White Collar – Recap & Review – As You Were

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White Collar
As You Were

Original Air Date: Jul 26, 2011

Jules – Sr. Reviewer

Finally, an episode about Jones! After Mozzie’s back story episode a few weeks back, I was hoping for a Jones back story type episode. I love Sharif Atkins and we were just not getting enough of him this season and then, bam, here it is!

Not only do we get to hear about Jones’ old life, but he gets out of the van for once! Oh and there is lots of movement on Mozzie and Neal’s escape, so let’s get started.

First, let’s get the Neal personal stuff out of the way. We pick up from where we left Sara last week starring at the treasure on the computer. Once Neal’s back, she’s decided to move out and move on from Neal. He’s confused because they were going so well, but Sara plays it off as them being two very different people. Sara leaves with a message for Neal to take care of himself. Bye, Sara!

Next up, Jones. He encounters a masked robber in his house and next thing we know, Jones gets some fight action in trying to get the robber. Unfortunately, Jones isn’t able to detain him, but does get a shot in to his shoulder. Turns out the robber was after a postcard Jones received from an old Navy friend, Jimmy. Seems random, but Neal notices that there is something under the stamp, a micro-dot that we learn has hidden information on a schematic of a palladium mine in South Africa.

Billy’s wife, Isabelle, turns up revealing that she and Jones were once engaged, and she calls him CJ. Cute! We learn that Jimmy has been working for some work for hire military security company and was hired by some guy named Stricker and has been working in South Africa around this mine and. Oh and Jimmy is currently MIA.

The team now has to find this Stricker, as there are signs of a cover-up. Jones is sent to an event by the security company with Isabelle, as she can I.D. Stricker. At the party, we get to see Jones in his dress whites! They soon I.D. Stricker not only as Henry Van Horn, but also as the guy who broke into Jones’ place.

As Jones tells Peter what happens, he notices Jimmy on the street and tries to get him to come with him, but instead Jimmy runs away, but not before dropping a bullet on the ground first. The bullet is filled with palladium, and Neal and Peter work through the logistics and figure that Van Horn was smuggling out the palladium to China and India to save thousands of tax dollars. So now how to catch Van Horn and get Jimmy back?

They call Van Horn in for a meeting, but he gets out of it by pulling some strings with the Department of Justice. No worries because Peter has friends in high places too and manages to get a warrant for a wire tap on Van Horn’s phone.

So now it’s a waiting game. Neal decidedly spends some time with Jones sharing some drinks and I don’t think it was on purpose that they did. It was a move to show that Neal cares about the people he works with and now that he’s gotten to know them a bit more, how can he leave? In their conversation, Jones tells Neal that he chose to leave Isabelle and that “choices are sacrifices” and that it means giving something up for something you want more.

They are soon interrupted by Isabelle and while she and Jones talk, he’s interrupted to find out that Jimmy has been kidnapped. Their wire tap reveals that he’s alive, but they have to find him. They plan for Neal to disguise himself as a former military looking for a job with the security company.

Now we get to see Neal in his dress whites! Neal sneaks his way into the offices to check out a floor that Van Horn ignored during his visit as he thinks that’s where Jimmy is. The FBI move in, but Van Horn is quicker, soon blocking all wire signals and after seeing that Neal has snuck in, goes after him.

Seeing Neal run for his life while Van Horn is trying to get after him with a very sophisticated arrow was awesome. Luckily, Jones is there to stop him and Van Horn is caught and Jimmy is saved.

And now for the treasure and the manifest stuff. Neal takes a conspicuous video of a conversation between Peter and Diana to find out that they were talking about a new Cezanne. Diana tracks down the piece of art and says it’s not one from the list and Peter seems relieved, actually hoping that he’s wrong about all this.

Neal figures this out too, via a piece of mail, and suspects that Peter still has a copy of the manifest. Neal sneaks in to search Peter’s drawers and finds a key, which leads to a high security safe. It’s not in Peter’s office, so it must be at his home. They have to know what is on that manifest, so Mozzie and Neal plan to do something I never thought they’d do, which is break into the Burke’s.

Neal hesitates about it, but he does it anyway. I did not like seeing him sneak into the suit’s house to see what was inside the safe (and Satchmo was there starring him down, too!). Neal gets inside the safe and yes, the manifest is inside (along with a cute picture of the whole FBI team). Right after this discovery, Peter calls to let Neal know he’s there to talk and what not. Aww, I think that really was the needle to burst Neal because when Mozzie calls, Neal tells him that the manifest wasn’t in there. Hmm. What now?

I enjoyed the episode being about Jones and the choices he made, but it really Neal’s decisions in this episode that makes me hope that he won’t go along with the escape. But what about Mozzie? When will Neal tell Mozzie he’s out? Or is he actually out? Or will Mozzie find out first? And anyone hoping we’ve seen the last of Sara? Let me hear your TwoCents!

Next week: On the Fence

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4 Responses to White Collar – Recap & Review – As You Were

  1. Nina in Anchorage says:

    So, next week Eliza Dushku is coming on as a potential love interest for Neal; however, Hilarie Burton (Sara) was upgraded this season to series regular. So . . .
    Yes, I love bad boy Neal as much as anyone, including Matt Bomer. But I truly believe that he won’t lose any of his charm if he learns to straighten up and fly right, and despite stories that Neal was going back to his con ways this season, I sincerely hope that this episode truly did provide us with his turning point.

    • Jules says:

      I’m excited for what Eliza’s role will be next week and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Sara, but her and Neal, I just wasn’t a fan of…

      And I agree with you about Neal, but then again, once a con-artist…always a con-artist, no?

  2. Bob Taylod says:

    Neal can’t leave New York as it would bring an end to the series; however, if Mozzie were to learn about Neal’s second thoughts about associating himself with the treasure, Mozzie could end up skipping town just as easily without Neal. When is Alex going to make a resurgence in the episodes? It seems that Alex and Neal together with a billion dollar treasure is the most logical conclusion on across scale, although that might be a little too predictable.

    • Jules says:

      I’m kind of surprised we haven’t seen Alex this season yet either as she seems to appear out of no where. I’m guessing she was keeping her distance because of Sara, but then again she probably assumed the treasure was gone after the fire. I do hope she comes back in the back half of this season.

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