White Collar – Recap & Review – Neighborhood Watch

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White Collar
Neighborhood Watch

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2012

Jules – News Editor

Do you get paranoid? Or do people make some excuse for you because of something that’s happened. Our favorite Mrs. Suit gets put in that situation this week and she doesn’t want to fall in the paranoia trap.

Instead we see Mrs. Suit tackle a case all on her own, well not really, but she does get some help from our favorite Mrs. Suit lover – Mozzie and Neal, of course. And in return we are treated to a case of who you don’t want your neighbors to be.

After Peter brings home scanners from a previous nights work and leaves it on, Elizabeth gets suspicious when she hears something about a potential robbery and “doing it right this time.” She tells Peter and he and Neal agree to look into it. What they find is nothing except Peter and Neal thinking Elizabeth’s a bit paranoid believing she heard something bad might happen. Elizabeth is sure she heard something was going to happen and thinks no one believes her, but knows who might. Mozzie.

Elizabeth and Mozzie listen to the scanner and figure out that the voices she heard are that of her new neighbors. And he might have a gun, or a Tony Award as Moz says. Before going to Peter, on the off chance she was wrong, Elizabeth asks Neal for his help. He and Mozzie, on the promise they won’t break in, scour the outside of the neighbor’s house and from a window sees an illegal lock pick. During this, Mozzie does get to pick around in their trash and calls them “environmental terrorists,” which made me laugh.

Now to meeting the neighbors (and without Peter knowing). After some summer peas and saying her kitchen is being remodeled, the Burkes meet the Ryans, Rebecca (Lola Glaudini) and Ben (Joe Manganiello). Neal and Mozzie are in the car on stakeout, but Mrs. Suit packed them food! During dinner Peter refrains from mentioning his job (because he doesn’t like neighbors who take advantage of what others do), while Elizabeth excuses herself for the bathroom, but really takes the opportunity to poke around. She even covers her tracks by closing the bathroom door.

Unfortunately, she gets herself locked inside the room where she finds the lock pick and duffel bag. But no worries, she waves a napkin outside the window in distress that catches Neal and Mozzie’s eye. Because of bars on the window, Neal can only talk Elizabeth through picking the door lock to get out. She gets it open just as Peter comes in from the outside and is none too happy to see Elizabeth and Neal outside. Peter and Elizabeth return to the Ryans and say she isn’t feeling well and leave, leaving Ben still suspicious.

Elizabeth is a bit embarrassed, but tells Peter everything, including finding a phone repairman suit in the Ryan’s house. Peter says that a phone system went out near where she thought something might happen-our first clue that there is a connection. We also find out more about Ben, who once served prison time for stolen property. Also, there are alarm systems that are phone based, so that day when nothing happened, it probably was a dry run. Elizabeth was right!

Peter goes to call Elizabeth at home, but just then Ben comes over to return her dish from the other night. He soon notices that the Burke’s aren’t remodeling the kitchen and says she lied to get into their house. Elizabeth says she’s not looking for trouble, but she definitely found some.

Jones tails Ben and finds him talking to one Connor Bailey, who also has a lengthy rap sheet and figure Ben talking to him is in violation of his parole. So Neal goes undercover as an ex-con at Ben’s parole place and maybe get him to slip up about what they’re doing. Neal ends up at a strip club when Ben gets a call and writes something down on a napkin that turns out to be a work order number just ordered by a phone company. “You and the eye shadow may have cracked the case,” says Peter after Neal uses the shadow to get the number through a rubbing.

From the work number and the area they are in, Peter and Neal soon figure that Ben and Connor are going to rob a luxury. They try to get them, but the house safe, with 7.5 million in it, has already been taken and Peter and Neal barely avoid being hit during a flurry of gunfire while seeing the safe and the guys get away.

With the money gone and well covered tracks, will our team find Ben and the money? Yes, because Neal figures Ben just bought a house; he can just sit on the money, pay his mortgage, etc… and not have to run just yet.

In the meantime, Elizabeth is being watched over by Mozzie when Peter calls to tell them to keep an eye on the house. When Elizabeth sees Rebecca on the move, she decides to tail her. Mozzie reluctantly follows and says she’s a bad influence. While on the tail Mozzie even refers to Elizabeth as “a terrifying amalgamation of Danica Patrick and the man from Uncle.”

Rebecca drives to the strip club from before carrying empty duffel bags. They call Peter to tell them what’s happening and he tells them to stay put, but with Peter across town, Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands. She puts on her best FBI impression with Mozzie at her side to try to rail in Connor, but not before Ben and Rebecca recognize them. Mozzie creates a diversion to lure them out; El gets to clock Rebecca and Ben and Conner chase them to the street where Peter and company await them, guns in hand.

And with that Elizabeth closed her first case! “They don’t call me Mrs. Suit for nothing!”

I’ve enjoyed every episode where Elizabeth has been involved in and I loved how she took an active role in this one, even if it was to prove she was not paranoid. And her working with Mozzie made it only better. Overall I enjoyed this episode and it was directed by none other than Andrew McCarthy (Vincent Adler). How cool! Plus you can’t lose when Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer are on my TV together. What did you think? Leave your TwoCents below!

Next Week: Pulling Strings and the return of Sara and Agent Kramer!

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