Two And A Half Men – Recap & Review – Those Fancy Japanese Toilets

photo: cbs

Two and a Half Men
Those Fancy Japanese Toilets

Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2011

FK – Sr. Editor

Ever wondered what Charlie Harper really thought? Yah, me neither. But tonight, thanks to a secret safe deposit box, we get to find out the inner thoughts of good ol’ Charlie.

We also get to see two more women become ridiculously infatuated with Walden (still don’t get it…), Jake makes an appearance and you may need some Bleach when it’s all over.

Interior Motive: Jake is a quick one, ain’t he? The girl he likes (his tutor) is not into him. But she sure is into Walden. Seriously?? COME ON! Anyhoo … after Walden woos her (gross!), she decides to hook up with Jake. While we only see them shake hands after it’s all over, let’s just assume he is going down the same road as his father, uncle and new upstairs neighbor.

Deep Thoughts by Charlie Harper: Charlie had a secret safe deposit box. Although he hoped it would have a secret stash of cash for him, Alan got a journal (while Evelyn got a fancy watch). Alan relives Charlie’s life through his brother’s eyes and discovers he actually was loved! Also in the journal, confessions of Charlie, who predicted his own death (although he said he’d get hit by a bus, not a train…) and admitted brief regret over briefly not remembering his woman-of-the-moment.

Double Nintendo: Walden getting women all hot isn’t new information. Evelyn being a cougar isn’t new information either. But when these two actually landed in bed, I wanted to throw up. I really don’t want to write any more about it. My eyes are burning.

I enjoyed seeing Jake again (he’s alive!) but the episode as a whole was horrible. Evelyn and Walden?? Although his look of terror was great and hopefully a turning point for him. I’d also wish the show would decide if they want to hold on to Charlie or let him go. I feel like we’re stuck in Charlie limbo. And it’s not fun. But that’s just my opinion. What are your thoughts? Leave your two cents below!

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3 Responses to Two And A Half Men – Recap & Review – Those Fancy Japanese Toilets

  1. Mad Hemingway says:

    Carnac the Magnificent says CBS is trying to position for a Dallas dream-like season where Bobby dreamt it all, and then they will offer Lesley Moonves’ position to Charley Sheen.

  2. Marc says:

    I didn’t like any episodes in season 9 at all so far, not even a laugh. This episode I laughed a bit, probably because of the Charlie references. I believe an opening for Charlie is being kept alive and he’ll one day come back and the show will be the biggest ever on TV. Otherwise the show simpky will not last.

  3. Amy_lm1 says:

    I don’t know why I watch show, I guess because it is always on TV, even on at the same time on different channels in the afternoon but I don’t like it. I don’t get the girls throwing themselves all over Walden, he looks greasy with long hair & he is so childish. Allan is whiney, always has been and always will be and you can’t even feel sorry for him. Jake is just too dumb, not even realistically dumb and I hate how shows make dumb characters. I would say I wouldn’t watch anymore but that would be a lie. It is like I have to watch this show even though it sucks.

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