The Closer – Recap & Review – Under Control

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The Closer
Under Control

Original Air Date: Aug 1, 2011

Will – Sr. Reviewer

Let me just say that in my opinion, this was the best episode of the season so far. We finally see Brenda start to realize the amount of trouble that she is in. The show starts of with a boy named Eric, missing from summer camp and Lt. Tao’s  son who is a camp counselor, helps in the Lt. Tao in the disappearance of the boy. What I liked about this episode was in the beginning, while Lt. Tao is investigating the disappearance of the boy, Brenda is being questioned by Captain Raydor.

Of course, Brenda is still in complete denial about this whole lawsuit mess. I think Raydor is trying her best to keep this low profile but Brenda doesn’t want to admit to anything. Raydor isn’t even recording the interview with Brenda which is a good thing because when asked about Terrell Baylor’s death, Brenda says, “I do like happy endings”.

Anyway, as a grid search is started for the boy, police find Eric in a pool dead. This case was a sad one but ended with a shock. Throughout the case, we see Tao’s son observe the investigation throughout the show and we see that Brenda is a little weird over that. I think we see that trait in Brenda that doesn’t like change when someone new is observing her work.

Eric’s parents are divorced which makes the case even more difficult because one blames the other. Brenda finds out that the ex-wife has taken most the ex husband’s money and assets and she also has primary custody of Eric. For the last few years, the father has been trying to get custody of Eric but has failed. In the beginning, I felt bad for him because his wife is getting a lot of his income and she gets there only child.

Brenda finds out that Eric died from ingesting pain medicine and muscle relaxers. This points to the mother’s new boyfriend who is taking the drugs for a yoga injury. When Brenda started questioning the boyfriend, I knew he didn’t do it but had no idea who did! The writing on this show is exceptional and I think that’s what keeps the viewers coming back for more.

As always, I never know who did it until the end. It was the father! I’m not feeling to bad for him now. He did it because he was tired of paying all that money to a kid who he never sees. So? That doesn’t give you the right to go and kill your son. He staged it to look like a kidnapping off the street and blame the mother for his disappearance.

The last part of this show was what made it the best so far to me. Captain Raydor takes Brenda to the scene where Terrell Baylor was beaten to death. We don’t see any physical expressions from Brenda’s face when she sees the old blood on the ground but you can tell she is thinking about what she did. I think right there, she realizes she is in deep water. Raydor explains to Brenda that she might be freed from criminal wrong doing but she could be destroyed in civil court. That’s when she tells Brenda that she must get her own lawyer in case the state attorney pulls out of the case.

Now time for my weekly poll of Captain Raydor. I liked her this week! You can tell that she is trying her best to help Brenda but we all know what Brenda thinks of her! My opinion of her could change week to week.

Favorite Moments:

-“I do like happy endings”- Brenda on Terrell Baylor’s death

-“I can’t even do my job”- Brenda talking to Fritz about Raydor

-“I took him home and left”- Brenda answering Captain Raydor’s questions about Terrell Baylor’s death.

-“Get your own lawyer”- Captain Raydor telling Brenda she needs her own lawyer.

-When Brenda visits the crime scene of Terrell Baylor’s death.

-When Brenda is being questioned by Captain Raydor.

So, did you think it was the best episode of the season so far!? What did you think of Captain Raydor this week? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your two cents.



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5 Responses to The Closer – Recap & Review – Under Control

  1. lee anne atkinson says:

    Who played the mother of Eric? Its killing me cause I recognize her from an old show.

  2. Last Days Guy says:

    Could it be possible that there is a good chance that Raydor may have also been looking into the Mateo Hernandez killing too? (from season 4 episode Tijuana Brass)

    • thecloserwill says:

      I guess that could happen. I don’t think that Raydor is investigating that death. I think she is just focusing on Terell Baylor’s death but if Brenda goes to court, some of her actions in other cases could be brought up.

      • Last Days Guy says:

        Both Baylor and Hernandez were killed in the same fashion. What links both killings to Brenda is that they were both killed as a result of criminal negalance. Besides right before the commercial, remember when LT. Flynn said “Hey Vazquez, if you see Gonzalez and Gomez, tell them we all said hi”?

        Even if Raydor wasn’t investigating her for the Hernandez killing, then what could Raydor be invetsigating Brenda and her divsion for prior to the Baylor killing?

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