Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Snake eyes

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Criminal Minds
Snake eyes

Original Air Date: Feb 8, 2012

Angelique – Associate Staff Writer

A mobster is killed in Atlantic City, a mobster! That sounds like a good start for a story, but was it? That is the big question here, isn’t it.

Since a mobsters murder could start a killing spree between families the situation could potentially turn volatile very quickly. The BAU is called in rather quickly after the first murder – which seems kind of surprising to me – because wouldn’t that be a case for Organized Crime or something like that?

That would be my guess seeing how they first suspected that the murder was mob related.

I don’t like it when they show immediately who the unsub is, it’s better when they don’t. Especially when the motives behind the murders are so clear from the beginning. In this case it’s the twisted belief of a gambler that his luck changes whenever he kills someone. So when he’s starts to loose he needs to kill someone else.

The unsub is spinning out of control rapidly because his luck keeps failing him. His second victim is a high class escort – a five-thousand dollar a night escort. The third victim a Casino employee and the fourth his best friend. Which is what gets the team on the trail of their unsub, but he’s still able to stay ahead of them. However they do figure out that he will try to win a big tournament since he’s on his lucky streak after killing his best friend.

The team wants to send one of them in as a player to see if they can lure out the unsub. Rossi wants to go in, especially after Emily asks him to use his well earned writing fees as collateral. Emily claims however that it would be better to send Reid in since he can count cards.

The looks on their faces when Reid started to explain the whole formula on how to play the game, priceless. Emily, JJ and Reid rocked that scene!

Since waiting for the FBI’s approval to use fifty-thousand dollars of tax payers money to play a game of Texas Hold’em to hopefully find a killer would take too long. Rossi allows Reid to use his money to lure out their killer. Something which he does perfectly but what do you expect of a genius when you apparently can use some sort of a formula to figure out what happening in the game.

Rossi knows the way this man thinks and he wants to try to talk him down, try to get him to release his wife and her sister. He goes in unarmed and without his vest.

To me it seemed odd that Hotch then send JJ after Rossi to the house to see if she could get a shot while he and Emily stayed behind. Sure she’s the best shooter on the team but why didn’t they all move in closer wouldn’t that make more sense. And where were Derek and Reid? Or other back-up for that matter?

However the thing that bothered me about this episode the most was the whole Garcia, Kevin and Morgan thing.

Seriously Garcia! That hunk of chocolate loves you but he would never ever take advantage of you! How could she ever doubt that? Her avoiding Morgan was weird, not answering his phone calls or messages.

I love those characters, the interaction and the flirty chemistry between them. But in this episode Garcia’s behavior towards Morgan seemed really out of character. So she had a fight with Kevin and yes she was drunk and called Morgan to keep her company. There is no way in hell that Morgan would even consider sleeping with her if she was in that state. He’s not the type of person who would do something like that especially considering the horrors they see in their job. He’s all about protecting and comforting. I find it interesting that they choose to let Garcia think differently, even if she couldn’t remember what happened to her and Morgan the night before she should have known.

The whole ordeal between Garcia and Morgan kind of felt like it was a lame excuse to see Morgan in nothing but a towel, soaking wet.

All in all I wasn’t too impressed with this episode. It had it’s moments but all in all it certainly could have been a lot better.

I am really looking forward to the next episode, it’s the big ‘JJ is a kick ass profiler now’ episode! We’ve seen Emily telling everyone that she could take it while being beaten to a pulp for everyone to hear and we saw her face her biggest threat just last season. We’ve seen her get hurt numerous times. But with JJ it’s always been different, besides a dog-bite and a very painful shovel to the head nothing really traumatic or painful ever happened to JJ. At least not to the degree that it has happened to the other team members. Let’s face it, most of the time JJ’s been at a safe distance far enough to not get hurt or to be able to take the shot. But this episode according to the rumors and AJ Cook herself is going to change the way people see JJ. This is why JJ needed to come back, she wasn’t done.

I can’t wait to see it!

Next Week: Closing Time

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1 Response to Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Snake eyes

  1. Heather says:

    I gotta say… while i agree with you about the Morgan/Garcia thing was kinda lame… I will take any excuse to see Shemar Moore wet, glistening and in a towel. I won’t lie… that particular screen shot is now my laptop background. 🙂 I actually think they (the writers) are trying to build more tension between them, and they seem to try to have at least one episode per year in which they taunt us M/G fans with lovey talk/actions. Something tells me this was the one for this year… they made us think for half a second that Kevin was gone, and maybe M/G would get together. Not likely… and I knew it was gonna end that up that nothing had happened, but in a way I liked the awkward moments. I think it was honest…if I had gotten trashed and couldn’t remember what had happened, then saw my best friend walk out of my shower, I can see how it would be awkward.

    Anyway… onto the rest of the episode. I thought it was weak. REALLY weak. I was excited for Dean Cain to be a guest star, but unfortunately, it fell really short. I also don’t like knowing who the UNSUB is. Generally, when they do this, it is through the UNSUB that never wanted to be…like Johnny MacHale in True Knight, or the veteran that was in the war flashback. This one had no sympathetic moments… he was just nuts. The writing wasn’t amazing.

    The only part (other than the towel scene) that I really enjoyed was the scene with Emily, Rossi, JJ & Reid talking about poker playing. That was pure Criminal Minds gold. I also appreciated that they didn’t continue with the M/G tension, and solved the issue between them ASAP. That was also a scene that I thought was well done, and soothed the tensions.

    I have one further comment. Kevin Lynch’s character really needs to be more consistent. Sometimes he’s fine with Morgan & Garcia’s relationship. Other times he seriously jealous. Sometimes he’s great with her being a part of the BAU. Other times, he hates it. I just wish they would fix his character so that he is more consistent. It would probably make me like him more.

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