Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Moonlighting

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Blue Bloods

Original Air Date: Dec 2, 2011

FK – Sr. Editor

A lot has been going on with the Reagan family. Henry had a heart attack (but survived), Erin is sort of dating an art thief (he’s a Robin Hood though so it’s ok..sarcasm..), Jaime is undercover in an Italian crime family (“Jimmy” his is name-o), and Frank is, well, being Frank.

Tonight we dive deeper into the Sanfino family (and Jaime starts getting a bit too close to one of the females…), we get a tour of the town courtesy of Danny and a former hit man, Frank gets a new “fixer” and Erin finds out the truth about Jacob.

Frank and his Fixer: Frank hires a Head of Confidential Investigation Squad, aka the fixer. His name is Sam Croft, an old friend of the Reagan’s apparently. Instead of having Jackie go along with Danny on his Barone assignment, Frank sends Sam, who apparently was a rookie with Danny. Mr. Fixer tells Frank that Jacob is guilty, no doubt about it, but there is no hard proof yet.

Jaime finds his inner Jimmy: Finally undercover, Jaime is selling stocks in companies that don’t exist and all the money goes to the Sanfino organization. As far as his undercover task at hand, his goal is to get to the client list. The head of it all is Johnny, who is not happy to see Jaime sucking face with Bianca (Noble’s sister). Jaime tells his detective he can’t just stop seeing Bianca because it will raise questions. He’s given strict instructions to get the client list and get out of there – quickly. Johnny is not impressed with “Jimmy” because of catching him with Bianca. Noble comes by to check on him and Nice Noble goes away and becomes a meanie. “Jimmy” apologizes – profusely. Noble tells “Jimmy” to go away for a few so he can talk to Johnny. Ruh roh. Add on top of this the fact that Jaime isn’t doing well on the phones and this is not going to end well. While uploading the client list, which is very large and on an older computer, Jaime almost gets caught. Johnny watches him like a hawk but Johnny suspects something when Jaime almost has to shut off his screen. After work, Johnny approaches Jaime about having ripped the client list. In a blink-and-you-missed it moment, Jaime swallows the flash drive and after being searched, he’s beaten to a pulp by Johnny and another guy. I guess he couldn’t defend himself or else they’d know he wasn’t just a regular guy? Either way, he’s beaten pretty bad. Bianca finds “Jimmy” and he uses it as the opportunity to break things off with her. At Sunday dinner, instead of being all doom and gloom about being beat up, the family laughs about Jaime’s ability to swallow things.

Danny and Sam(my): Tommy Barone Jr. is a car thief is the son of Tommy Barone Sr., who is serving several life sentences for taking out hits on guys. Erin asks Danny to have him drive Tommy Sr. around to find the location of the bodies he were buried. In return, Jr. won’t serve any time. Tommy Sr. immediately asks about when he gets to use the bathroom and my get says something is going to go wrong. He passes the first test (telling them where a body WAS found previously) and then says he has to pee and that he’s hungry. Danny says no way, they’re not falling for anything. During the bathroom/food break, Tommy Sr. tells Danny about hit he didn’t take on but will give him the guy if he arranges a meeting with his son. Urgh, come on Danny! You’re smarter than this. What he does notice is a car following them. Sam says they’re different, no worries. Being the nice guy he is, Danny arranges the meeting between Jr. and Sr. after Sr. gives them specific information they asked for. While going over the day’s information, Danny sees the car that had been following them again and they get shot at. There’s Danny’s cop gut again! Sam was right about one thing though – there were two different cars…and both were after them! Barone apologizes to Danny for setting him up

Erin gets ditched: Things with Jacob the Art Thief aren’t going in a good direction and Erin asks Frank for advice. The head detective on the case gives Erin some extra information and she decides his Robin Hood defense doesn’t hold up any more. Jacob meets up with Erin to tell her the truth and keeps telling her he’s not a thief. While they’re talking, they discover they’re being followed. Jacob thinks it was Erin doing but she had no idea. Frank is afraid the artwork Jacob gave her is stolen and Erin argues with him (and is just annoyed in general at the accusations). When Erin goes to meet with Jacob, she finds the detective. Winds up Jacob has fled the country. Although there still is no solid evidence to prove he’s guilty, would an innocent man run? She promises the detective to call immediately if she hears from him.

So that was a lot of cop stuff going on. Before I forget, was Tommy Barone Jr. played by Aaron Lohr, aka Portman from The Mighty Ducks?? I swear it was but can’t find the credit anywhere! BASH BROTHERS!! Okay, back to the show…The Fixer was hired to look at internal affairs and Frank assigned him to Erin and Jaime as his first assignments? Of course! I like him though but he seems a bit, off? Like he’s got something up his sleeve. I almost wonder if he’s not working for the mayor to see what Frank does wrong. Either way, I’m always game for new characters. I enjoyed the Sunday dinner poking fun at Jaime’s swallowing abilities and am enjoying the Sanfino case way more than the Blue Templar case, especially since he might actually like Bianca. I was disappointed in Danny falling for the Barone guy but guess it shows he’s not perfect! I’m still unsure what the point of the Jacob storyline was – maybe to bring a detective on the case into Erin’s life? For Nicky to find out art is her passion? Hopefully we find out soon!

But anyhoo, those are just my thoughts, what about you? Leave your two cents below!

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1 Response to Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Moonlighting

  1. Christy says:

    I always got the feeling there was something between Sam and Erin in the past but nothing ever said

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