Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Friendly Fire

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Blue Bloods
Friendly Fire

Original Air Date – Sep 30, 2011

FK – Sr. Editor

“It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.” – Frank

In every good police drama, it’s customary to have a “friendly fire” episode. I didn’t expect one in only the second season, but Blue Bloods can handle it.

Sometimes I look at the screen and chuckle that a guy from New Kids on the Block is being a serious actor (I guess he’s got “the right stuff..” get it? HA…), but Donnie Wahlberg has won me over as Danny and if there’s anything Tom Selleck can do, it’s do the serious acting thing (he’s got the “serious stare” down pat).

The entire episode revolves around Danny, there’s no “easy stuff” to get out of the way first. Danny and Linda argue over him not mowing the lawn and doing various errands before he worked a late shift. After he throws (literally) his dirty dishes in the dishwasher, he breaks a vase (on accident) and leaves hastily. At the station, he argues with the cop that had the car before him for leaving the tank empty and the car dirty. He even butts heads with Jackie. While on a call under a loud obnoxious train, they see a guy running down the stairs from the train with a gun. Danny yells several times for him to stop and raise his hands/drop the gun. It’s loud, confusing, people are yelling and the guy – who looks a bit beat up – keeps coming down the stairs towards Danny, Jackie and the two people – they were called to. Danny pulls the trigger and shoots the guy. After he falls down the stairs, Danny finds his shield. He shot a cop.

Danny waits at the hospital while the cop is in surgery. He sees his family come through and he begins to answer all the IA questions he needs to. Jackie answers honestly, saying Danny was agitated. The worst of all for Danny came when the woman who was involved in the dispute he and Jackie were breaking up before the shooting gives her version of events to the media. Danny’s angry attitude is front and center for everyone to judge. While the investigation continues, Frank relieves Danny of his duties. But this is Danny – you know he won’t stay at his desk (and Jackie will help him).

Using his iPad, Danny learns that the cop was in pursuit of a guy with a gun who threw it in a trashcan on the subway. At the same time, records come in that a 911 call was made for a noise disturbance in the area of the subway. Jackie goes to the house with the picture of the guy with the gun and finds the mother. Danny and Jackie do their magic (Danny sits on the house, gets taken in, Jackie gets the girlfriend to tell them where to find him, they get him…) and they also find out that the cop had been hit in the head with the gun before the guy threw it in the trash. This is why the cop couldn’t identify himself – he was disoriented.

Putting all of this together, Danny is cleared of the shooting. Violating the “stay on the desk” order is another story. Frank let’s it slide. Danny visits the cop and they share a simple handshake.

While my recap seems like it wasn’t that great of an episode, it’s because no matter how I write it up, it doesn’t do it justice. As small of a part as she had, Alex Carlson (Linda) was stellar as the stand-by-her-man-no-matter-what wife. Of course Danny had to shoot someone after fighting with her, but it shows that no matter what happens, she supports Danny. Also great was Henry and his words of wisdom for Jamie, who struggled after not pulling his gun during a call with Renzulli. “You’re lucky you were riding with Renzulli and not me. I would have knocked your teeth in.”

I think season two is starting off nicely and look forward to whatever comes next! What about you? Would you like to see Danny follow the rules for once? What about the Sunday dinner talk being more about the job? Leave your two cents below and see ya next week!

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2 Responses to Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Friendly Fire

  1. Sandra Allen says:

    You are correct in that you can’t critique a show as great as this one! I personally think it is underrated! As far as Donnie Wahlberg is concerned this man is a tremendously talented actor whose portrayal of Danny Reagan knows no bounds. Donnie shows the wonderful balance as an actor as he showed us pain and guilt together in this episode. His “Silver Star” episode in Season 1 was among the best I have seen! I will always be his fan! Stellar cast completes this show. Oh, Danny wouldn’t be Danny if he followed the rules! Sunday dinner, I think does involve a lot of talk about the job and hope it always will.

    • FK says:

      So glad someone else appreciates BB the way I do. Such a great show! Thanks for commenting and reading!

      And I love when Danny breaks the rules – aka his second nature. 🙂

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