White Collar – Recap & Review – Checkmate

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White Collar

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2012

Jules – News Editor

Finally, season 3.5 is here! It seems like forever since we saw Neal and the crew. When we left off last summer, Mozzie was on his way out after Neal couldn’t make up his mind about staying in NY or not. And then there was Keller, who told Peter that Neal has the U-boat treasure and oh yeah, he kidnapped Elizabeth as collateral to get the treasure!

What will Neal do after he hears the news about El missing? Will he finally tell Peter everything? Will Elizabeth be found? And will Mozzie be back for Neal and Mrs. Suit? Let’s find out in the second half of season three!

We pick up right where we left off and the FBI has got everyone working on finding Elizabeth. Peter is upset to the point that he slams Neal up against wall chastising him for stealing the treasure and not telling him and how Keller knows.

Keller calls and Peter demands to speak to Elizabeth to make sure she’s OK. They exchange a cute “Hey, Hon” and she asks that Peter take care of Satchmo. Keller gets back on to tell Peter he has 12 hours. Peter says that it was odd that Elizabeth could have asked him anything, but asked about Satchmo. They find blood on under Satchmo’s chin, a sign he he bit one of the kidnappers.

Peter tells Neal that he wants to see the treasure and they go to its hiding place, but there is nothing there now. All thoughts immediately go to Mozzie as the one who stole it, but Neal says he has no idea where Mozzis is since he and Moz had a falling out. After running all of Mozzie’s alias, nothing has shown up, which means…Moz must be in seclusion around NYC re-thinking the whole leaving thing. So Neal goes to find Mozzie’s “dear friend Estelle” (the carrier pidgeon) to send him a message about what has happened hoping he’ll come back.

DNA results come back from the blood on Satchmo and it’s of a violent guy who has kidnapped others in the past. That’s not good. Peter continues to keep Diana and Jones out of the Keller/treasure stuff so they can focus on El.

We finally see Moz and he’s in the midst of shaving when Estelle arrives with Neal’s message.

Keller is keeping Elizabeth in what he thinks is a full proof location since he’s sure she’s learned a thing or two from the FBI playbook. El doesn’t care and says her husband and Neal will kick his ass. (Yeah!) Keller leaves El with Grant, the guy Satchmo bit, as her guard and although he has a gun, El continues to be calm.

Just as Peter and Neal figure their next move, Moz shows up at FBI headquarters. Yay! Mozzie agrees that he has the treasure, but what next? They know that if Keller gets the treasure, there will be no reason for him to keep El alive. So now they have to move from Keller’s rules to their own. Neal and Moz bonding again and their plan is to show Keller the treasure, but to use an in between man to do the job. Moz has the perfect guy, Rufus.

Elizabeth is not put off by Keller saying she can’t escape. Instead, she’s devising her way out by talking to Grant about symptoms of infection with regards to his bite. She goes on to increase the room temperature – sweating is a sign of infection – and even says if he doesn’t believe her, he can look it up on his phone. Go El!

Neal, Peter and Moz meet with Keller to show him the treasure with Neal sans anklet so no one can track them. Keller’s excited to see the treasure in one of the containers and just then, cop sirens arise. Peter, Neal and Moz feign that it wasn’t them that called the cops. The cops soon arrest Rufus and his friend for trying to break into one of the containers and say they should look into the others.

Peter says they can stall the police since they’ll need warrants and in that time, they can steal the treasure back for Keller, who loops in Peter as part of the heist. Now with our players set, a plan is in order to try to get to the container before the police. And if Peter says he’s going to be a part of it, there must be no guns, much to Keller’s chagrin.

The plans to steal back the treasure are now in action. Peter’s got the army vehicle to stash the treasure in and Moz has the uniforms. We learn that Moz has lifted the bounty on Keller’s head, but is now regretting it.

Back to finding El, Jones finds something about cherry blossoms pollen and the trees only exist in one area of NYC. How convenient. They go off to find our leading lady, who is actually doing pretty well. Grant’s sweating like no other and she’s playing it off as being cold. Eventually he leaves to get some meds and El uses her ring to weaken the glass window that can’t be broken.

Meanwhile, it’s Moz and Peter in the front of the truck with Neal and Keller in back. After some trouble getting the truck to the container, the police, sans Moz and Peter, drive the truck to the predetermined location. Another snag hits as the police are still mulling around the warehouse, but Neal and Keller are able to blend in as other officers, “just like ‘ole times.” After hitting yet another snag with no warrant and Keller almost strangling an officer, Neal saves the day and even gets the other officers to help them move the treasure. Just when the plan is complete and treasure loaded, Keller knocks Neal out with a chair!

All the while, El has weakened the window and smashes it open with a chair and escapes down the fire escape. Just as she reaches the ground, Grant’s there, but before he can shoot her, Diana and Jones are there, too! El is saved!

Outside the warehouse, Peter has no idea what has happened and can’t reach Neal. Keller is driving away with the treasure, with a knocked out Neal in back, who manages his way out out the truck, while letting treasure fall out the back. Keller sees this and goes after Neal and tries to use a gun he hid under the truck. They duke it out a bit, with Keller taking down Neal with a piece of artwork and then with a crowbar! But have no fear, Peter is here to fight it out, knuckle to knuckle with Keller. Eventually, Neal is able to get the gun and shoots Keller in the knee, barely missing Peter’s leg.

Peter and Elizabeth reunite and Neal says to get Keller in for good, he has to make a true confession about the treasure and everything.

Neal’s all ready to confess, but first Peter shows him Keller’s confession from the night before. Keller confesses to being the sole person to steal the U-boat treasure. Neal is not bothered by Keller taking all the credit, who did so for personal gain since since he owed the Russian mob some money and Keller says he he stole it to save it!

Now that our story is nicely wrapped up and Neal not in any big trouble, Diana comes in with new news that a probation letter has come for Neal saying a hearing has been set for his probation for his “outstanding service.” In three months, he could be a free man!

Now that we found a way for Neal to stay with the FBI, we bring it all back to what led Neal to where he is now. So what will happen at the probation hearing? How will the events of this episode affect Neal and Peter’s relationship? I sure can’t wait to see. This was a wild ride of an episode and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially how cunning El was to escape. I’ve shared my TwoCents, share yours below!

Next Week: Upper West Side Story

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