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photo: fx

photo: fx

Sons of Anarchy

Original Air Date: Nov 1, 2011

Lyssa G – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week was just mind boggling. Clay continues to make insane choices. Every time he opens his mouth, I want to slap him because all that comes out of him is lies. Piney is gone after last week and Gemma knows that Clay lied to her. This is turning into insanity. As this season is progressing, I am more and more confused. Lets see what this week brings us…

We start out with Juice, Chibs and Jax talking about Juice trying to commit suicide. He says that it was about the time, and Miles. He seems to have something wrong. When Chibs is talking we remember why he is so amazing. He talked about how he killed a man when he was back in Ireland. How he himself had considered doing the same thing that Juice did. Chibs convinces Jax to talk to Clay about pulling Juice off of the cartel until they figure out where he is at. Clay and Jax go and talk to Luis and Alvarez. They have figured out that the Niners are getting drugs from Lobo Sonora. They figured this out because every time they have tried to get in contact with them, they have not showed up. They set up a meeting to go talk to them about their new business. As all of this is going on Gemma attempts to call Piney, but he is dead on the floor of the cabin and no one knows yet.

We see the boys in Gemma’s dining room around the table. They are talking about the deal with the Niners and Bobby continues to voice his displeasure with the cartel and all of the heat that this has brought to the club. As they are talking Chibs walks in and he has the Irish on the phone. They are talking about setting up a meet with the cartel before they deal the bigger guns to them. The Irish agree to the meeting as long as it is clear that there is no expectations.

Roosevelt comes to talk to Juice. He attempts to hand him bugged cell phone throwaways. As he is doing that, Juice tells him that he is done helping. The sheriff sees the marks on his neck and we can see that he is hurting because he knows that in a way he has pushed him to what he had done.

Margaret Murphy comes to talk to Tara. They are talking about how Tara is going to go to Oregon. Tara asks her that if anything is to happen to her that she delivers JT’s letters to either Jax or Piney, not knowing that Piney is already dead. When she checks in the manila envelope she realizes that Gemma found them when she finds a stack of blank paper in the envelope.

We are back in the room with Linc and Roosevelt. They are talking about how Juice is unstable and how he does not even care about the club killing him anymore. They play a tape of what had Bobby and Otto were talking about. They show Roosevelt the pictures of Georgie and how he is still alive.

When the Niners meet up with the Son’s. They are talking about business and how they are rolling deep. Niners say that there is no business with Lobo. After Leroy spits in Luis’ face, Jax punches him and convinces him to cooperate with Galindo’s. After that Jax again tried to convice him to make a deal with the Galindo cartel.

Gemma goes up to the cabin to see Piney. She sees him dead on the floor. She knew this was coming and she is yelling at him that she told him not to get involved and now it is too late. Unser comes up to the cabin and sees Piney. Gemma and Unser know for sure that it was Clay. They talk about how Clay is a wounded animal and how they cannot protect him. Unser tells her clearly that the next dead body that she is going to have on her hands is Tara’s. Gemma tells him that their hands are just as bloody… Then she kissed him… I am sorry, but that was just awkward, so much so I had to cover my eyes. Unser kicks her out and says that he is going to handle it.

The Niners are still standing. They had called Lobo and brought them up to where they were at. As the Niners are standing there, the Galindos start shooting, they manage to shoot at almost everyone. Then the Lobo’s left and the Galindos tried to kill off the Niners. As they were about to start shooting, Jax manages to talk him down. Luis pulls Clay aside and hands him a cell phone to call Tara’s hit man.

Tara is sitting in the office waiting on Gemma to come in. She bluntly comes out and accuses Gemma for taking the letters. Gemma knows that she just has the copy’s. Tara did not know that Piney said that he had the letters. Tara seems to know that if Jax reads those letters that it will absolutely tear him apart. She knows that if Jax read those letters that he would kill Clay and he would end up further in the club and she would lose him. She also knows that if Jax read them that it would kill his relationship with Gemma.

Linc goes and meets up with Otto again. Otto does not want to have anything to do with him. Linc tells him that Luann’s death still has not been avenged. Georgie is alive and now Otto knows. Linc convinces him that Bobby lied to him because of the relationship that he had with Luann and the statistic that the last person sleeping with someone is usually the one that killed her.

Jax and Gemma have a sit down. He tells her that he needs to get his family away from headless bodies… As they are talking about Tara going up to the conference in Oregon, Chibs walks in and tells Jax that he has not been able to find or get a hold of Juice that he has just disappeared again. We see him walking through a doorway and Linc is standing there. He walks him into the back room and as Juice is looking around the room at all of the pictures, he freaks out and starts beating on Roosevelt for lying to him this entire time.

Bobby comes and talks to Jax. He tells him that he was great with how he handled all of the cartel and Niner issue. Bobby tells him about how Clay told him that he would pass him the gavel after he steps down as the president. Bobby tells him that this is his path and he needs to get out. When he is talking to Jax we can see how much he really knows what is best for the club… I honestly believe that Bobby deserves the gavel. Jax walks into the clubhouse and talks to Clay. They talk about how Opie is not the one who can leave the club. Jax knows that they need an exit strategy away from the cartel and then he is leaving. Clay takes a shot at Tara and says that she is clouding Jax’s judgement. Jax threatens him “If you ever talk that way about Tara again, I will pound those half dead hands so hard into this table, you wont ever be able to hold that gavel again.”

Juice and Linc are talking. He said that they are going to use RICO. Linc convinces him that he is going to use that act to get the Irish and he will pick up the Son’s another way. Linc asks him to find out about the meet, Juice says that it is above his pay grade. Even being in the club he is still cut out of certain decisions. Linc tells him that he will not use RICO against the club and he will not take down the entire MC.

Gemma and Clay finally talk to each other on the swings. They talk about all of the lies that she lives with and can never speak of. She tells him that she knows about Piney and why he killed him. She makes him promise that he will not touch Tara. He looks her in the eyes and promises her that he is not going to do anything. Then he quotes Bryan Adams “Everything I do, I do it for you.” The music starts playing and we see Jax tell Tara that he is going to go with her. He tells her that he just has a few things to tie up and he is out. Not 10 seconds after Gemma drives away, Clay pulls out the phone that Luis handed him and the reaper comes up on the screen as the phone is ringing, and now we have another 7 days until the next episode of Sons…

Clay is continuing to dig himself into a hole and it is only a matter of tie before Jax figures out what is happening to Clay. He has lost his way and if Tara is killed, it is just going to push him so deep into the club that he is never going to get out.

4 weeks to go until the end of the season! What do you think is going to happen? What did you think about this week?

Next week: Hands

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11 Responses to Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Kiss

  1. todd dennis says:

    I believe pounding Clay’s crippled fists into the table is lame. He can hardly ride his scooter at this point. Get that lame ass arthritic outta the club as he has generally fucked up and put his own self interest above the clubs. I believe a single 1/8 ” drill bit in each knee cap would be sufficient to get his chicken shit ass to cry mercy. Gemma ain’t much better. Just a poor misguided soul. And she told him where Tara was headed to. ASSHAT!!!

    • Lyssa says:

      I actually liked it. The tension between Jax and Clay is only going to get worse from what I can tell. At this point there is no way that Clay is going to get out of this club alive. Sadly there is only 4 episodes left this season. I am looking forward to them but I know there is no way to tie up everything that is going on.

      I think that the letters are putting way too many people in danger. There is no way for this to end well.

  2. Crain McKinley says:

    Good write up Lyssa! enjoyed it

  3. Lyssa says:

    Here is the preview for next weeks episode!

  4. Great review, just one question. Did Unser dispose of Piney, so he will just be “missing”?

    • Lyssa says:

      Not sure. He stated that he was going to find a way to point it further at Lobo Sonora, but after we saw him at the cabin with Gemma, he was not in another scene the rest of the episode. I am sure that we will find out what he did with him next week!

  5. doryan says:

    Wow this is a great film, I am very entertained just on the preview what more of the whole story, great post

    Zero Dramas

  6. I look for Jax to take out Clay once he finds out it was Clay who set the hit up.

    • Lyssa says:

      I am also hoping for that to happen. Clays time at the head of that table is done. I would love for Jax to do it but I think it may end up being Opie who finishes him off. Either one will be great.

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