentine’s Day

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Up All Night
Day After Valentine’s Day

Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2012

Caitlin – Staff Writer

Despite this episode’s title, it was 5 and is now 4 days before Valentine’s Day. Regardless, this is an episode celebrating love. It does this, in part, through couples fighting. Go figure.

We open with a very special episode of Ava that involves a sexy man kissing random women. He plows straight pass a very eager Missy and instead kisses Reagan. And keeps kissing her. Sense a problem yet?

Reagan is very nervous about what will happen when her husband sees the segment, but Ava is actually looking forward to the day with Kevin. She decides she’s going to learn to make chili even though she doesn’t know what a bowl is. At home, Reagan very awkwardly confesses what happened, and Chris isn’t upset at all. In fact, he’s almost too fine with it.

At their dinner, Ava notices Kevin really isn’t paying much attention to her despite the meal she worked hard on. Kevin’s had a bad day and tensions rise quickly. They end up screaming at each other. Chris and Reagan are enjoying Valentine’s takeout Chinese when the two barge in on them, still screaming, and soon barge right out again. They’re happy to avoid this drama themselves. Pretty happy, anyway. Sort of happy.

Okay, so in truth, there’s actually a lot less passion without the drama. Regan tries to be supportive of Ava’s troubles but feels unfulfilled herself. Don’t worry, though, Julian is there for her friend. You may remember him from his previous appearance, and if so, can probably guess how this goes. Yet, somehow, Reagan decides to take inspiration from him in form of a tattoo.

Chris goes to talk to Kevin and ends up borrowing a can of spray paint before taking a cab out to tag a random wall. The cab driver doesn’t care about this any more than the other girls at the tattoo parlor care why Reagan’s there. She runs out on her attempt to reignite their younger days while he nearly gets himself killed in his.

Ava has agreed to go out to a strange new restaurant with Julian, but things don’t go at all well- which is a very good thing, really, because she can get right back together with Kevin. Reagan finds Chris and the two head off, minus tattoos and graffiti. They do, at least, wind up fighting and then kissing the rain. Hey, the show basically is a romantic comedy already, so why not?

Next Week: Travel Day

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