Private Practice – Recap & Review – Remember Me

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Private Practice
Remember Me

Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2011

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Memory is a funny thing. In can invite us to recall good times and bad times, but sometimes it can elude as altogether.

This week’s episode is sure to evoke a lot of emotion. I’m sure some of you have very strong feelings about the way the patient of the week was handled, as I know I do. So be sure to share your opinions, pro and con, in the comments section below.

The patient(s) of the week are a married couple, Jody (Kathleen Rose Perkins) and Zach (Eyal Podell). When they were having fertility problems, they were Violet’s patients. But now, Jody is pregnant and seeing Addison and Zach is having therapy sessions with Sheldon. Since nothing can be simple, we learn that when Jody was one month pregnant, she suffered a brain injury that left her with anterograde amnesia. Basically her memory resets every few minutes, to the point where she has to be reminded she is pregnant, in fact very pregnant. Zach admits to Sheldon that once the baby is born, he’s planning to leave Jody.

Personally, I think Zach is not overreacting at all. At the very least, Jody would probably be best served in a mental health facility, as opposed to at home with a single caregiver and newborn baby. He even so much as admits that caring for Jody is like caring for another child. But Addison and Violet (who legally cannot say a word to Zach) act like he’s abandoning Jody. Their indignation, which came across as a total manifestation of personal dilemmas, was wholly inappropriate. I know he loved his wife, but admonishing him into staying because Addison is afraid Sam will eventually leave her and Violet is guilty over (repeatedly) leaving Lucas and Pete was just wrong. They don’t have to live his everyday life with a woman who will never know her child for more than a few fleeting moments. This really irritated me this week. Of course, he does end up deciding to stay with her “until he can’t”, but I think the doctors should’ve kept their feelings to themselves.

The bigger Violet issue is that she can’t let Sheldon do his job with her former patients. I was pretty pleased when Sheldon stood up to her. And I thought it was good that he addresses Pete’s rage towards Violet as possibly breaking the happy home he wants to provide for Lucas. However, based on Violet’s aggravating behavior over the past few seasons, I have to admit I cheered a bit at his constant sniping at her. That being said, Pete’s lucky to have Sheldon as a friend and needs a therapist not so tightly intertwined in his personal life… maybe Addison’s guy (who has a face tonight!).
If Jake and Sam are going to play basketball, can they at least play shirts and skins? Is it too much to ask for one of them to take their shirt off? I liked that Sam asked Jake about how the hormones of IVF would affect Addison’s temperament. I didn’t much care for Sam not reassuring Addison that he wouldn’t leave her if she had a baby. I’m a little worried that the gut that Jake told Addison to trust will declare the end of AddiSam. Can’t they be happy (when not naked) for a little bit?

Last week, we met Erica who introduced us to the maybe-Cooper child of Mason. This week, Cooper took the time to get to know his mini-me (or mini Cooper) and it elated him to no end. Despite Charlotte’s concerns (that he’s an idiot), he dove right in and got to know him. He was excited over little things, like dipping French fries in strawberry milkshakes and a sense of humor. Charlotte took it in her own hands, offering Erica $20,000 to go away. Erica threw the check back at an unaware Cooper, and he, in turn, went off on Charlotte, declaring her a “miserable bitch” and reminding her that he put his desire to be a dad on hold for her because he loves her. Charlotte seemed to hear him, got the paternity test behind his back, and told him he was indeed a dad. I don’t agree with Erica keeping him from Coop all these years, but I’m glad he gets to be a father now. Of course, they still have to tell Mason…

So what did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Zach was reasonable in wanting to leave Jody? Do you think Sam will leave Addison? Now that Amelia has three days sober, do you think it will stick? And is Sheldon becoming your favorite character too, for seemingly being the main voice of reason? And how great was the guys all texting the woman about Coop’s kid?

Now that you have my TwoCents, be sure to share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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One Response to Private Practice – Recap & Review – Remember Me

  1. bobcat-pretzel says:

    good review..I went to IMDB today looking for other folks take on Jody/Zach. I too wondered what else can he do…did they ever discuss the financial situsation because if Zach works, in or out of the home, he can never leave the baby in Jody’s care – she won’t even remember that there is a baby let alone hers…what do you do ? And if Jody went into a care facility she would probably spend the whole time crying and looking for Zach, not knowing why she was there. It was so sad and I wish they had explored options; of course the show is really about the issues of the regular cast but this was really an interesting situation…FYI Love Benjamin Bratt..what a fox.

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