How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

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How I Met Your Mother
The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2011

Caitlin – Associate Staff Writer

Happy Halloween! Tonight’s holiday episode of HIMYM features Marshall and Lily in the suburbs, a very embarrassing secret (for him) about Barney, and the return of a certain Halloween memory for Ted.

You may also remember the slutty pumpkin from early in the series. After seeing her in at a party, Ted has been wearing the same costume to meet her every year. At last, tonight, she is revealed!

That’s not all that’s revealed, however. Robin is friends with Barney’s father on Facebook, through which she learns Barney is a quarter-gasp- Canadian! But never mind that, because Ted retells the story of his first meeting with the Slutty Pumpkin and gets her address from a shop when the little orange costume returns to popularity. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily visit her grandparents, who give the two…their house? Lily acts thrilled, but I’m confused and so is Marshall. For that matter, so is Ted, whose first kiss with SP/Naomi doesn’t go well at all.

Robin is convinced that Lily only approves of the suburbs now because she’s pregnant. She also continues to torment Barney about his newfound nationality, saying that if he dresses as a Canadian Mountie for Halloween, she’ll leave him alone. She has cause in both cases- Lily’s pregnancy is going to her head in a big way. Now if only she could talk some sense into Ted, who sleeps with Naomi despite the fact she gets crazier by the second. How else does he respond to this girl saying “caress” over and over? By telling her he loves her. Oh, Ted.

Unsurprisingly, Barney doesn’t wear Robin’s costume, showing up as a shirtless Uncle Sam and condemning himself to continued Canada references. Elsewhere, Lily has been using subtle (and vaguely Freudian) tactics to get Marshall interested in the suburbs. It does work, but when she gives trick-or-treaters a stapler, she realizes Robin might have a point. Nobody can believe Ted’s still with Naomi, and they don’t have to. She breaks up with him, saying her behavior was an act to get him to turn away. And this, Ted, is why you shouldn’t “Ted up” with any girl. At least until you meet the mother.

The episode ends with Barney as Uncle Sam fighting a Canadian Barney, who is nice to the former even as he gets punched. Between that and Ted with Naomi, I think Lily’s “pregnancy brain” is spreading to the others. Still, it was nice to that the writers remembered Slutty Pumpkin, who has been the subject of much fan discussion since her first appearance, even though she’s not the mother.
Save for Lily’s pregnancy, this episode could have fit almost anywhere in the series so far. With no Nora or Kevin and no major plot developments besides seeing where Lily and Marshall may live someday, we spent most of the time with Ted as a hopeless romantic, Barney hating on Canada for no real reason, Slutty Pumpkin and her signature Tootsie Roll, and the “hanging chad” costume. It almost felt like when the show was young- and isn’t that appropriate for Halloween?

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1 Response to How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

  1. Alexander says:

    Just a blast from the past. What’s the name of the girl at the end of the episode with the “To do me” sign ?

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