The Vampire Diaries – Recap & Review – Dangerous Liaisons


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The Vampire Diaries
Dangerous Liaisons

Original Air Date:  Feb 9, 2012

Ky – TwoCents Reviewer

Dangerous Liaisons.  Wherein everybody gets dressed up snazzy-like to party (again), Esther makes an interesting mother, and both Triangles (i.e. Elena’s and Caroline’s) get great screen time.

Elena, Stefan, and Damon are having a kitchen planning session a la season two over all the beans Elijah’s spilled when they hear a knock on the door.  By the time Elena makes it to the door, the knocker has left only a calligraphy-ridden invitation to the Originals’ ball on the porch.  On the back is a personal note from Esther requesting a meeting with Elena.  Our three darlings argue over who is and who isn’t going to go to dancing and of course the boys decide that Elena is not.  We all know how well that’s going to go for them.

Elena isn’t the only one getting an invitation!  After a sibling spat, Momma Original tells Klaus—excuse me, Niklaus—that he ought to have a date and he votes for Caroline, even being so kind (and slightly weird in my opinion) as to send her a dress.  Caroline has every intention to refuse, Klaus did lead to the banishment of her boyfriend, but upon seeing Rebekah invite Matt she wastes no time.  Barring attire alternatives, she wears the dress Klaus sent and bowls him over with it when she arrives.

Meanwhile, Fin tells Elena that in order to meet his mother she’ll have to ditch her boyfriends.  Damon isn’t going to make that easy and to stall her rash decision making, he asks her dance.  And Klaus dances with Caroline!  Far more excited about that.  They’re so cute, you guys!  How many of you are shipping them?  Because I AM!  Shoot, everybody danced in this episode.  After that amazing Klaus/Caroline moment, we have Stefan and Elena actually talking and dancing and talking and wandering off together.  Albeit the wandering is to plot behind Damon’s back, but still it turned into a heart-to-heart of sorts which is long overdue.  A heart-to-heart which led to violence.  Getting Damon out of the way of Elena’s plan to meet Esther involved snapping his neck.  Brotherly love.

And speaking of plotting behind someone’s back, Rebekah has plans to kill Matt and she calls Kol in on them.  There goes the last normal teenager in this town.

As Elena makes her way to her clandestine meeting with Momma, Elijah intercepts her, asking Elena to play spy for him.  He doesn’t trust his mother and wants Elena to tell him if she’s up to something.  Elena agrees and goes on her way.  Esther tells her she’s been biding her time “on the other side” and now that she’s returned, she’s going to set things right.  Of course, she needs Elena’s help.

Outside, Klaus comes on to Caroline all suave with his “I fancy you,” telling her she’s “full of light.”  Can I have a Klaus?  He’s awfully charming for a murderous psychopath.

Cut back to Elena and Esther upstairs; Esther informs Elena that a few drops of her blood are needed as part of a spell to link the Original siblings so that killing one kills them all.  Clever, Momma.

Killing is on everybody’s brain tonight.  Rebekah changes her mind though after Matt gives her his football jacket even though she doesn’t get cold…thought that counts, yeah.  My brother ships it, how about you?  Elena however doesn’t change her mind and lies right to Elijah’s face about his mother’s intentions.  Every Original sibling drinks the blood-laced champagne that will doom them.

And then we have more Klaroline goodies.  Klaus is adorable and Caroline is unimpressed and overall it is perfect.  Also Klaus paints.  And sketches.  And Caroline spits the truth into his face.  And I love this show.

And Damon loves Elena.  To which she replies that that’s the problem.  We all know how well that one’s going to go over.  Damon promptly proceeds to make an arse of himself by snapping Kol’s neck after Kol crushes Matt’s hand.  This isn’t going to have any repercussions, uh-huh.  Reintroducing self-destructive Damon…

Caroline returns home to find an apology present from Klaus:  a sketch of her and a horse with the inscription “Thank you for your honesty.”  Shipping it.  SO HARD.

Caroline’s the only honest one around actually.  Momma and Fin are in on the Original massacre together.  His blood, willingly given, completes her binding spell.

For our requisite emotional punch, we have Elena trying to force Stefan to care—revealing that she knows he does, regardless of his efforts to the contrary—and Damon and Rebekah sexing it up.

So what did you all think?  How do you find Klaus’ affection for Caroline?  And how do you think Elena will react to Damon sleeping with Rebekah?  Your two cents is what I want, share share share!

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3 Responses to The Vampire Diaries – Recap & Review – Dangerous Liaisons

  1. Delena fan says:

    I know Klaus is evil but, there’s something cute about him and Caroline. I don’t like the originals but the momma killing all her kids is just sad. And I can’t believe what Elena said to Damon that his loving her is the problem I mean I know she said she didn’t mean it but still it was really cruel. Also I hope Elena doesn’t take Stefan back after all the awful things he said and did to her. Thats my two cents.

  2. LaineyT says:

    I loved that Caroline was just so “Caroline” this episode. It’s made me laugh, from the only half-hearted attempts to first not even look at the gift Klaus sent, and later to not wear it (as if!). And of course what really wins over Klaus?…but her ability to say it like it is with complete disregard to whether she is being tactful. Even at the end, she is so sure that Klaus is still trying to buy her affections but she can’t resist and opens his gift anyway.

  3. TVD says:

    oh gosh .. who cares if she goes back too stefan?! .. and He may have done some bad things too her , but damon’s no better. I personally hope that her and stefan get back together , they belong. Did you notice that When Elena danced with Damon she didn’t look to happy , she looked a bit awkward. But with stefan she got close too him , smiled and they looked happy. Elena is still INLOVE with Stefan , Damon is being controlling , and im sure she ment what she said too him. She is now starting to see Stefan .. The Real Stefan shine through. And when he comes back which im guessing is soon they will be back together. Damon will soon most likely be out of the triangle anyways considering he slept with rebecca.. he might aswell just date her. My personal Opinion. I think that caroline and Klaus would be cute , and an interesting pair.

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