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Blue Bloods
Lonely Hearts Club

Original Air Date: Nov 11, 2011

FK – Sr. Editor

This show continues to make me a believer that the writers read my recaps. The last few weeks I’ve been annoyed that all the plots are intertwined and this week, none of the stories are connected! Sometimes I feel like they’re still in the first season and feeling things out but the writing is that of a veteran show.

So what am I rambling about? In tonight’s episode, Jackie goes undercover to catch a serial killer, Erin meets a man, Frank is threatened with a “Blue Flu” and Henry may take a job.

Blue Flu and Ajax aren’t diseases: Frank got to give his stare down a good workout this week when he went toe-to-toe with a union representative who was threatening a “Blue Flu” (or a “sick out” if that makes it easier to understand) if Frank cut his budget. To be honest, it was a bit boring but pretty realistic to outsource training and things like that. In a weird twist, Henry was offered a private security/consulting job for Ajax. Unbeknownst to him, it was one of the companies used to outsource police training. In the end, Frank doesn’t cut the budget and Henry doesn’t take the job. Yes, Sunday dinners will remain unchanged.

Erin loves the arts: Trying to keep Nicky away from pursuing a career in law enforcement (or law period?), Erin takes Nicky to an art gallery. While Nicky is analyzing a painting, an agent for the artist overhears and joins them for a conversation. He takes a quick liking to Erin and asks her to dinner via a note sent to her office (and sends Nicky a painting by the artist). On their date, Erin smiles a lot and enjoys his company. Even though Nicky isn’t going to pick up a paint brush anytime soon, seems like Erin may be going out a bit more often.

Undercover partner: When a prostitute is killed, Danny and Jackie discover she is third in a few weeks. The pattern is the same for all – and they all look exactly the same. In a creepy discovery, they all look like Jackie. Without any real clues to the killer, Jackie asks the boss to put her undercover. Danny is completely against it, saying he’s lost too many partners (really? This is news to me..). Jackie says she needs to do this for the girls (she had no one helping her growing up…really? Again, news to me…). The men show up one after another and include a Congressman! But the killer never shows. Danny and company pack up and at that moment, the killer shows. Jackie is shot up with drugs but before she can be killed, Danny figures it out and takes the killer – er, killers – down. The mother and brother of one of the prostitutes felt they were saving the girls from horrible lives by killing them.

Most people would say this episode was just “eh.” But there was a lot of information in this episode that can give us some great stuff in the future. For one, Jackie thew a lot of information at us! She was a bad kid, her mom threw her out, she went though some “bad times” and then became a cop who now lives alone, doesn’t date and uses her oven to store clothes. Pretty sure we’re going to get more on that soon. Also important was the fact that we never saw Danny go into “boyfriend” mode but more of brotherly mode. Sometimes on cop shows, a line is crossed (especially when the female partner dresses like a hooker) and Danny never went there. Thumbs up to that! What I did find curious was how open Jaime was about being undercover. I thought only Frank and Danny knew about it but apparently he’s telling everyone.

Next week it’s a Blue Bloods Thanksgiving! In the meantime, leave your two cents below about tonight’s episode!

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