American Idol – Recap & Review – Hollywood Week, Part 2

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American Idol
Hollywood Week, Part 2

Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2012

Patricia Morris Buckley —Sr. Staff Writer

If you’re an Idol fan who doesn’t like all the drama and conflict of Group Round, then you might as well skipped this episode. No formal competition went down.

But a lot came up – as in several people’s lunches. What Ryan affectionately called the Idol Bug made its rounds through the contestants (except for Phil Phillips, who suffered from a kidney stone – ouch!). And Ryan seemed to magically know where the bug came from.

He gleefully nicknamed Amy Bromheart, AKA the girl who lives in a tent, “Patient Zero.” That seemed a harsh. When you have 309 contestants who were on plane flights from all over the country descend on a hotel — planes and hotels are known to be contagious disease breeding grounds – there’s a good chance more than one contestant showed up already sick.

But Amy had the bad luck of being the first with full-blown symptoms. Hey, maybe she needed to make an appointment with contestant Jeremy Rosado, who works an infectious disease clinic.

Speaking of Jeremy, that group with Symone Black – the girl who fell of the stage in the last episode – still hadn’t heard their fate. Jeremy and Symone got through, but not Lauren Mink or Ethan Jones (the guy with a dad in rehab). BTW, Symone was suffering from dehydration.

At the end of the first round 185 had survived and we spent the rest of the episode watching them form groups (groups could be four or five contestants and had to have a mix of contestants from day one and day two). Amy couldn’t get anyone to let her in because she was ill, but finally someone did.

The biggest pain-in-the-rear award this year went to Alisha Burnheart, who told everyone she was a cop, then if they didn’t take her, blamed it on them hating cops. Sorry for the pun, but that seemed like a total cop OUT. It wasn’t the job they didn’t like, Alisha, they just didn’t like you.

Coming in second in the pain-in-the rear-honors was Symone’s dad, who tried to control her group, then said he wasn’t a stage dad but a mentor – soon to be the most famous mentor in the world. Wait, who is competing daddy?

The biggest drama queen went to Jennifer Malsh, who complained when her group (The Bettys) wanted to go to bed. What a crybaby. Another crybaby was Heejun Han, who didn’t nothing but complain about his group.

The episode ended as the first group started to compete. So we have to wait until Wednesday to hear real singing again. We also have to wait for the ambulance scenes that they teased throughout this episode. Not fair Idol!

Did you like all the drama? Has your favorite made it this far? Are you looking forward to hearing the groups sing? Give us your TwoCents…

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