White Collar – Recap & Review – On the Fence

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White Collar
On the Fence

Original Air Date: Aug 2, 2011

Jules – Sr. Reviewer

For a penultimate summer episode, it sure felt like the finale. There were twists, reveals, deception and lots of gunfire. We also had the return of Matthew Keller and a guest spot by Eliza Dushku.

I also have to say that I am loving this season thus far and sad that the summer episodes are almost over. This episode felt like a big rush with a lot going on, so let’s get down to it.

I knew Keller would show up this season and this time he’s stolen a priceless Egyptian scarab that has been tracked down to one Raquel LaRoque (Eliza Dushku). In her day job, she an Egyptologist, but on the side, she helps hide priceless artifacts inside Egyptian gift shop tchotchkes and is on the hunt for a new person to help extract the hidden goods.

Enter Neal. As expected, he charms and wins over Raquel easily and he gets up close to the scarab and is about to extract it when Keller finally shows his face to Neal asking about the treasure. Keller has already gotten information about the treasure via Sara, but Neal continues to say he has nothing to do with it. Sara on the other hand knows Neal is part of it and even tells him that she knows.

Anyway, Keller is one step ahead of Neal and everybody as he’s planned the whole thing, stealing the scarab, killing Raquel’s extractor person to get Neal involved, and changing the video feed to get Neal to think he’s already stolen the treasure. All in hopes that Neal would lead him straight to the treasure.

Luckily, Neal has Mozzie and they are able to lure Keller elsewhere and is soon caught by Peter, but gets away when gunfire breaks out lead by Raquel. So just as Keller is caught with help from Mozzie, he’s gone because of Mozzie.

The biggest twist for me this week was seeing Mozzie turn all badass and putting out a bounty for Keller. After seeing the softer side of him the past few weeks, I was definitely not expecting this turn. I get that he cared about his friend being killed, but still, going behind Neal’s back and selling the Degas to cover the six million bounty. Wow.

And speaking of Mozzie again, the look on his face when Neal revealed he had the manifest this whole time, he looked so hurt.

So Raquel’s role was minimal in this episode, more of a way to link back to Keller and that one shouldn’t cross her and stolen Egyptian artifacts or she’ll come after you. But it was still fun to see Dushku back on TV and that ending kiss with Neal was just the cherry on top.

Then there was Sara. I knew she couldn’t hold that information she had for long, but when she said that Neal’s secret is safe with her makes me wonder how long this will last and what will make her break it, knowing especially that Keller is still out there.

And let’s not forget Peter and his suspicions about Neal. How Neal was able to escape from suspicion again about the treasure and all the lies he told in this episode makes me speculate when it will all catch up him and what will happen. I still believe Neal will do the “right” thing though, whatever it is.

What did you think? Like the episode? Will Mozzie and Neal’s friendship finally falter? Will Peter figure out what Neal and Mozzie are up to? The summer finale is next week, so I’d love to get your TwoCents.

Next week: Countdown

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