Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Family Recipe

photo: fx

photo: fx

Sons of Anarchy
Family Recipe

Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2011

Lyssa G – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week we had more guns, more violence and an ending that left some stunned and others sitting on chat boards re-watching the episode because of something we heard. This week should be no different. This show always seems to take itself somewhere that we never thought they could go, then the creator not only takes it there, but makes it look so easy! Just viewing the preview for this week brought up a lot of questions as to what is going to happen with Tara and Jax.

Also we still have to find out what is going to happen with Bobby calling for a vote to challenge Clay being president. Another piece we are still waiting to find out about is what really happened to Juice? Did the branch really break? Lets see what happens!

We start out this week exactly where we left off. Juice has fallen from the tree (yay!). Tig and Chibs are coming up to see what happened to him. When they see him, he uses the security wires as his excuse for why he had the marks around his neck. They have him come back to the club house for the officer vote. Roosevelt comes to Tara’s house to tell her that he received information from the hospital that she did receive a death threat. He even has the letter with him. He says that he is coordinating with hospital security so there is a detail on her at all times. We see Piney coming in for the vote on whether or not to keep Clay as the president. Jax and Opie talk about the risks that come with Bobby becoming president. Piney and Opie talk about the vote they are trying to push through this. They want to get through this with Bobby at the head of the table. As they go into the club house to vote it, Clay obviously voted no, Tig votes no and as we are waiting for Chibs answer, the club gets shot up by Lobo Senora. As they are attacking they throw a bag by Gemma’s truck and then turn around and run. Chucky finds a bag with Armando’s head and someone elses in a bag.

As they are taking the man from Lobo Senora and the heads out to the reservation we see that Juice is still having a hard time with everything.Piney confronts Clay about the cartel. He tells him that this attack and the heads in the bag means that this is his get out of drugs free card. He says that they have that day alone to get out of the drug business or he is going to deliver the letters to the club. As Clay is talking with Jax, Bobby and Tig. They are talking about how they already talked to their charter in Arizona and how they had assumed the worst. They also find out that a shipment of drugs had been taken from the Mayan’s and three of Alvarez’s guys are missing as well. As they are talking about this we hear police sirens going off. Piney gets on his bike and is heading up to the cabin, Opie asks him not to go… he tells him to keep his head down and he rides away.

Chucky finds another head by Gemma’s truck as the cops pull up. We see Gemma, Jax and Clay talking about the fundraiser for the gardens. Clay is tasking Tig with protecting Gemma. Roosevelt comes to the club house. Gemma talks about another auto shop that they think caused the problems as a joke. When Roosevelt tells Jax about the death threat and Jax kind of threatens him. We see Tig and Gemma standing together as everyone is moving their way out of the club house. Happy is torturing the Lobo that fell out of the truck. When the Luis from the other Cartel comes in, he gives him a truth serum and finds out that a Mayan is the one that is feeding information to Lobo Senora. Alvarez knows exactly who it is. They come up with a plan to take out the 25 Lobo’s that are state side by feeding the rat information. Luis ask for help from the Son’s since the Galindo’s do not have enough people with them.

As the Sons are talking about the issue and the fund raiser. Clay decides to stay out of the shoot out they have planned. Everyone else leaves and we see Opie and Jax talking. Opie says that he is going to go an see his kids, while Jax says that he is going to see Piney up at the cabin and see how he is doing. Chucky is trying to get one of the heads that he had to hide in the chilly out, as he is trying to get it out one of the sheriffs asks for two bowls of it… Tara and Gemma talking about how the hospital thinks that she is a risk to have there. They pulled her out of surgery and she is not supposed to be there. They are talking about how the club keeps changing and how they both hate it but they need to stick it through. When they going in to check on the recipe Gemma finds the head in the pot. She tells Chucky to take it up to Happy, then we get the much anticipated “I accept that.” Clay talks with Oswald at the fund raiser about making a donation. Clay asks him to help cover the 75,000 that they need. He wants to get Charming back to the way that it has been and how he just wants his town back. Jax goes up to see Piney. They are talking about the cartel issue and how it is going to kill the sons. Piney tells him that he has always reminded him of John. “We all do damage, character is determined by how we repair it.” As they are fighting about the club and all of the issues that it has. As Jax is telling him that it is about keeping his family whole. Piney wants him to know that he sounds exactly like his father.

We see the club at the fundraiser for Charming gardens. Clay goes up to Roosevelt and asks to make a formal donation. Clay gives a speech to the whole fundraiser. The speech made me smile because it seemed as though he really cares about his town. He brings Elliott up on stage and says that he is the man who should be mayor. He hands Rita 2 checks for 75 thousand dollars. The Sons, Mayans and Cartel are ready for battle with Lobo Senora. Juice is in the back, he has no bulletproof vest on and he walks out as the men are leaving. When they go outside of the gun warehouse they have a truck with the bodies for all of the heads of the people they killed. As they are picking u all of the bodies, Juice says that he is going up to the warehouse, but Chibs knows that there is something wrong for sure now.

Tara and Jax are talking about how this life is going to end up hurting their kids. She tells him that she is going away and taking the boys. Jax is ok with this because he knows that it is the safest thing for her and for the boys.  He looks happy about the fact that another hospital is interested in her. They talk about telling Gemma the truth about her leaving.

As Gemma is cleaning up the clubhouse Clay calls. Gemma tells him that she is on her way home. Clay tells her that he is locked down in the Chapel but she is looking at it. Tig is laying down on a pool table. She asks him to take her home and he takes her purse and puts it over his shoulder. I almost died laughing. Juice is trying to get the chain off of the branch, Chibs finds him in the woods and he shakes him and throws him down n the ground and calls him a coward. He manages to get him up and take him home.

Clay goes up to the cabin to see Piney. Piney gets him to give up all of his weapons and he holds a shotgun on him as he talks. Clay tells him that he needs more time to try and get out of the drug business. Piney tells Clay that he only leads by greed and that back when they voted him in as president he could actually be trusted. Clay says that he is going to kill the deal, as Piney is walking to lock the door, Clay pushes it in on him and kicks him in the stomach. He is looking around the cabin to try and find the letters. Piney asks Clay to leave Tara out of it and then he shoots him through the chest. He puts his hand in the blood and puts LS on their First 9 picture and he walks out… Then we see the bloody reaper on Piney’s back turn and our screens black out yet again…

This season seems to have turn into the biggest blood bath that we have ever seen. My jaw has not left the floor this whole season and when the reaper comes up on the screen I am always begging for Tuesday to come faster. Thinking about the season as a whole, I do not see this ending well at all…

5 weeks to go until the end of the season! What do you think is going to happen? What did you think about this week?

Next week: Kiss

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10 Responses to Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Family Recipe

  1. Lyssa says:

    Here is the preview for next weeks episode!!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Juice wound up being the last one standing when all is said and done-wouldn’t THAT be ironic.

    • Lyssa says:

      I think I would like it if Tig made it through all of this too, but we will see. Juice is going to have a lot of problems now that Chibs knows that he tried to kill himself. I think that Chibs is going to push him for the truth.

  3. arioflight says:

    I am pretty angry at Kurt Sutter right now. I loved Piney, for his values, his love for family, and his stand to do the right thing. Lucikily we were able to see Opie / Piney moments before he left us!

  4. another thought.. The secret’s in the sauce. That was pretty gross!

    I said it on Twitter, in my house, and now again here. Don’t let your guard down around Gemma. Jt didn’t trust her, and neither do I!!

    • Lyssa says:

      That was pretty gross with the sauce, but it was better than the cops finding a severed head… that would be worse.

      Gemma is cold. When it comes to family it does not matter what she has to do, she is always going to do whatever is necessary. I am hoping that she does not make a move against Tara leaving, but I am thinking now that Piney is dead, Tara is going to show Jax the letters and tell him about Clay.

  5. Elias says:

    Wow this episode was tough to watch…that part where the head floated to the top of the big pot of chili was so nasty! And I can’t believe Clay killed Piney! That was so messed up! And speaking of messed up, anyone heard about this thing between DirecTV and FOX? I’m so happy to be a DISH customer/employee right now…if the negotiation between DirecTV and FOX goes south DirecTV customers could lose SOA’s last few episodes, AND the finale!

    • Lyssa says:

      Elias: I have not heard any developments about the DirecTV issue as of yet. The last thing I heard about it was that DirecTV is taking FX away as of November 1st.

      If you remember back last year though, it was dish who was having the issue with FX and they were threatening the same thing.

      I can believe that Clay killed Piney. He does anything to save his own butt. That will never change!

  6. Good recap Lyssa, I was confused about the who shot the club up, sometimes It gets over my head LOL! I always have to wait until Wednesday night to watch each week because my hubby goes to bed around 9:30pm and it’s on at 10pm and it is soooo hard to wait that extra day because your right this season is jaw dropping!!! I’m so glad that branch broke on juice, I was hoping after it ended last week that they were going to find him in time and save him. Can’t wait till next week cause it is an intense season.

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