Rules Of Engagement – Recap & Review – Audrey Is Dumb

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Rules of Engagement
Audrey is Dumb

Original Air Date: Nov. 3, 2011

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Yes, in the words of Jeff: Audrey is dumb, as in, she can’t speak. This makes Jeff very happy and he lets her and everyone else know it. We also have Russ that is making Timmy do his dirty work…as usual. Finally, and the best of all, is Adam learning how his good looks is the reason he gets away with what he does.

Let’s get started ….

Jeff & Audrey
Audrey has throat surgery and is told not to speak for a week. Jeff taunts her and says how great it is going to be. But when her Aunt Lucy dies, Audrey wants to go and say a few words in the hopes her voice is better by then. Well, it isn’t and Jeff steps up to the podium at the funeral and starts talking. Yes, we all cringed along with Audrey as we waited for some stupid thing to come out of his mouth. He gives a nice little story about how nice the Aunt was to him only to find out that one of the OTHER Aunts at the funeral home was the one he was talking about. He promises to give the same speech when she dies.

Russ & Timmy
Timmy wants a raise and Russ tells him that he can have one if he does the dirty deed of firing some guy in another dept. Timmy Timmy…have you not learned anything? Of course Timmy finds out the guy is going to have a baby and bought a new house, so he finds him another (better paying) job. Timmy also finds himself a better job and demands a raise or he is leaving. In the end Timmy gets his raise even though I would have left and taken the other job. Russ now has to treat him like a decent human being…we will see how that works out.

Adam & Jenn
Ok, so let me first start out by asking the writers to give more story time to Adam. Oliver Hudson is a joy to watch as he brings such silly stupidity or as some say ‘dumb blonde’ moments to Adam. I loved watching his story most of all. It starts out where he is getting free coffee and pie and nobody else is. They tell him he gets this stuff because of his looks. He denies it and tries to prove it to them. So he gets some Halloween makeup and makes himself look …well…not very attractive at all. He doesn’t get a free first drink, nor does he get the gal he is using his bad pick-up line on. He wanted to let his personality out more…well I don’t think that will work either…use what God gave ya Adam, your looks!

My favorite episode by far is the one where Adam finds his old cheerleading outfit and shows everyone. At the end he does this cheer thing at the diner that had me on the floor laughing. So writers- Please give Adam more story time! Of course I do love Warburton’s facial expressions also, so maybe we need to get Jeff and Adam in some weird situations… that would be fun.

Did you watch? Are you reading this? Leave me a note in the comments.

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