Fringe – Recap & Review – Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective

Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2012

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Don’t you just hate it when you hear that special hum and then see a vision of death? I sure do. So does Emily. After a particularly grisly vision involving an I-beam, the cute little goth-y teenager draws the scene and gives it to the poor soul who is about to be impaled. It is an attempt to warn him, I suppose, but it doesn’t work. One huge skewer later, his friend turns the drawing over to Fringe Division and they set about finding the girl who can predict death.

Speaking of predicting death, anyone know who these wacky bald guys with hats are? Remember, in this reality FD has not had any interaction with The Observers. Olivia’s introduction to ‘Our’ Observer September (“You have to die!”) prompts Broyles to let Olivia in on a little secret: FD has been tracking Observers for three years. Just to be safe, Broyles wants Olivia to lay low for a while. Yeah, right.

Emily returns home to a very loving family, but we learn that they have had to move several times because of her ‘condition.’ She feels cursed, but her father believes that all things happen for a reason; that we all have a purpose in life. She tells him not to worry, though, because she hasn’t had a vision for a very long time. They won’t have to move again to protect the family. Again I say “Yeah, right.” On a bus later that day, Emily has another vision and tries to give her drawing to the person it is connected to, but she loses him. Well, she tried.

Lincoln, through some fancy investigative work, finds out who the mystery girl is and tracks her to her home. Her parents and brother, seemingly well rehearsed, deny knowing ‘that girl’ and try to throw the agents off of Emily’s trail. Olivia sees right through the charade and she and Lincoln begin to make stakeout plans when Emily herself returns home. They start to interview her and she cooperates until her father runs up and demands they leave Emily alone. He doesn’t want her to become some sort of test subject, being poked and prodded like they tried to do at that Massive Dynamic place. Wha… whaaa? Olivia, knowing what it is like to be poked and prodded herself, gives them her card telling them that if anyone harasses the family again to let her know.

After some choice words with mother-figure Nina about how what MD tried to do with Emily was no different than what they did with Olivia herself, Olivia gets a call from Emily. She wants to help. She wants to stop what she saw happen in her vision on the bus: mass carnage. Olivia takes her to Walter for testing. Walter is very good with her, I might add, and he finds some anomalies in her brain. Apparently, traumatic events can cause an echo to go backwards in time, and that is what Emily is picking up. They are all concerned that since it is an echo, there is no way to stop any of these awful things from actually happening; It is fate. Peter asks Emily why she tries to warn the people she sees dying. “If they knew, maybe they could say I love you to someone, or do something good.” Heavy.

Lincoln and Astrid come through again with the tracking-down of the guy on the bus (right as Emily is about to ‘read’ Olivia for death). The agents go off to help poor Albert while Peter and Walter try to hypnotize Emily so she can recall more details of her vision. Through the hypnosis, they trace the event to a courthouse and discover that Albert (I totally called this by the way) is not a victim but the suicide bomber. He’s angry at a particular judge for taking his kids away from him. Emily, feeling like she has helped, is taken back home by her father… but someone seems to be following them. He tells the family to pack their things. Emily goes into her room and starts drawing again.

At the courthouse, Peter and Lincoln find the bomb in the parking garage and attempt to disarm it while Broyles and Olivia look for Albert inside the building itself. Could this be her moment to die? The moment September alluded to? They find Albert and Olivia talks him down. I guess today is not the day. Olivia calls Emily to tell her that her vision did not come true, that she saved all of those people, but her father tells her that Emily has been kidnapped by Massive Dynamic.

Turns out he was just paranoid and Emily had simply run off to get some alone time. Olivia finds her by a lake with a drawing of herself dying. She had known for a long time that she was dying but didn’t tell her family for obvious reasons. Turns out she wasn’t so much goth as she was really quite sick. Her ability overloaded her brain and she died quietly on that park bench, with her father by her side, of a stroke.

Back at FD headquarters, Olivia is studying The Observer file. Peter, knowing all about Observers, offers to help. He goes through the Cliff Notes version and she asks if everything they predicts happens. Much to her chagrin, he informs her that Observers don’t ‘predict’ the future. They’ve already lived it.

At Olivia’s apartment, Nina shows up to apologize. All is forgiven and Olivia tells her about her awful migraines (Nina is causing them, silly!). Outside, an Observer watches.

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