The Vampire Diaries – Recap & Review – Ghost World

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The Vampire Diaries
Ghost Worlds

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2011

Ky – TwoCents Reviewer

Ghost World. In which multiple dead people come back because the writers love us. Damon is being led down rabbit holes, Stefan is being derippified—maybe, and Jeremy has girlfriend issues.

Damon wakes up to a hot poker in his chest…because revenge is not so fun. Mason lurks, Stefan half helps before ditching his brother. A fiery round of fry-the-Damon cuts to Carol Lockwood opening YET ANOTHER Founding event. For your guys’ cultural knowledge, Mystic Falls’ “Night of Illumination” falls on the Hindu holiday Diwali (today) which is the festival of lights. I was excited.

Anyway, at this shindig, Anna is creepin’ it ghost style all snarky and invisible to anyone but Jeremy. They are adorable holding hands, even though it makes Jeremy look weeeeeeird.

Speaking of Anna, Bonnie and Caroline are speaking of Anna over at a ladder. Damon rolls up in The Cool Car of Salvatore to inform the duo that all the ghosts are on the loose now. He orders Bonnie to fix it and squeals away.

Outside the Grille, Elena presents the idea of summoning Lexi to de-rippify Stefan to Jeremy and Ric shoots her butt down good. The supernatural population is still not on his list of good guys, obviously. Anna maintains her creeper status by eavesdropping from the one empty chair at the table. Because that chair is necessary. Because neither Alaric or Elena suspect a thing.

Over by the ladder, Caroline and Bonnie determine that Vicki is gone for good and then Bonnie’s grimoire opens in a purposeful way to a manifestation spell to reveal the ghosts.

Oops, Jeremy stares at the “empty” chair too long and suddenly Alaric and Elena suspect many things. But Stefan interrupts their suspecting to be over-intense about not caring. He even offers Elena some relationship advice, namely “Move the heck on, girl!” (My theory still stands guys, stronger than EVER.)

It looks like Bonnie and Caroline are going to be a duo all episode! They go back to the formerly haunted witch house to try to get rid of the ghost that’s kissing Jeremy in the bathroom at the Grille (prime kissing spot of Mystic Falls). Caroline lights the candles while Bonnie chants the juju words. And then—bam! Grams has arrived.

All the ghosts are suddenly visible. Elena walks in on Jeremy and Anna, Lexi ambushes Stefan, and Mason surprises Damon and Alaric at the bar.

Lexi is displeased. Stefan is “off the rails. Big time.” And she’s going to fix him if she has to knock his butt out by smashing his head against the passenger side window of a random car. (I love this girl.)

Grams tells Bonnie that by bringing Jeremy back to life she cracked open the door to the Other Side and Vicki’s witch opened it wide when Bonnie sent Vicki back. Bonnie inquires what the witch wants and Grams warns her away from it, it’s “Original vampire business” and she needs to stay the heck out of that. Which, too late, but nice try, Grams. In order to close the door, Elena’s necklace has to be destroyed. Elena gives the okay, but rescinds it when Lexi sneaks up on her and offers to show her how to save Stefan.

They vacate the premises as Mason tells Damon all he wants is an apology for the torturing and the killing. Also, Mason knows things about killing Klaus!! When Damon kinda apologizes, Mason tells him to meet him underground, alone with a shovel… Sounds like a great plan.

Underneath city hall, Stefan wakes up chained to a chair, because that is the preferred vampire position this episode. After a short explanation of step one—which is to starve the bloodlust out of him—Lexi pulls a magic eye trick out of her hat and Stefan starts to squirm. (If anybody has any theories about what she’s doing and how she can do it—please, please share.)

Once the well-placed commercial break is through, Damon actually participates in what appears to be the single worst plan ever.

Stefan is hallucinating in other underground places, going through starvation at warp speed. Elena’s looking a little woozy but a well-timed call from Caroline allows her to go get some air. Apparently, the Caro/Bonnie partnership isn’t having any luck finding the necklace and during the search pause, Caroline spills the beans about Jeremy’s ghostly kiss.

Oh no the tomb vampires are out!! Frederic—remember him? He’s still got revenge on the brain; he has not been enlightened by death at all. He and the other tomb vamps have killed Mr. Fell and hung him bloody and gross from a tree in town square.

Meanwhile, bellow them, Stefan is heartbreaking as he pleads with Elena to help him. But it’s the Ripper talking, Lexi says, he’s lying through his teeth. He’ll say anything to be freed. Step two is pain. Make him feel, until he’s ready to be saved. A few stabs with a wooden stake later, Elena’s about to lose her lunch and flees.

Caroline and Bonnie are still tearing Damon’s room apart looking for the necklace—Caroline even checks the soap dish! Throwbacks to prior episodes, I love it. Since it’s the episode of the phone calls, she talks to Jeremy and insinuates that Anna stole the necklace. Anna promptly disappears after that phone call and returns armed with said necklace.

Not knowing that his room is being destroyed, Damon keeps trekking with Mason. The pathway is booby trapped with automatic, vervain-soaked stakes and Damon is suddenly in a tight spot. Fortunately, Mason has been being honest and saves him.

On the flipside, Anna and Jeremy say goodbye as Lexi runs out of time to save Stefan. She tries to make him remember how he felt about the necklace, to no avail.

One by one, our friendly and not friendly ghosts are sucked back away. Elena assures Lexi that she can save Stefan and Grams tells Bonnie she’s proud of her. Damon is locked out of the important part of the Lockwood’s secret underground passage in their secret underground dungeon and Mason disappears before he can reveal what he’s found.

And then Damon and Ric finally have it out over Damon killing him! It’s beautiful and bromantic. Also, Elena vows to leave Stefan if he doesn’t shape up—she won’t love a ghost for the rest of her life. One last confrontation, Bonnie sends Jeremy packing just before she discovers the necklace is NOT destroyed. O.O!

Strangely, what Alaric discovers on the cave wall with Damon on looking is a stick figure drawing.

But guys, it’s your turn now! If you want to talk more theory with me, BY ALL MEANS DO! (See this post—the reply to the first comment—for original theory talk, in case you missed it.) Any and ALL theories. Also, please please explain the Lexi eye-thing to me—I know somebody has good ideas about this. Your two cents goes right down there—handy dandy comment box!

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7 Responses to The Vampire Diaries – Recap & Review – Ghost World

  1. NIna still in Anchorage says:

    NO! I want Anna and Lexie back, stat! Interesting that Mason confirmed Anna’s statement of being all alone. Makes sense; they have unfinished business so they’re in limbo/purgatory. If they don’t, they move on and find peace.
    I don’t think Stefan is faking being compelled. If he were still on vervain, Klaus wouldn’t have been able to compel him to remember the 20s and Rebekah, and he obviously did at the end of that episode. I’ll grant you, it’s possible he was faking that too, now that I think about it. As for all the lovey dovey stuff still going on like when he caught her, I think the producers are setting us up for it to be more poignant when Delena finally happens. Remember, Damon’s switch was off when he first came back, but he still cared about Stefan and what happened to him. Stefan’s just being S1DamonLite. IMO. Thanks for having a decent recap! Hope you’re familiar with all the other ones, because I *love* some of the snark they get!

    • Ky TTC says:

      I know, I wish Anna and Lexi hadn’t left too. :/

      I don’t think it’s vervain that prevented Stefan from being compelled, simply willpower. And I think he was compelled to remember the 20s, like you mentioned, because at the time he didn’t even know one could resist compulsion. But that’s just my theory. 🙂

      As for other recaps, nope I live kind of in a hole when it comes to those. 😛 I just stick to what I do here with you guys.

      • Elle says:

        I also believe that it was willpower that prevented compulsion. Remember, Klaus said Stefan: “the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.” Total willpower… at first.

  2. Vance says:

    Anna can still be here, so long as Jeremy thinks about her. Jeremy basically asked if she would still be around after the crack was fixed, and she replied yes, but that it’s not right for him to do this. But, this is Jeremy people, and you know he likes to be indulgent. We will see Anna again.

    • Ky TTC says:

      REALLY???? I guess I was distracted by the epic goodbye when that was said, but I remember now. Except, what if Anna found peace when she found her mom? Then she’s gone for good.

  3. Lainey says:

    “Redemption” Mason was awesome! Not only was he much funnier as a ghost but has he led our team to what may be an important clue to killing Klaus AND he inadvertently caused our favourite couple to get back together. Bromantic indeed! I was doin’ the jumpy claps on my couch when Alaric grungingly accepted Damon’s “apology”.

    Oh, and about your theory, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you are right. I think Stefan has finally realized that the only way to beat Klaus is going to be as an insider. Until some one is been able to figure out a way to kill him yet (beyond speculation) it makes sense for Stefan to do what he has to in order to maintain his cover, so to speak.

    • Ky TTC says:

      That moment between Alaric and Damon was all kinds of lovely. I was also doin’ the jumpy claps. :)))

      I just really love the idea of Stefan fooling everyone–I think he’s capable and that it makes so much sense. Thank you for your support! 😀

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