Dexter – Recap & Review – A Horse Of A Different Color

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A Horse Of A Different Color

Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2011

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

In keeping with the theme of season six, can I get a HALLELUJAH? Is it just me or did this season (finally) amp up the action and excitement with this episode? I may still be on the fence about the whole theme, but even without a Dexter-slaying, this episode definitely held my interest.

We begin with the horrific visual of our slain jogger, dismembered, sewn to mannequins, and riding down the street atop four horses. And with the arrival of the Miami Metro Homicide gang, the murders of the season finally merge into a single story. So let’s follow the actions and be sure to let me know your thoughts below!

Before we got to the crime scene, Dexter and Harrison attended Nick’s beach baptism with Brother Sam. Although Dexter sees the fulfillment of belief, he still feels it’s not for him. Brother Sam advises it’s not about the baptismal “dunk”, it’s about the surrender to something greater.

At the crime scene, both Dexter and Deb express that it reminds them of the Ice Truck Killer’s staging. Mike Anderson, our new detective, notes that it’s clearly the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Dexter is enthralled by the idea of someone killing in the name of faith, but notes that it’s not yet a serial killer’s work, as there have only been two murders so far, not three. In the morgue, he finds a note with the numbers “1242” in the jogger’s eye. They go back over the fruit vendor and find a similar slip of paper with “1237” in his intestines. Dexter later pieces together that the numbers are five digits apart, like the five days of the killings. He wonders what the killer is counting down to.

At the briefing, Anderson notes that the killings are more than crime scenes, they’re tableaus designed to tell a story. They also note the killings were done with an ancient sword, based on the oxidized iron (aka rust) in the kill wounds. Anderson also identifies the killings as horsemen coming from the Book of Revelations 6 and the snakes from Revelations 13. This is certainly an educational season. Additionally, Dexter notes the jogger’s wounds are less clean than the fruit vendors and wonders if there are two killers at work.

Matthews gives LaGuerta the directive to have Deb run the press conference (and of course, LaGuerta takes credit for the idea). Anderson suggests Deb dress a little less “hoedown”, which led to me favorite dialogue of the night:

Deb (regarding pantyhose): Has anyone ever died of crotch asphyxiation?
Dexter: You just crossed the line into inappropriate brother-sister exchanges

Deb, following some last minute advice of LaGuerta goes off the cuff at the press conference and ends up speaking very bluntly, with a few expletives thrown in for good measure. She thinks she’s blown it, but Matthews surprises her with the news that the public like her straight-shooting nature. And how killer did Deb look in her suit? But, seriously, is that going to be the entire LaGuerta arc this season, undermining Deb? If so, can we kill her off this year? She’s truly outlived her usefulness.

Thanks to some quick research, Gellar is very quickly identified as a prime suspect. I don’t think we’ve ever had the detectives narrow down their search this quickly. Unfortunately, they also discover he’s gone underground in recent years, so finding him won’t be easy. But he does have a new name, courtesy of Deb, “The Doomsday Killer”. How do you rank that with the Ice Truck Killer, Bay Harbor Butcher, The Skinner, Trinity, and Santa Muerte? Dexter is off to the side wondering how one reconciles faith and murder.

Dexter has other things on his mind this week, as adorable Harrison falls ill with a ruptured appendix. When he goes in for surgery, Brother Sam comes to comfort Dexter to Deb’s surprise. He explains how he went from trusting his father, witnessing said father commit a murder, going to jail, and having a prison yard conversion (thanks to some holy chapel window sunlight). Brother Sam suggests maybe Dexter needs to surrender. In private, Dexter does make a personal pact with God, promising to do something in return if Harrison is OK. He’s still skeptical, but Ghost Harry reminds him he already talks to an imaginary father figure, so is a higher power that far off?

Travis and Gellar are busy this week, after their public display. Travis goes on a date with (and beds) a waitress named Erin. Gellar decides that defiled waitress is now part of their plan. When Miami Metro is called to a botanical garden, they find the Alpha-Omega sign in blood surrounded by fish. Dexter follows a blood trail and they find Erin strung up in a booby-trapped greenhouse. A police officer accidentally trips a wire, and Erin’s jugular is punctured and she is hoisted up in a tableau with angel wings. Hearing a nearby buzzing noise, Batista opens a cabinet and unleashes a swarm of locusts. In the panic of swatting, Dexter notes an eerily calm Travis observing the scene and notes that he has the look of true faith.

Elsewhere this week, we had Batista and Quinn getting stoned in Batista’s mid-life crisis mobile. Batista apparently listens to Eric Burden and The War (or the Boogie Nights soundtrack) as “Spill The Wine” plays during the scene. In the precinct, Masuka is disturbed to find out that out roller-derby girl/intern Ryan has put up the Ice Truck Killer’s hand online for sale. She had asked to see other serial killer crime evidence, so he’s bummed to realize her interest wasn’t really in him. He dismisses her, but I wonder if this is the last time we’ll see her.

So what did you think of this episode? Were you also finally feeling an excitement that the season has picked up speed? Do you Brother Sam will end up baptizing Dexter or Harrison before season’s end? I’m still a little wary of a whole season extolling the virtues of faith, but if more episodes keep up tonight’s pacing, I’m in!

Now you’ve got my TwoCents! So be sure to share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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One Response to Dexter – Recap & Review – A Horse Of A Different Color

  1. arioflight says:

    Excitement Karen!? HOLY HOLY HOLY MOLY!

    First I am glad we are getting a little more background on Gellar, and perhaps Travis. The entire “my parents died in a car crash” brought me back to Ponyboy in the Outsiders, and I drifted off for a moment there.

    The appendix, and prayer in the hospital was needed, I think, because Dexter is struggling too this season. Belief in something “higher” helped him make it though the moment, even if it was only a foxhole prayer. I liked the parallel with Brother Sam.

    “she is hoisted up in a tableau with angel wings”..

    Is there any photography/scenes more beautiful in Dexter as this one. The locusts were amazingly shot as well. I love when television has poetic moments like this. Although, obviously the episode should have made me gasp, I felt like I was watching a live art display. Well done on so many levels.

    The smoking of a joint on duty actually gave me a few moments to grab some cereal. I was jamming to “Spill the Wine” from the kitchen.

    I enjoy this season much more after tonight. I also don’t have a clue where this is going. Was LaGuerta truly trying to hurt Deb for the live press conference? I would never tell someone to “just wing it” Will Bastisa be the one to take his ex off her (sorry) high horse!??

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