Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Out

photo: fx

photo: fx

Sons of Anarchy

Original Air Date: Sep 6, 2011

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to season 4 of Sons of Anarchy! Last season, we left off with our favorite outlaw bikers heading to prison after flying across the world to find Jax’s son. He also had to go all over Charming to find his old lady who had been taken hostage by another biker who had been stripped of his position as president.

As we start this season off they have just finished their 14 months in prison and are heading back to Charming to their families and a lot of change!

We start off this episode as they are in  prison and they are just getting out. We see Tara and Gemma with Abel and Thomas. As they are released it is just great. We see Otto get a blade in his egg. The prospects, Kozik, Chibs and Opie are waiting for them with their bikes. Otto slits his wrist as he is in solitary confinement. We see our new sheriff in town.  Just as they think they are getting home, the sheriff comes to welcome them. He tells them that they are not allowed to wear their cuts while they are on parole.

They come back to Teller-Morrow with all of the kids. Piney is talking to Tara, says that the history is dead, leave it that way. It is related to the letters that Maureen left in Jax’s bag last season. We see all of the men and women seeing each other for the first time in 14 months. Abel has gotten so big. We see AUSA Linc Potter and the Sheriff talking inside the office. They meet up with David Hale who is now Mayor Hale. He comes to talk to the sheriff, talking about how he wants everyone focused on bringing Charming to the 21st century. Clay and the boys are back at the table talking about the new guns business, talking about how Hale is working on bringing new people to Charming. They are trying to come up with a way not to let this happen. Sheriff Roosevelt was low key until they got out of prison. They are meeting with Putlova and the Russians and Opie is talking about his wedding. As they are attempting to screw with the sheriffs and keep them distracted as Clay and Jax are going to meet with Putlova. They manage to get the sheriffs that are tailing them to almost knock Chibs off of his bike and they chased the guys down the street.

As we are back in the station. Potter is bringing the sheriff into the war room. One of the FBI agents that are in this scene is Ronnie Gardocki from The Shield. They are talking about the agent that is behind the scenes with the Russians. They want to use RICO against club. They are trying to convince the sheriff to help them work on this case. They jump to the Sons meeting with Putlova to talk about a new gun running operation that they are putting in place. We see Gemma going to see Unser, he is in this trailer.  She tells him that his phone was disconnected. they are talking about the boys coming home and how he was supposed to be there. He is no longer the chief, he is divorced from Della now. Gemma gives him a bag of weed as he is sitting there. They are talking about his rock star life style.

They jump back to the guys that got pulled over and they are talking about what to get Opie for his wedding. We see Jax come home as his boys are laying down for a nap and he and Tara get back in the sack as it were. We also see Clay and Gemma getting back to it as well. Clay is talking about his hands and how they are starting to freeze up. Gemma is insisting that if he continues to take the cortisone and possibly get  a surgery that he may be able to keep riding. Clay is not as optimistic about that though.

We see Jax and Tara laying in bed and she is asking about the boys. We jumped to Lyla and Opie talking before their wedding. He is excited to start trying to have a kid of his own with her. We jump to Jax and Tara. As he hands her Thomas, he gave her this beautiful ring and asked her to marry him. Tara is talking to him about attempting to have him get out of the club. Jax is talking to Tara about wanting to get himself out. He is talking about how the bond is no longer held together by brotherhood. It is only held together by greed. Says that his father should have taken him and Thomas and gotten out. Jax is talking about how he doesn’t have any skills, and Tara tells him that she could make good money and he says that he will not live off of his wife. They need to be a real family. It is one of the best cute scenes that have been in this show. Jax is going to do anything to see that his family is safe.

Clay goes to see Unser out as his trailer. They are talking about the businesses. They are talking about how they want to stop Hale and his housing developments. We see at the wedding that they have just about every club is there. They come through an isle of bikes up to the altar. Jax and tara are there as the best man and the maid of honor. They cannot take their eyes off of each other. The priest says: Now you will feel no rain for each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness for each of you will be companion to the other. Now you are two bodies but there is only one life before you. Then as Opie is giving his vows the boy chime in “I’ll treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley.”

As they are at the reception the Russians come in Unser’s truck. Clay and Alvarez are talking to each other. Gemma is dancing with Unser as Putlova is showing them guns and giving Opie a gun for his wedding. They are joking about Opie an Lyla. As they are testing the Guns we see the club kill all of the Russians that are with them testing guns. We see Jax killing Putlova and we see Otto killing one of the Russians that is inside with him. After they killed all of the Russians including the undercover agent they finished the reception like nothing happened.

I absolutely cannot wait for next week. What did you think about this week?!

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Next Week: Booster

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2 Responses to Sons of Anarchy – Recap & Review – Out

  1. This week showed me once again that the creator, who wrote this episode is still one sick creative genius. As the show begins, I ponder Maureen’s letters from John Teller in Belfast, and think this is going to be a huge season with the truth finally coming out on how John died, at the hands of ….

    However watching this first episode gives me the feeling we are going to get only bits and pieces of the truth. Like you said, we have Charming development going up, a new county sheriff, District States Attorney in chaps, FBI, and ATF.

    How does one, as creative as Kurt Sutter manage to pack everything in 90 min, and still leave you with your mouth wide open.

    I could start a blog with quotes from the show that I tweet while watching. Some of the lines had me literally rolling in my chair laughing.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Dan says:

    I think you should cancel son of anarchy and bring back harry’s law and the missing and csi:miami.

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