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Sons of Anarchy
Una Venta

Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2011

Lyssa G – TwoCents Reviewer

After last week, we were left begging for more. They had different story lines going at once that all leads up to this. We have our first run with the Cartel. We see the different people that are having issues with the drugs that are running within the club, Bobby especially. The vote passed but as we saw last week, only 6 people agreed to this in the first place.

This week we see Jax writing things down and journaling, we also saw him doing writing at the beginning of the season as he was getting out of prison. Tara is talking to him and asks when he will be back. He tells her that it will be a couple days and they will be back. She asks him if that is what it is really about and she says that it is too early for all of the details. We jump then to Clay and Gemma in her garden that she has in her house, she is talking to him and it seems as though she is still upset with the drugs, but she really does not want to believe it. She gives Clay his Cortisone shot and they start their run, as we see time passing. We also see Jax giving Clay a Cortisone shot. His hands seem to be giving up faster than he is.

We see another branch of the sons down in Arizona, SAMTAZ. They are the ones that will be helping with each shipment. We see them beating up a guy for still owing on more drugs. At this point SAMCRO realizes that they are dealing down there in Arizona. The president of this new charter that we are introduced to says that there is no difference between selling it and delivering it.

After the initial meeting, they go into the SAMTAZ clubhouse. It is looks fairly similar to the clubhouse out in Belfast. SAMRO is talking about how dealing has never been a part of the club and that it shouldn’t be. The president of this charter tells him basically to mind his own business since it is not his club to run. Jax has a talk with a different guy in the club. They are talking about how one of the men was killed and how the other one left the club jest before the drug business came into their wheel house.

We get back to Charming. Gemma meets Roosevelt’s wife Rita. She is actually very sweet but she is too the point with Gemma. They are talking about flowers and different flower bulbs and how things are supposed to grow. They also talk about this committee that is trying to save a garden and how every donation gets them closer to possibly stopping people from destroying it. AUSA Potter is outside the flower shop. He tells Gemma that he is a zoning official and that the land for Charming heights could go back the owners if city council ends up taking back the vote to build it in the first place.

They show the guys fighting about SAMTAZ dealing. They find out they have a tail and that they have to lose it when Luis comes and tells them the Romeo will not meet with them until they lose the tail. They are not sure whether it has to with the Sons in charming or in Arizona. We see them as they are trying to lose the tail. They blow up these barrels and they head off after they lose them. They were tailing SAMCRO to try and help build their RICO case.

They find Reggie who had gotten out of the club. He left because of him having sex with another man’s old lady and because he found out that the club was running drugs behind every ones back. We see him with all of his tattoos blacked out and we are somewhat able to see that Jax is having second thoughts possibly by his reaction to seeing Reggie.

Piney is sitting in Tara’s office. He asks her about the letters. From what we are able to gather, while all of the guys were in prison, Tara had attempted to talk to him about the letters before and he told her to leave the history alone. Gemma walks in as they are talking about this and she asks to talk to her. Gemma talks to Tara about joining the committee to save the gardens. As they are talking, Chucky comes out and tells her that something is wrong with Piney.

They meet up with Romeo and they are talking about the guns and the exchange. They also bring up what we saw two weeks ago about the cartel asking for some bigger guns such as different machine guns and semi-automatic weapons. Clay says that the Irish kings will need to have a meeting with the cartel before that deal goes into place.

They have a meeting about the drugs and they are basically condemning the charter. They are talking about how they killed a member and exiled another to make the deal for drugs. They implicate the SGT at Arms and the Vice President of SAMTAZ. As our Charming boys leave they are talking about having another vote on the drugs.

As Piney is lying in a hospital bed, Tara comes in to talk to him about the letters. Tara asks about John just how he was as a person. Piney asks her about the letters. She tells him about how John wanted to get the club out of guns and how he was killed before that happened. Gemma comes in and talks to Piney about Clay and how she believes that the drugs are not really happening ant that if he keeps up that he may end up dead, but Piney seems to have some kind of a death wish.

They carry the VP and SGT at Arms out of the back of a truck. They stripped them of their patches and took another vote on the drugs. This time it still passed even after everything that they found out because of how much money they were making off of it.

Gemma goes back to Rita’s flower shop and hands her $5,000 as a donation to the gardens. She says that it is from Tara and hands her all of Tara’s information. Gemma also gives her the dead tulip bulbs that they were talking about before. Rita seems to have some kind of a connection with Gemma, probably just the fact that they know who they both are, the wife of a sheriff and the wife of a criminal as well as just being very strong women.

Potter goes to talk to Otto about Luann’s death. Potter tells him that Bobby and Luann were together when she was killed. He is trying to break Otto by giving him this information; he even says that in the cases of most of these crimes that it is usually the person that is involved on the side. Otto does not say a word as Potter is talking, but after Potter left, Otto held his hand to the picture and shed a tear.

As the exchange was going on, guns for drugs, there seemed to be an even displeasure between the sons and the cartel. They are talking about how they need to be protected and as they finish the trade, we can really see that Bobby is unhappy about this new business. This is not what they do and Bobby seems to be the only one truly trying to stop the drugs.

After this week, we really have no idea what we can expect. There are so many more small stories that we broke into that made this week informing as well as interesting. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen with Otto though. That is going to be great since they are going all the way back into season two to find out what happened to Luann.

What did you think?

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Next Week: Brick

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2 Responses to Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Una Venta

  1. Lyssa says:

    Preview for next week!! 🙂

  2. arioflight says:

    I am not even sure where to start. I love Bobby Elvis. I don’t know if they are setting up Bobby to take the fall for Luann’s death, but I will be really mad if something happens to him. Especially since he turned down promotion based on his values.

    I am also not trusting the Cartel at all. They seem to know too much, at the right times. They saved the day for Jax and Opie a few weeks ago from the Russians. They knew Samcro had a tail. THe cartel is interested in one thing. MONEY. No loyalty and honor amongst thieves.

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