The Closer – Recap & Review – Silent Partner

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The Closer
Silent Partner

Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2011

Will – Sr. Reviewer

WOW! JUST WOW! That is all I have to say about last night’s The Closer! I have to say that in my opinion this was the best episode this season.

The show starts off by shocking us with the return of Reggie Moses, the guy that was connected in all of this Terrell Baylor business. Baylor got to walk away free but of course he died and Moses is sitting in prison.

Peter Goldman, the attorney that is suing Brenda and the LAPD, is visiting Moses in prison to get him to testify against Brenda. Goldman has apparently gotten the names of the people who murdered Baylor and Goldman makes the mistake of telling Moses those names to help convince him to testify against Brenda. Moses refuses but says that if Goldman can help speed up his release, he will say anything against Brenda.

The case that appears in this episode is connected to Terrell Baylor. A man is found dead in a car registered to Terrell Baylor. He is also in the gang that Terrell was in. His name is James Turner. After doing some digging, Detective Gabriel finds out that Goldman went to see Moses and Brenda is not happy. Brenda then finds out that Reggie made a call after Goldman left that put out a hit on of the people who killed Baylor and this person is James Turner.

One of my favorite moments of the episode was the return of Captain Raydor. I absolutely love her! Her character can be all moods at one time! Raydor goes in to interview Goldman about Moses and to see if he has the names. Of course, we know he has the names but he blatantly lies to Raydor and when Brenda goes in guns blazing, he shuts down and lies to Brenda’s face.

Now, I have to say one of the most intense moments of this episode was in the print shed when the team is going over the car for evidence. Sanchez and Brenda get into the back of the car so Sanchez can show her how James Turner died. They both close there doors and Sanchez gives Brenda a pep talk about how she can not trust anyone in her division which is the truth. They talk about how this killing could be related to grocery store murders of the Grandpa and child where Baylor had killed them.

From Brenda’s lovely husband Fritz, Brenda learns that the person that calls the shots when deciding the hits on people, is a guy named Marvin Evans. The next day, Brenda, Pope, Raydor, and Taylor confront Goldman and get him to give Brenda the list of names. As soon as he does this though, he is in danger from Marvin Evans. Brenda is not going to let anything happen because she plans to arrest him all by herself. She sends her entire team off to round-up the people on the list while Brenda goes to get the big dog. She keeps this a complete secret because she does not know who to trust anymore.

When she confronts Evans, things are fine at first but things get heated and just as Brenda is leaving, Fritz comes to the rescue! Brenda knew that Fritz was going to arrest him so she wasn’t totally alone. Evans is arrested and the other men that were involved in killing Terrell Baylor were also arrested for his murder. Brenda thinks she is glad that she got the murderers of Baylor because it looks good to still care about him.

Now, this moment made my jaw drop straight to the floor! One thing was that Gavin, Brenda’s attorney, was able to get the lawsuit dropped against Brenda but not the LAPD but Pope is settling this. Goldman has made some mistakes by holding those list of names and trying to coax people into saying certain things about Brenda. Anyway, one condition of the suit being settled was a new rule to be made and it would be called the “Johnson Rule.” Of course, Brenda’s last name is Johnson and this rule states that you can not leave a civilian if you know the area could be dangerous or hostile.

Of course, Brenda does not take this well at all! I would take it well either. Pope had to know that no matter what he said, Brenda was not going to take that without fighting back. Since she has been dropped from the suit, she doesn’t get a choice in the matter. The show ends with her stomping to her office and viciously closing the blinds. We are left still not knowing who the leak is!

Now it is time for my weekly poll of Captain Raydor! She was back this week and she was back in full force! I absolutely loved her! You can tell she is trying her best to help Brenda and she was the one to warn Brenda about the settlement before it was complete. I also think that Raydor will be there for Brenda until the end.

So, what did you think? Was it the best episode this season? Who do you think the leak is? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your twocents.

Favorite Moments:

-“Yes you are.”-Brenda talking to Goldman when he says he is not lying.

-“Don’t trust anyone.”-Sanchez talking to Brenda about the leak.

-“What the hell is that!”-Brenda’s reaction to the “Johnson Rule” that would be added in order to settle the case.

-“Johnson Rule!”-Brenda’ reaction that the rule is named after her.

-When Captain Raydor interviews Peter Goldman.

-When Brenda finds out about the “Johnson Rule.”



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11 Responses to The Closer – Recap & Review – Silent Partner

  1. ketchikan9 says:

    Love Pope: “You, seriously, shut up!”

    • thecloserwill says:

      I love him but he should not have thrown Brenda under the bus like that!

    • ayi6 says:

      I still dont know who was the leak? Will it ever be revealed? where did pope go? Will Brenda come back. i loved this show, too bad it is over. It will not be the same
      without Brenda, Where is Brenda now?

  2. synical says:

    I probably missed it watching, but why would the FBI want Evans again?

    I have (at best) a couple of non-Pope/Taylor/Gabriel-as-the-leak theories…

  3. doretta says:

    I still think the first episode this season was the most stunningly perfect episode of this entire series to date. Silent Partner gets my vote for second place this season, however.

  4. uberlurker says:

    Leak theory:

    Goldman knew what Gabriel said to Brenda in the car. It had to be someone who was in the car.

    It’s not Gabriel, because Goldman wouldn’t have aroused suspicion against his leak by failing to serve him in the lawsuit.

    My vote: Sanchez. The back seat scene in Silent Partner could have been guilt, or could have been Sanchez doing misdirection.

    I’ve heard theories that it has to be either Pope or Taylor because only they knew that Raydor was threatening to retire. However, Provenza basically told Raydor that Taylor had told the known world–everyone knew.

    I’ve also heard some Fritz theorists, and while I love the idea, Fritz didn’t know that Gabriel asked Brenda if they shouldn’t stay.

    How I think things will shake out: Pope replaces the police commissioner who just resigned. Brenda takes the Chief of Police job–remember, in the first two seasons we rarely saw the Chief of Police. Taylor moves up to Chief of Operations, and Raydor takes Major Crimes. Someone out of Brenda’s original four takes FID, someone else gets fired for leaking, we get two new characters and a great new show.

    • thecloserwill says:

      Its interesting but we really dont know what Fritz knows or anybody else. Fritz could have been told but we might not have seen it on camera. As for Brenda moving up, I don’t think that is going to happen. I also don’t think that she will be in the new show even though it’s nice to think that. We already know that Captain Raydor will be the star of this show so this could mean anything.

  5. innerjuju says:

    So sad to think that the some of the best parts of this show Brenda, her relationship with Fritz and her relationship with her parents will be gone. Major Crimes might go on (including the new series) but it sure won’t be the same…

  6. Mels says:

    I just watched this episode and i then read your post, and i wanted to correct something – you wrote ” Brenda then finds out that Reggie made a call after Goldman left that put out a hit on of the people who killed Baylor and this person is James Turner.” – nope, Reggie made a call to Marvin Evans, NOT James Turner.

    And Reggie’s call to Marvin made Marvin put a hit on James Turner. James Turner was killed by his brother, who took instructions from Marvin.

    James Turner revealed to Goldman the guys who witnessed (and possibly did) the killing of Baylor as James himself was one of the 5 witnesses (and possibly also took part in the killing).

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